The truth shall set me free, again

I knew at some point she was going to speak out. She waited until she got an attorney to help her with a case. And then her side of the story came out. I told ya’ll, the truth shall set me free, again

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Look at the trolls attacking her on her twitter account now. It’s really disgusting. They are relentless. She is telling the truth and they are still harassing her. Someone that is innocent in all of this, someone that has enough going on in her own life, and they are still making fun of her, picking on her, slandering her.

Do you see what I have had to deal with for the last 6 months? These are the people that stalk me online. When are they going to stop? Disgusting!

She is going to sue People, In Touch, Meri, and TLC and she will win. They have to prove she is involved and they can’t. Because she had nothing to do with it. She’s going to go for a multi-million dollar lawsuit and I pray they settle out of court quickly so she can go on with her life. I’m sorry her name was involved but it wasn’t me that put it out there. Like she confirmed, I don’t know her. We have never met in person, I have spoken to her on the phone one time.

I have waited since October for her to finally speak up and clear my name. It was worth the wait.

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  1. Wow! Yes! Due to my crazy week, I haven’t been here. So happy to read this! Sorry they’re attacking her but she needed to come forward for herself and to vindicate you! 🙂 Maybe now that she’s done so she should leave twitter if she’s being attacked. Just another reason I don’t do social media…people sit behind the anonymity of their computer and think it’s ok to hurt, slander, make fun of and lie about people. You’re right, it’s disgusting! Now you can really enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  2. Do you know how she got involved in the story? It’s awful to think that any of us could get pulled into a situation like this…and to even have published magazines write false things about you…yikes!!!!!! I wouldn’t think she would want to be on Twitter …


    There are some pictures of Meri holding the new baby online ….. I’m still hoping she comes up with the real story one day

  3. Bout time she sued. Her life has been exploited. I feel bad 4 her!

  4. It is just getting so exhausting “listening” to these people. Who has the burden of proof. The accused or the accuser. How would any of them like a bunch of people interrogating them. They have gotten so disgusting. A photoshopped sexually suggested picture was posted yesterday about someone who’s only crime was tweeting with Sam. The worse part is that a few people retweeted it and at least 9 people favored. Anyone who chooses to be a part of this crew should be ashamed of themselves. They have lost all sense of human dignity. There is no justification for what they do.

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