40 Questions later

1. Why did you post all of these private voice mails? Don’t you feel bad about that?

Because her friends were harassing me online and calling me a liar. They said we never met, never had sex, and never were together. I posted it all to prove that I am not a liar. It worked.
2. Are you still in love with Meri?

No. She moved on within a week going back to him. She is fine. I moved on a few months later. It took me a really long time to figure out how I feel about her. I will always love her. I guess a part of me will always hope that when she leaves him, and she will leave him, that she will come find me. But I know that’s just a dream. She is happy where she is. I am happy where I am. It’s over.
3. I was really hoping you two would end up together. It’s a compelling love story. It’s obvious she really cared about you. Do you have hope to get her back?

I was hoping for that too. I will always have hope in a small way. She is the love of my life.
4. Do you forgive Meri for lying to the world about you?

There’s nothing to forgive. She lied to save her own ass and protect her money. I can understand that. She will answer to God for all of it. It’s not my place to judge her.
5. Do you want more kids after the twins?

6. Why are you single?

Because I will not settle for anything less than the best match for me. I don’t do anything casual. I’m not interested in dating a bunch of women or sleeping around. I want to find a woman to marry that matches my heart.
7. What do you do for a living?

CEO of 6 businesses. We do construction, commercial investment and commercial real estate investments. All of my businesses are run by the VP of each company. I sit in my offices and make decisions, answer calls, reply to emails and go to meetings. I’m just the figure-head of the whole thing. And it’s my money so I get a say in what we do with it. I used to be more involved with each company but over the years we sort of just figured it all out. None of my VP’s have left. They have stayed with me from the beginning and we are now transitioning them all into becoming Presidents so they can take over each company without my input. I will still stay on as Owner and Chairman but I’m getting to the point where I trust all of them to run things exactly as I would. They get paid very, very, very well. That’s why no one has left. I’m very blessed. This situation never happens. I guess I hired the right people who believed in my vision.
8. Why does Lindsay call you Jake on Twitter?

My middle name is Jacob. No one in my family calls me Samuel or Sam. They all call me Jake. She calls me both names. And a few other names I can’t type here Lol
9. If Meri apologized to you and asked you to come back, would you?

An apology would be great but she will never apologize because she doesn’t feel bad about lying. If she asked me to come back we could sit down and talk about it. It’s a very complex situation.

10. What do you really think about Polygamy now?

I fully support polygamy. I have never had an issue with it. It’s not for me. I don’t believe that 1 man can satisfy or really invest into a full relationship with multiple women. It’s just not possible that over all of those years they all have a true happy relationship. There isn’t enough time to really nurture it. I think polygamy can work but all of the adults need to really understand none of them will be completely fulfilled or happy. There are too many moving pieces to keep the relationships viable.
11. Why do you keep calling Kody a douchebag? I mean I agree he is, but why is that the only word you ever use to describe him?

Because he is one Lol
12. Why do you defend Robyn? She was obviously in on this from the start.

Robyn is a sweet woman. She takes a lot of crap for everyone’s judgements. The stories Meri told me about her were so loving and kind. I believe she loves all of them with all of her heart and has tried very hard to make her place with them. Everyone should quit trying to bash her. What did she do wrong?
13. What is Meri really like?

Meri is an amazing woman. Very smart and kind.
14. Why did you go to Meri’s hometown for a week when you know that everyone would recognize her and possibly see you two together? That doesn’t make any sense.

She wanted to leave for a week. She had already told all of the family she was going to go. She didn’t know where to go and I couldn’t take her to Paris for the week like we had planned since the tabloids had just printed that we were in an affair. I made the decision she should go to Lehi, Utah and I would come up the next day. We worked it all out. It was a great week together.
15. Are you going to raise your boys vegan?

Of course I am. It’s the best way to live.
16. There is some confusion, is Lindsay your assistant or is she your business partner?

