This week has been a whirlwind of travel. I started in Denver, went to Provo, Utah on to Reno and then Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. I am finally back in Las Vegas until Friday.

I will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this weekend. 2 meetings and I decided to do some relaxing while I’m there. I need it after this week. 

The good news I received recently is the twins will be born in early March. To be exact March 1st by C-section. That’s scheduled but if they come sooner we have to be prepared for it. My birthday is March 2nd so this will always be the best birthday gift ever! We don’t know yet if they are identical. They need to exam the membranes in the placenta or something I don’t get. I just want everyone to be healthy. My cousin’s daughter will be moving into my condo the middle of February with her mom. This is all happening so fast. 

As soon as I get home I will start getting the nursery ready. I haven’t even bought anything. All of this will affect my foster parent certification so I need to see if we can do something about that too. The next few weeks will fly by. I still don’t have names picked out. I don’t know if I should wait until I see them or if I should pick and be ready. 

Help! Lol I’m trying to figure this all out. Thank goodness I am Type A. I can make lists for my lists and dig out my label maker! Lol 

Hope you are all having a great week. I will try to update more over the weekend. I’m trying to get Super Bowl tickets for me and Mike. These things are expensive!


  1. Megs

    Reno is a poky little town compared to San Francisco. But I am slowing down in life and am ready to move to the ‘burbs. Don’t get me wrong, I love SF, but I am over it.

    Something about the North end of Reno I find so beautiful. The mountains probably!

    Congrats on the investment. I hope it pans out well for ya.

  2. Claire

    I’m surprised they’re letting her fly that late, up to 2 weeks before the scheduled section. How far along will she be when she delivers? I’m glad her mother is supportive. It sounds like this is the best case scenario for all involved!

    1. She’s moving in 5 and 1/2 weeks before her due date but she will deliver at 37 weeks which is in a good range for twins. I just go with what they tell me. I want everyone to be healthy. As soon as they move in I will start learning more about everything. My cousin has been taking pictures and is making the boys a scrapbook each of their mom and her pregnancy with them for when they are older. It’s a very exciting time for all of us.

  3. Claire

    Has she been seeing a doctor in Chicago? It’s rather late in a high risk pregnancy for her to change providers, particularly if her regular OB has already scheduled a c-section. Is she at least from Illinois? If not I can’t imagine the headache you all are dealing with as far as insurance goes.

    1. Yes she has been. She is not from Illinois. Her and her mom fly in twice a month for dr appointments. But I’m not allowed to go to them. I only get the information afterwards. My cousin’s daughter does not want to know certain things she feels the less she knows the better about them. Her mom calls and tells me if things are okay or if there is a concern. So far everything is going okay. Only one small issue that is being watched closely.
      We have already signed papers that I am now paying for all medical expenses out of pocket. And I pay for them to fly in and out of town plus hotel and food or anything they need. When they move in her mom said she wants to help me with the nursery. She has agreed to remain as their grandparent on my side since my parents are deceased. That will help me out so much. And when I get married that woman’s family gets to be instant grandparents. It’s a Modern Family.

    1. No she’s not. We both have to do a lot of family therapy sessions to prepare us for when she sees me and the boys at family events as well as us seeing her too. She had to go through a lot of things to make sure she could handle a kinship adoption. It’s not an easy thing to go through for her. She says she knows already how much I love them and will take care of them so it makes her feel like this is the right thing to do.
      She will have 72 hours after they are born to make a final choice. Either way I will support her. There are so many hoops to jump through. I didn’t realize how much you have to do. I will make sure she is comfortable while she’s there. Her and her mom. It will be an open adoption so she gets pictures and can see us anytime she wants. I promised her that.

    1. The 2 organizations agreed to meet me in Provo for the ebook pre order donations. I did not have time that day to go to where they both are in the state because I had to be in Reno at a certain time. They were so great and organized special things for me. I was really proud I could give them each over $15,000

  4. Megs

    I live in San Francisco! Gotta love my crazy lil city. It is Super Bowl madness right now and I am thanking my lucky stars that I live AWAY from the maddness. Just going to stay as far away from downtown as I can.

    How was Reno? I have a dream of moving into a beautiful house in North Reno in about 5 years.