It’s wedding day? WTF?

In keeping with tradition of completely blowing my mind and making me do that awkward grin, Lindsay came home from a month of being in Australia and decided she was getting married. Today. 

She said her mom’s health is getting bad and they talked things over. Lindsay didn’t want a big wedding or want anything traditional anyway. She decided that she probably couldn’t get her mom back to Vegas for her wedding in a year or two so they needed to do it now. I’m flying her mom back to Iowa tomorrow. She called Ben and told him to leave work. He came over. I told her don’t get mad if he says no since you are just springing this on him. He sat down and got a huge grin and said Is this a joke? Then he said you are crazy, let’s do it Lol We all got dressed up we waited for Ben to get a quick haircut and put on the suit he wanted to wear. Off we went.

We went downtown found a chapel they both agreed on and filled out the paperwork. I pulled her aside and asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted. She said Don’t ruin my moment Lol Then I walked her down the aisle. I stood next to Ben, her mom stood next to her and they got married. We took a ton of pictures. Then she sent out a mass text with a photo to all of our friends. She said they will do a ceremony in a year for everyone to attend and explained about her moms health. All afternoon my phone has been going off.

She was the one no one thought would ever get married. Ben couldn’t stop smiling or hugging on her. They are both really happy. I got them the best room I could at the casino downtown they wanted to spend tonight in. They will come back to her place in the morning before we leave. We just got back from a nice dinner. I could tell she wanted alone time with her husband. So weird saying that.

Im helping her mom tonight. She’s really tired. She said she just wants a hot shower and to go to bed. 

I’m packing up all of my stuff. I’m going to drop Helen off in Iowa then go down to Oklahoma City until Friday morning. I will go home to Chicago go to a few meetings then head to Denver to pick up Mike. Saturday morning we will fly to California for the Super Bowl. It’s going to be another busy week.

I am really happy for Lindz and Ben. I wish them nothing but happiness! Congrats you 2! Love you both! 

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  1. Well, if you are wanting a wonderful place to eat in San Francisco, I highly recommend Saison, State Bird, Gary Danko and my personal FAVORITE Atelier Crenn.

  2. It is going to be insane for the Super Bowl. I am debating heading OUT of town this weekend to hide from the madness. Expect insane traffic. Are you staying in SF? If you are looking for other non-Super Bowl things to do or places to eat, I have many wonderful recommendations.

    • We are coming in on Saturday morning. We are not staying in San Fran we found a place minutes away from the stadium. We are all going to have to share a suite so we will work it out. Last minute plans we are lucky to find that. I’m excited to go to the game. I don’t really know what to go see or where to eat.

  3. When I was 15. Go to flight school.

  4. Smaller twin engines. Since ones 15.

  5. Wow, I didn’t realize you were a pilot too! That’s so cool! Which airport are you using? I didn’t know San Francisco allowed private planes to land?

  6. I own 3. 2 in the US and one overseas. None of them are brand new. I bought them all used, gutted the interiors and had them all updated. They are mechanically safe and sound and I love flying. I own Cessnas and one Lear jet. Prefer the Cessnas.

  7. She barely uses Twitter anymore and none of our friends are on either of our accounts on purpose. We both get stalked it’s not worth putting our friends into that mess.

  8. Post a picture, here or on Twitter! Dying to see it

  9. Oh I forgot you were a pilot. You actually meant fly her. Ha, I thought you meant pay for her to fly

  10. Amazing! I’ve been a lurker for a while now. Your story is fantastic. You sound like the loveliest friend! Lindz is really lucky to have you in her life! Mazol Tov to her and Ben!

  11. Why do you fly Lindsay mom places instead of Lindsay? I thought she was rich too?

    • Because I’m a pilot and she’s not. She prefers her mom to fly private because her immune system is bad and doesn’t like her sitting with a bunch of germs. I don’t mind because she doesn’t like to fly often and I want her to be comfortable. She’s a great friend almost like another mom to me.

  12. Wow the physic was right your life moves fast ! No wonder you never replied to my email ! Wishing your friends health and happiness~

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