That’s because the tabloids lied like usual and printed that she is my assistant. We both laugh about that. She has never been my assistant. She is my business partner in Las Vegas. She has always been a consultant to help me negotiate deals because she is so good with numbers she can help me get the prices down on the things I want to buy. She is very skilled at it. A lot of people have tried to hire her away from me but she says no. We both have made millions working together and neither one of us want to give that up because the checks keep getting bigger and bigger each year. I have to pay her a lot to stay and I’m sure at some point she will leave. But for now we are making money with our combined skills. It’s a great working relationship.
17. Have you got a pediatrician lined up?

18. What do you think of what the tabloids write about you?

I didn’t realize how much they all lie. They take a photo and explain it as their version instead of just telling the truth. They manipulate snippets of the truth to make it interesting and entertaining. It’s all bullshit.
19. How long have you been Vegan?

Since I was 18.
20. What do you do at night after work?

I workout, read, do emails, eat, go out with friends, go to meetings or dinner meetings, take a quick flight to relax, or just watch a little tv. I’m not much of a tv watcher.
21. What kind of books do you read?

I love anything about spirituality or religion. Big fan of Nicholas Sparks and classic novels. Huge fan of Gary Zukav.
22. Also, will you circumsize the boys?

Yes but you spelled that wrong.
23. Lastly, what are your views on immunizations?

My boys will be getting immunizations. I know it’s a hot topic but I think preventing diseases is worth the risk of them having issues later on. The diseases we are preventing are far more damaging than the very minimal risk of what the actual immunization will do. It’s such a great question because there has to be some reason that a lot of kids have ADD or diabetes or down syndrome. There’s a link somewhere and I pray that someone finds it. There are way too many kids being born with some of these things. It has to be preventable somewhere. Great question!
24. What kind of music do you like?

Contemporary Christian and EDM. Love Drake. He is one of my favorites.
25. Will you marry me?

26. Can I have some money?

27. Why were the book a week late arriving?

Because the company I hired to process them were doing it one at a time until I got mad. They were also taking time to answer back the questions about how to download the book or how to get it on Kindle. It delayed a lot of things. We have a better system in place and I do believe they are getting the book out faster now. Usually within a few hours. It’s normally the overnight orders that takes a little longer.
28. Do you regret the affair with Meri Brown?

Not for one second. It changed my life.
29. How do you let someone like Lindsay represent your business when she has such a foul mouth online?

She gets fed up with the trolls who lie so much. She also thinks she is funny and says whatever she wants. She is not representing me or my company online. She represents her own viewpoints. She is a professional and very quiet when it comes to work. She speaks up when it’s necessary but for the most part she doesn’t have much to say in the office. Because she is running things over in her head to help me come up with decisions to make. We all kind of just let her do her own thing because none of us understand her process.
30. All of us trolls want to know when you plan on posting photos of you and Meri together? Aren’t you getting tired of all the things we say about you and Lindsay?

I have already posted several photos of us together. I don’t see anything you people say. You are all blocked. If you choose to spend your life talking about me and Lindsay that says a lot about how bored your life is Lol I just pray you move on and go do something worth it. Because Lindsay and I really aren’t worth all of the time you put into stalking us.
31. I think you lied about the affair with Meri. Why don’t you tell the truth?

I have told the truth, with proof. I’m sorry you don’t believe me. That’s your opinion.
32. Do you read any of the gossip blogs? They write articles about you weekly. Especially All About the Tea. They aren’t very good but do you get mad about what they say?

No. I get updates on them from other people who want me to respond to articles but I let it go. If that Tea place is writing about me weekly they must not have anything else going on. I’m pretty boring. I can’t imagine what they could say that’s newsworthy about anything in my life on a weekly basis Lol I don’t get mad about any of it. I don’t even see it.
33. Why do so many people not believe you? I’m still on the fence. Neither side has shown enough evidence to make me believe one way or another.

Because they aren’t thinking for themselves. They don’t talk to me they get their information from anyone but the source, which is me. I have changed a lot of people’s minds about me once they talk to me.
34. Why are you so arrogant? It’s a huge turn off.

