3 nannies and 2 babies later

request-a-nanny  Hey everyone! I am finally getting a little time to write today. The question everyone keeps asking me, how is it going? Let me tell you how it’s going!??!!

I had 24 people come to see me and the boys over the weekend. Family and friends. They stayed in hotels nearby and checked on both me and my cousin’s daughter. I really didn’t expect my family to show up here. I did expect my friends, they know how much I need them so it was a big shock when the entire group showed up together. Thank you to my cousin Tyson for arranging that private jet that I got stuck paying for Lol It was great seeing everyone and mostly showing off my very perfect, very awesome twins. We managed to get through most of the weekend without any big family fights. If there were issues I did not hear much about them. As long as you feed my family they are fine, as long as you show my friends a good time, they are fine, so it was trying to help coordinate all of that. Thank goodness Shelly came to do all of that. Lindsay was able to get the nursery stocked up for 3 months along with Drew who helped her carry everything. She said she carried one bag up and it was his fault for telling her he would get it. She did organize it really well and I now have the most prepared nursery closet and hallway closet on Earth. If I need it for the boys, I have it. The nursery is still not decorated yet. I have ordered a few things but I need to get my friend down here to do the paintings we discussed. The jungle theme is not looking so jungle right now. It will be cool, soon. It was one of the things that I dropped the ball on. At least we have enough diapers to last forever Lol

The boys are perfect. I have said that already but they are. Heston is doing great. He eats, he sleeps, he poops, he coos, he rarely cries. In fact I am surprised at how little he cries. He is the first-born I heard they were usually the most vocal. He’s very chill. And so sweet. He grabs my finger and I melt.

Alex is not as easy. He spits, up, he doesn’t sleep, he poops and pees, he doesn’t coo, and he cries a lot. I called the pediatrician already once to ask what to do about him spitting up so much. I was told that’s normal and if he’s spitting up more than he is eating, bring him in. He is okay, just fussy. Which makes me nervous.

Over the weekend I had so much help I was able to sleep. I was able to have my adoption lawyer come over and talk to all of us about how this is going to go now that they are here. I still have to get my foster parent certification but once I do and I pass the rest that the state requires, it’s very much a possibility I can legally adopt them sooner than 18 months. Which is amazing news. The judge on my case has been updated about my legal guardianship application and we are complying with the 8 things you have to do and prove to get that through court. The judge is aware of my situation and has been very direct and helpful. My lawyer is hopeful we can adopt later this year. But no promises. I just need to take one step at a time. My family and friends are all happy for me.

So I decided to ruin that happy moment with the next big bombshell Lol Leave it to me to not let anyone stay happy for too long. I am not so sure I want to raise my boys in America. I have 2 options that would be amazing for our life and I wanted to kind of warn my family.

Option 1, we move to Paris as soon as the legal adoption goes through. Paris is an up and coming area for my work, it offers all the things I love the most in the world and has great proximity to a lot of awesome cultural and historical things I would love my boys to experience.

Option 2, Dubai. Enough said. I mean it’s Dubai. If you haven’t been to Dubai it’s like New York City had sex with Los Angeles and created, well Dubai. My boys would receive the best of the best in the entire world there. Education, culture, traveling to many, many different continents, not just countries. And it is by far the biggest moneymaker right now for my investment companies. I got into the Dubai market very early and it has paid off. I would love to live there and grow that business more so I can feed that money back home to all of my projects. It’s economically the best decision for me.

It’s far away, it’s probably too far away for most of my friends to come visit. My family can all afford it and would use it as an excuse to vacation. I can always travel back and forth for family things. And I know the risks of Americans living abroad. It’s something I am deeply praying on and I know in the next few months God will have my answer. I am called to Paris. My heart has always been there since I lived there for an entire year. And Dubai, again, it’s Dubai.

Everyone was shocked. It wasn’t received well Lol I told them when the legal adoption goes through either this year or next, I will let everyone know where we will be going or staying. I want my boys to grow up as I did. To travel at a young age and learn from different cultures and people. It’s my decision. And I have a calling from God to live abroad. I want to do this. But I also want support so we will see how that plays out over the next few months.

So the things no one told me about becoming a first time dad:

  • The boys will pee a lot.
  • The boys will eat, spit up on you, then eat some more.
  • The amount of gas a newborn has. That is all I need to say about that Lol Other than it has been shocking.
  • They will jolt you out of a dead sleep by crying loudly and persistently.
  • The diaper has to be smoothed down on both sides of the tape otherwise it comes off.
  • The diaper belongs in the trash container that has a lid. Otherwise the diaper will permeate the entire room Lol
  • The baby bottle tops needs to be tightened before you try to feed it to your baby or it will spill everywhere
  • There is never enough time in any day to do laundry

There are more but I’m running out of “me time” and I know one or both will be up soon.

In case anyone had placed any bets. By Monday night I had called all 3 of my nannies to come over to help Lol Because I hadn’t showered, I had spit up all over me, and I needed more help for my poor live in nanny who was at her wits end. Neither of us got any sleep Sunday night. The other 2 nannies are roommates and found the entire thing to be hilarious. But it was time to see how well they did so they rescued us! This will be the first full week my nanny and I try to get a routine going.

It can’t be that hard, Right????



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  1. Twins. Double the fun. Double the diapers, double the trouble.

    Will we ever get a sneak peak?

  2. Hmm so I’m guessing you won’t post my comment bc you know I know the truth and you are a huge fake!! Nice!

    • I posted your comment. Sorry your PayPal claim didn’t work out for you. You shouldn’t have lied and said you didn’t receive the book. You lied, I won. This is why I use PayPal to protect myself from people who lie.

  3. Will you unblock me on Twitter? My username is jennifercarnold. I’m not a troll! Promise! 🙂

  4. It can’t be that hard? Hahahaha

    Sam, Sam, Sam…. Nah. It’s gonna be a piece of cake just like my chemo will be, right? Stay Positive! LOL

  5. I am a mother of twin boys. It gets easier. Never did I have a nanny nor 1 minute to spare, every second was devoted to them…perhaps that’s why it has been so easy.
    Good luck.

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