19  Last night we installed the Forums back onto my website. I had one of these years ago. It’s how my first blog became so popular. You can find it here:

Forum Boards

You have to register on my website in order to post on my boards. You can find the Register link under the Meta sidebar. If you are using a mobile device you can click on the word Navigation to open up the forums. I only have a few of them created. Organically in time we will figure out what topics to add in. I put in the things that I enjoy talking to you all about. Eventually we will add in the chatroom back as well as Private messages so you can start building a community of new friends. We also have an Off Topic area where you can discuss anything you want. It was very popular last time so we brought it back.

This is how I made so many friends from my blog the last time and I am really excited to see some of the old usernames join us once again. I have kept in contact with some of them over the years and they kept asking for it. I’m excited to see how everyone has changed in their path in life. I know I have a lot to update people with. I am nowhere near what I was 4 years ago when I started all of this. I took almost a year off because work got too busy for me.

The baby furniture is in the nursery. I built both cribs with some help. I have the dressers where I want, the 2 massage chairs, and the changing tables. Now it’s time to decorate it. I keep looking things up online but I’m not sure. I like to go to the stores and look at it first. I need to start filling up the dressers with clothes. I keep hearing you have to change the babies a few times a day because of messes they make with food or output of food Lol The more people I talk to the more I get confused on what to get. I have several friends’ wives offering to come help me, some friends, and 2 complete strangers from this blog. You are all very sweet. I’m trying to figure it out without anyone making special trips.

She went to the OB this morning for a checkup. She has dropped them lower so it’s going to be soon. Everyone is healthy and doing great. The one issue we have had is finally getting better. She is within a healthy weight and both heartbeats are very strong. I’m not allowed to go to those appointments so I have to get whatever I can from my cousin. I guess the less I know the better right now since I’m at Defcon level 4 anyway. I also keep hearing how first time moms tend to go into labor in the middle of the night. Is that true? I don’t remember that in any of the books I’ve read so far. I also heard that a c-section is really hard to recover from. We have our therapy appointment soon so we can openly discuss things. I don’t want to unload on any of the girls but I’m starting to feel overwhelmed and stressed. My cousin’s daughter is being so sweet but she has…..its like a vicious moment where she just starts yelling all kinds of things, mostly aimed at her mom. I know it’s hormones but she is bringing up stuff from her childhood that I’m sure no one ever wanted me to know Lol My cousin always says I DID NOT SAY THAT TO YOU, but I tend to think she might have. It’s fun to tease her about it later when things are back to calm. I’m just staying out of everything. I am the gopher for anything they need and to make sure we are still having fun. I even yanked out the tv from my home office and put it in her room so she could watch whatever she wanted. The nursery isn’t done by any means but it has the basics. I need crib sheets. I don’t know why I never thought about that but I didn’t buy any. I kind of thought they came with a plain white set or something. I don’t know anything, clearly. I get laughed at a lot for the questions I’ve been asking everyone but that’s okay. It’s the only way I find things out.

Lindsay bought and sent me a Mr. Milker which I will not be using. She made me call her while I was opening it so she could hear my reaction. That was the big red flag that it was something awful. She said the label even has a guy with a cowboy hat on and she wanted me to put it on and throw on my Stetson and send her a selfie. No way Lol She’s a brat.

I have therapy, then more shopping, dinner with the girls, then I need to start getting my stuff ready for work tomorrow. What a long day it’s already been. I can’t sleep because I’m having anxiety at night. Thank goodness a few of my friends on the West coast stay up to talk to me. I’m a nervous wreck!