Super Weekend

Super-Bowl-50  I survived Super Bowl 50. If there was a t-shirt for that I would have bought it. Instead I loaded up on all kinds of other ridiculous items that in the moment seemed like I had to have it. I think I was just trying to preserve the memory of being with my friends.

We got into San Jose and went right to the hotel. We ate breakfast at this hole in the wall diner because as I was driving us to find a place Lindsay shouted from the backseat if you don’t feed me soon I’m going to get violent Lol I stopped immediately. The fruit plate was a few days old or maybe California melons just taste different. Insert dirty minded guy joke on that last sentence. Anyway, we had a great time because the diner plays 50s and 60s music. Everyone was singing along. It was a lot of fun. That’s where we met Myron. He is an older guy that said he had never been to a professional football game in his life, and he was a lifelong 49er’s fan. So I gave him Lindsay’s ticket to the game. I had (My secretary) found 2 more tickets so Ben could go with us and she could sit with him. I told her that was her birthday and Christmas gift this year because of the price and she just laughed and said, you mean one of them. She’s such a brat. I think Ben finally got to see the REAL Lindsay this weekend. She had been on her best behavior apparently. At one point he pulled me aside and said is she always like this or is this just because of the crowd. I said just wait until we get to the game Lol He had no idea what he was in for.

We left the diner and started exploring the great city of San Jose. Wow is it cool there. I was so happy we got time to look around a little. Traffic was awful. It took nearly an hour to go anywhere so we were forced to kind of find things as we drove and go look. I had a few places I wanted to check out but it didn’t happen. I had to make a few appearances Saturday night at corporate events so we dotted to 3 different parties for an hour each to check things out. I had warned everyone we may see some celebrities so don’t embarrass the group. Lindsay could care less about who anyone is and honestly doesn’t really know who people are. Ben knows all of the people. He watches TMZ, all Mike cares about is girls. Ah to be young again! We made it through all of the parties until the last one before things got weird. We were watching Maroon 5 play and next thing I know Mike bolts away from us and over to a girl. He grabs her arm and starts talking to her. She’s smiling and laughing at whatever he said. He pulls out his phone and takes a photo of them together. Just as he was thanking her and actually turned to leave this big hulk guy came up and grabbed him by the back of the neck. I guess her boyfriend or husband wasn’t to cool with him taking a selfie. I started over there but by the time I pushed through the crowd it was over. Mike was grinning from ear to ear and said Look at who I got a picture with. He was so happy I still don’t know who it is but she’s a famous singer. I said you almost died and he said Yeah and laughed.

We got back to the room and started fighting over sleeping arrangements. Lindsay said because she’s married that means they get the king size bed and I could have the couch bed. I told her that I won’t fit on that I needed the bed. In the morning I woke up on the couch with a massive neck ache Lol We had room service come to the room so everyone could get their Super Bowl outfits figured out. On Saturday we were buying things to wear. All I bought was a new pair of sunglasses. We had run into people who warned us the nosebleed seats stay sunny for a while. Boy am I glad I listened to that. My forehead was still slightly red when we left. I should have worn a ball cap. Everyone did a model walk down the hallway so we could see how the outfit looked. It’s Lindsay’s thing if you get a new outfit she makes you do that. Then we went down to the lobby to meet up with Myron. He was in full gear. Face paint on his cheeks. His daughter was waiting with him and thanked us for taking him. She said they could never afford to get tickets so this was really a dream come true. She asked that we make sure he didn’t get too excited and asked us to be patient with all the stairs we had to climb. I told her I would throw him on my shoulder and carry him up if I had to. She gave him $200 for snacks and said it was from the whole family. I told her don’t worry about it I had it all covered but she said then let him buy himself whatever he wants. She hugged us for a third time, then kissed and hugged him and said have a great time dad. They were both crying. I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal until that moment. And I really didn’t know what it meant to him until he saw the field for the very first time. I will get to that.

We took off and went down to the area. I had a parking pass so I knew we would guarantee have a spot to land in once we got down there. What I didn’t realize is the parking spot was for smaller vehicles. So that didn’t work at all. I was not pleased. We drove around for a half hour until Lindsay jumped out of the vehicle and ran across the street. She had spotted a lot that had a few spots open. Then she said go turn around and come here. I thought how in the heck am I going to turn around in this traffic. It took another 20 minutes to get back to her. She was holding a hot dog. Now keep in mind there are no hot dog stands anywhere near this area Lol I pulled in and paid $100 for the spot and another $100 to tip and told the guy let me out first when I get back. He said he would try. Mike said where did you get that hot dog. She said a tailgate party and pointed to the roughest looking crew ever. She said come say hi they told her a few things to watch for at the game. We went over to say Hi and I was ready to run if things went sideways Lol I was scared a little bit. I admit it. They were the nicest people. They said they didn’t have tickets but wanted to party with everyone anyways. They told us which entrance to go to for our seats to make it easier on Myron. They even had their young son walk us down to the main area for all the fun stuff. It was really cool. People in Santa Clara and San Jose are great!

We got down there and I said let’s walk and just go wherever we want. We had about 4 hours to kill before game time. I told Lindz let’s go 2 hours before kick off in case I needed to sit down with Myron on the way up. We had so much fun playing games, looking at things and just talking to everybody. I got asked a million times where am I from. One lady asked if I was related to Peyton Manning because of my accent and I am so tall Lol I said no but I hoped he had a great game. We found a bench to sit on for a little while. Myron had one of those disposable cameras and kept saying Sam, Sam take my picture man Lol It was awesome.

