Return of the King

I just got home from a long day. I went to the psychic tonight after work. It was good to see her again. Nothing in her shop had changed. I paid my $150 and she did my tarot cards first. She said a great love will be coming back to me very soon. Since I only have 2 out of the 3 loves in my life still among the living I’m not sure which one it is. She said she has changed since our time apart and can now fully love me as she couldn’t before. She knew nothing about the twins. She told me I will have a new family very soon and it will be the happiest of times. She said I pulled a death card meaning someone very close to me will pass away unexpectedly. She also said this is the year I will get married. I asked if I married the great love that comes back and she said it was unclear. 

For another $150 she did a reading and would answer questions for a half hour. She poured sand into a bowl, swirled it around a few times then looked into it. She said I need to slow down I am going too fast in life. She did not see any health issues upcoming and that she had no messages from beyond for me. I was hoping someone in my family would step forward. She said she feels I am a caring soul and I honor my legacy with silent acts of kindness that no one knows about. She said there is a sweetness to my aura and I attract women that want to save/fix/heal me. She said my friends stay loyal for years because of the trust and loyalty I offer. And being a Pisces I am sensitive and reserved. She said I love with all of my heart and I don’t let people in easily. She said she feels a broken inner being inside of me that wants to be free

The session ended. Nothing Earth shattering was told. I wished her well and came home. 

I wonder which one of my ex-girlfriends is going to come back? Not sure I believe that. I don’t talk to either one and I really like it that way. They are both amazing women but no thanks! I like the peace in my life right now. 


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