Pompadour Me

Sitting on the couch watching Idol. I’m telling you guys you need to be watching. Such a talented group.

Busy day but very productive. After work I got a haircut. I haven’t seen my regular girl in a while. She showed me a magazine that had a style she thought would look good on me. I am the guy that does different facial hair and new hair styles monthly. I have been growing my hair out on the top and was going to get it shortened up but I was really digging on her idea. We agreed to try it and if I didn’t like it she would cut the top. I have a pompadour. And it’s bad ass. I’ve had 3 compliments on it already which makes me grin like a goofball. I’m cracking up my iPhone turned goofball into golf ball Lol 

Im really doing good today. It’s been a great day I’m happy. 

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