Love always wins

 Happy-Valentines-Day-Wallpapers-41 Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! There is so much love in my life today it’s incredible. I may not be in a relationship but I am still loved. I got up really early ran to the only place I knew was opened and bought 4 dozen roses. Bought 4 boxes of chocolates, 2 stuffed teddy bears and 2 thank you cards. I wrote a letter from Son A in one card and a letter from Son B in another card. I set everything up on the kitchen table and left for Church. I turn my phone off while I’m in Church so when I walked out and turned it back on it kept buzzing. My cousin’s daughter had gotten all of the gifts and flowers and her and her mom read my letters. They were love notes to their mom thanking her for all she has done and all she is doing. I said they would never forget her and I would make sure of it. I told her the love she has shown them is the exact love they would be raised with and in the future every single time we saw her in a room she would be the first one we said hi to, because she started a family with her gift of love. When I got home with breakfast they both came up and hugged me crying. She said she would always keep it because it was the first valentine’s day cards from them and she wanted to get a special trunk to put these things away in, so she didn’t have to see them all of the time, but always had them. We ate breakfast and had a nice talk. Tomorrow we start family counseling together. That’s when the real emotions will start coming out and we all 3 very anxious for that appointment.

I asked the girls what they wanted to do. I said lets each pick 1 thing we want to go more than anything on Valentine’s day.

My cousin wanted to go downtown and do some shopping. She’s so excited to be here.

My cousin’s daughter wanted to hang out at home and rest. Go out for a nice dinner, she thought she would feel up to going out later.

I want to go buy the paint for the nursery. I haven’t even painted it yet. I had Josh come get the bed and dresser out of the spare room a while ago. They are in his apartment now getting good use. I had my maid come in Saturday and clean up the entire place. She brought a bunch of girls that work in the same company to help. I promised her I would help her but because we had a road trip instead I wasn’t able to help. So I paid her extra and will get her a present today while I’m out.

I’m taking my cousin out for 2 hours to do some shopping. We are going to run by and grab the paint. Then we will head back home and check on things. We are also going to hit the store and buy up some things I failed to get. There is so much to do! I’m so excited. They are here and everyone is doing okay. Just tired still.

I got to feel the babies kick for the first time. I was trying to grin through it but then I started crying a little bit. That was the moment this all became real for me. So now I have a fire under my butt to get things done. I’m doing everything they ask of me. I’m running back and forth from my side of the condo to theirs. And I love it. Water? Sure. Snacks? Got em! Another blanket? Hold on I’ll grab it. It’s so much fun. I’m so happy they are with me and I’m not alone this year. The chocolate is already gone Lol So I will need to get some more. I need to get some with caramel this time I guess. I didn’t think she liked that kind but it’s her favorite. It’s going to be a great day. I put the dates in the calendar this morning. We are at 34 and a half weeks today. Thursday marks 35 weeks. I took Monday off of work so I get an extra day this coming week. But I will be working. I made sure both of their cellphones have all of my numbers in them. I put Lindsay and Drew on high alert to fly out here as soon as they get the call. I’m definitely going to need them. They have turned into my “mom and dad” in my life. The doctor said our goal is to make it to 36 weeks, which is February 25th. But she said don’t count on it at all. Twins are notorious for coming early. That is why I need to take these 2 days and get everything going. I ordered the car seats and the stroller system a very awesome lady told me about from this blog. Thank you! You were right, they are top in safety and easy to use. They should be here tomorrow. I will have to figure out how to get them hooked in.

Today if we can find a place I’m going to walk into a furniture store with baby stuff, find an entire set of furniture I like and say give me 2 of everything Lol I’m very decisive. This should be easy. Best thing about living in a big city not only will they deliver it quickly, you pay more and they will assemble it all. Which is what I need.

My cousin’s daughter does not want to help picking things out and I understand that. I told her we will keep the nursery door closed at all times so she can go in there if she ever wants to. That’s up to her.

I was going to write about the road trip but I decided not to. There were so many stops I lost track of where we were. It took us 2 days to get home and a few frustrating moments. I have now learned if you buy a pregnant woman the wrong cheetos they will get flung out of the window at 70 mph Lol Also if you don’t stop in time there will have to be a few wardrobe changes. And NEVER buy some adult diapers to help curb anymore accidents. Never ever, EVER but those and try to give them to a pregnant woman on a road trip. That one almost killed us all Lol

We need to get going. Lunch arrived and everyone is fed and happy for a few hours. Hope you all have a great amount of love all day long and you know how much I appreciate and love you all!


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  1. Who is “Drew”? (mentioned above)

  2. Oh yay! I’m glad I could be helpful 🙂

  3. Make sure you get non toxic paint for nursery with her living there!! Would love to see a picture of the final set up! So happy for you. I worked hard at becoming pregnant, injections, ivf all that. Was one of my greatest wishes. I lost the one and only time I did get pregnant. Was heartbreaking. I think it broke part of me. I am happy you will get the chance to be loved by a child, the most unconditional love there is, besides a dog, chuckle! God bless you!!

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