Happy President’s Day

PresidentsDay  It’s President’s day which doesn’t mean much to some people but I still like to give it a shout out. My favorite President is Abraham Lincoln. Living in Illinois I have come to admire him more and more. His speech writing is amazing. I have read a lot of the Lincoln books as well as historical documents he was a part of. He did so many good things for this country. It’s a good time to remember our Founding Fathers in this election year. That’s one good thing about my blog, I have nothing to say about politics. I leave that off of here.

Yesterday I finally started baby shopping with my cousin. We had a 5 hour talk on the car ride here about what it means to her helping me get the nursery ready for the twins. I told her if she wants to remain their grandma she can, because both of my parents have passed away, but we needed to be clear on what that meant. I also suggested her and I bring it up in counseling today to set boundaries. And we need to find out if that’s even a good idea for her own daughter. I don’t know how these things are supposed to be. Maybe leaving her out of it too is what is best? I would hate to send my cousin photos of the twins and she throws them up on her fridge like a proud grandma and every time her daughter comes home from college to visit she has to see that. There were a lot of things we decided on, yet there is so much left to find out.

I took the girls out for a special dinner. We had a violin player in the restaurant going table to table, then a guy came by selling roses. I bought one for each of the girls. We laughed and had a great time. We even got dessert, fruit something cake, I picked off some fruit and let them have the cake. It was huge.

After dinner we went on a night tour of Chicago in a van that has windows in the roof so you can see everything. I wanted them to really appreciate how beautiful downtown is at night. We learned a lot of historical facts that I didn’t even know about and I started pointing out buildings I own. We drove past my office and everyone got out for a quick photo in front of the sign out front. Then we all piled back in and the girls got to drink hot cocoa. It was cold. It was a lot of fun. They enjoyed not having to walk anywhere to see all of that. And at night you can see the architecture a lot better. The design on some of the older buildings is amazing. Very cool.

We got home and I got them settled for the night. I had a small fridge in my office that I put in her room for water and a few snacks she likes refrigerated. It doesn’t have a freezer for her fruit pop things she likes when she starts getting hot but her mom has been getting up and helping her get those.

I taped off the hallway from my side of the condo where my bedroom and the nursery are and started painting last night. I got the first coat on and I was worried in the sunlight the color wouldn’t look good. I went to bed late and got up early this morning. It looks fine. I threw on a second coat this morning so I can have everything ready for when the furniture arrives this morning. Everything will be assembled but the cribs. They are too big to transport all in one piece. I have to build those or at least help build them. I can’t remember. I loaded up all of the things we bought in the closet and swept the floor. So everything is ready to be moved in. I will have to do the decorating part this week. I’m going with a Jungle theme. I like the thought of animals and jungle art to be on the walls. And I did buy them Chicago Bear and Batman clothes Lol They will both be leaving the hospital in Batman oneseys with matching hats. I’m getting really scared now. Seeing all of this tiny stuff. Their shoes fit in my palm. They are so tiny. And the bottles had to be a certain kind to keep the air out of it while they drink? So confusing. But I have a good start. I checked off about 3/4 of my list my cousin made. There is a lot more to take care of but it will get done when I can. I have today off of work so I can run out later and get more things. At least if they come out today I have somewhere they can sleep when they get home Lol

We have had so many worries through this process. My main worry was if she had them in Nebraska. They can’t fly or even drive for a while. Not across country which would pin me there and I wouldn’t be able to get them settled in at home. I was also worried what the family court would say about me trying to take them from Nebraska without having foster parent certification yet or whatever I would need to take them across state lines. All of this legal stuff stresses me out.

But it has all been very smooth. We are all getting along, I’m being very quiet around my cousin’s daughter and I’m not asking her if she needs something every ten minutes. I’m letting her tell me what she wants or needs. Starting tomorrow I hired an in home chef to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for them as well as prep snacks. He will be here all day tomorrow making up meals. Then they can either heat them up or they can order food in or go out to eat. This way I know she’s eating, plus I really can’t take the smell of cooking meat so I don’t have to deal with it. It’s really gross to touch it, let alone try to cook it. She keeps teasing me about that. I think I have everything covered. While my cousin and I were out shopping yesterday, I had a masseuse come and give her a massage for an hour. She said it helped her back out a lot and made her sleep really well for a nap afterwards. Which is good because we meant to stay out 2 hours but it was more like 5 while we were shopping.

The guys are downstairs, the furniture is here! Oh crap this is happening!

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