It’s actually a huge turn on. I have earned being arrogant. I do a lot of good for other people I’m successful enough to employee people who have families and I know I’m doing my best to honor God everyday of my life. I am arrogant, but I’m not too conceited.
35. You are going to end up alone with your fake twins and fake life. I hope you die.

I pray for you.
36. What are a few of the names on your babies list?

I don’t want to say. I love getting name suggestions though. That has helped me out a lot. I keep a list in my wallet of names that I hear that I like.
37. Do you know how hard it is to raise twins? How are you going to raise them and work as much as you do?

I’m going to find out. I’m not going to be working the long hours I do anymore. I’m also not going to be traveling as much. I have hired a nanny and I have 2 backup nannies to come help us out. My nanny will only work 4 days a week because I know how hard it’s going to be. My nanny will set her own schedule on the days she wants off. After they are in school she will be let go and we will have her babysit, no longer be the nanny. It’s very important to me to be as involved as I can.
38. Where did you get all of your money?

When you hit 18 in my family and get into UNL you get a trust fund. If you take money out of it you get penalized and have to pay the taxes on it so I left mine in there and just worked to get money for what I needed. I inherited most of my money, I admit that. But I have also worked hard in construction for a long time and saved up to be able to do the things I could to open up the investment firms. I rolled the construction profits into investment deals and that’s where all of my money comes from now. All of my inheritance and trust fund money has stayed in the bank, I have never used a dime of that money to do anything. I have only used the interest that the money has earned sitting in the bank. I was waiting until I got married to start spending it. Now with the twins I may start dipping into it at some point to make their lives the best of the best.
39. What happened to your mom?

My mom committed suicide.
40. You said in the book that you and Meri were both abuse survivors. What abuse did you and her survive?

Yes. I was sexually abused by a female babysitter when I was younger. I was so young I didn’t really know what she was doing or that it was wrong. I was also verbally, mentally and physically abused from my dad as a kid. I left my house at 16 and moved in with my aunt and uncle to finish out high school. It was that bad.

Meri was also abused in her younger years. That’s for her to talk about. It’s something that really brought us together sharing our stories. She helped me out a lot with my feelings about that stuff. I hope I helped her too. It was not easy to talk about.


Great questions! Send in more I will answer almost anything.

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  1. OMG you are back, your blog wen off for awhile and people were talking about how you disappeared. I am sure you are so busy with the babies. Wishing you well Sam and thanks for coming back! Miss you!

    • I’m back. Wish it was something cooler than I forgot to renew the domain Lol But that’s what happens when you have newborns. I meant to get around to it, just forgot. Missed you too, sugar.

  2. Thank you! Makes perfect sense now that you explained it 😊

  3. What kind of guitar do u play? How good are u? Do u ever jam out? What age did u learn to play?

    • he has mostly gibsons. he has a huge guitar collection. over 50 guitars. he was in a band off and on for years. yes he jams out he does open mic nights a lot on weekends. he sings also. he learned at 5 when his grandma bought him a guitar for his bday then he got lessons.

  4. Loved this! I have a question for you that you didn’t answer, and I don’t think it is too personal (I hope not)… What is the significance of the title “Not Batman Yet”? I am not super knowledgable about comic books/super heroes. I have always wondered that. Thanks!

    • yea hi, we all call him batman cuz he loves the comic book and he kind of lives like batman. he has the best gadgets, cars, and things. he disappears on us sometimes and comes back weeks later out of nowhere. its a nickname he’s had since he was a kid. the joke on the blog name is he’s not batman yet, but he’s close. that’s the meaning.

  5. Does it worry you that one day, when the twins are old enough, they may Google (or whatever we will use in the future!) you and see the hatred and lies that the trolls and media spewed? By then it will be old news, but there may still be some very hurtful things out there they may see. How will you protect them from that?

    • I’m not worried about it. At some point when they are adults or if they ask about it sooner I will pull out the book and have them read it then explain what I can. I fell in love with her. I gave her my heart and I still feel she is the love of my life. I am not ashamed of this at all.

  6. Always a pleasure to read…as usual.

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