Finally we head in. The security at the Super Bowl is unreal. They check everything. Pockets, bags, everything. I felt really safe there I didn’t mind at all the delay getting in. We could hear a lot of the music and announcer stuff going on inside. Myron was grinning so big. We finally walked him up to the area to see the field.

Have you ever seen the movie Rudy? Rudy’s dad walks to the stadium and sees the field for the very first time. It was just like that but with more hugs. And Lindsay told people around us it was Myron’s very first football game so we had a few people clapping him and giving him High 5’s. So awesome. We really tried to make it special for all of us. Lindsay and Ben had seats a few rows over from us. I asked Ben if he had enough money on him. He said he thought so why? I said because Super Bowl beers are $13 each and you are sitting with a fish Lol He said he would get out the Visa if she got out of hand. He said he didn’t think she would drink that much. (Does he not know her by now? Lol) This is a woman who “allegedly” drank 2 buckets of beer ALL BY HERSELF with 6 beers in each bucket. And got up without staggering at all. In fact she drove home that night. I just hoped she had sobered up from the 3 hour show they were at when I heard that story from her friend.

We slowly made it up to our seats. The good thing about going so early is that the seats were kind of empty so we could stop and rest. People were so nice helping me with him. We finally made it to our seats. I told him I’m sorry our seats are so bad and he said It’s like Heaven up here! He was so happy. He took a few more pictures. Made a lady take a picture of me and Mike with him at our seats. Then he said I can’t believe I finally made it. He was so happy. His daughter texted him a few times to check on him. He called her during the half time show and let her listen to the songs because she loves Beyonce. I don’t know if she could hear it, it was so loud!

The game was awesome. Mike is a lifelong Broncos fan. He had a Peyton jersey on, face paint and a Broncos ball cap with Broncos sunglasses. Oh I forgot, when they had all the former Super Bowl MVP’s come out, there was Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and Steve Young, all of Myron’s favorite players. He said help me up and he stood up clapping for them. Even gave out a big whistle for Joe Montana. The poor guy was so worn out. The Broncos took the lead early and the Panthers weren’t really playing the way I had seen them play all season. It was like the air was out of the tire or something. I have no idea what was going on other than maybe the Broncos defense is really that good.

The halftime show was so good. We had to hold up our colored board during the performance. I didn’t know what it said but someone behind us said on the big screen it said Believe in Love? Is that what it said? I really liked the flowers opening and closing. From where we were sitting on the 20 yard line, but way up we could easily see that part. Myron took a few photos of Beyonce on the field and on the stage. He was dancing in his seat while Mike and I stood up dancing. It was a lot of fun. I really couldn’t hear the lyrics of the songs, I know the Coldplay ones because I’m a huge Coldplay fan, but the other songs I really don’t know.

Back to the game and it’s time for Myron to pee. The best thing about being a guy at the Super Bowl is guy’s go in and out to pee like a train. The women stand in line forever. I asked if he wanted more to eat. I had grabbed him hotdog a hamburger some fries and popcorn on the way up to the seats. I made Mike carry this big box. Then I sent Mike down for drinks. Poor kid has to earn his ticket somehow Lol He said all he wanted was a bottle of water and maybe some nachos but we had to help him eat them because it’s too much. I can’t eat it but I handed it back and forth to Mike and he helped him plow through them. In the 4th quarter the game was getting a little boring so I sent Mike back down. I told him go get us beers. We are men and men drink beer at the Super Bowl! Now I don’t drink but I wanted to do something special to always remember this game with Mike and our new buddy Myron. We came back with Buds and Myron said Sam Sam take my picture drinking this Lol We had another lady take our picture holding our beers in our seats. Then the game ended.

Mike’s Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl. Everyone was high 5’ing everyone. People were hugging and Mike was crying and clapping. We stayed to watch the presentation of the trophy and let the area around us clear out a little. We all sat there and just talked about what a great game it was, if Peyton would retire afterwards, how awesome our seats turned out to be and all the fun things that went on. It was such a great time.

Apparently things were not so festive down by Lindsay’s seats. This is what She told me. Then I will write what He told me later on when she was in the shower Lol

Lindsay said she was sitting behind a behemoth of a man. She was sure he was half caveman because he had one of those long beards she hates and smelled like pine sol. She said the whole game his ass crack was staring at her so she threw a peanut in there. When he sat back down he jumped up and started trying to pull it out. She said it wasn’t funny at that point because she got a full moon on a clear afternoon Lol As the game went on (And the drinking began) she said this big boy kept standing up so she couldn’t see. He would do a Viking Yelp which translated to Go Team in Norwegian (Pretty sure she made that part up Lol) and then he’d do this double arm pump like Pauly D from Jersey Shore. At the point she couldn’t take it anymore she said she leaned over to her tall, muscular husband and told him to handle that shit before she did. She said Ben tapped the guy on the shoulder and asked him politely to sit down so we could see. Now this is where the story gets divided (Of course) and she said one thing and he says another. Lindsay said her foot slipped on his butt and he was pushed forward a little bit after Ben asked him to sit down. Ben said she reared her entire thigh back and kicked him in the ass sending him and his popcorn forward bent over the seat in front of him. Now what happens next they both agree on.

This guy turns around and starts yelling at her with no words that either one of them could make out. But everyone else in her row that was tired of the guy started yelling at him back. So he left his seat. She was sure she was getting kicked out of the Super Bowl and sent me a few texts saying meet you at the truck after the game if we get kicked out but I never got them until we left the game. The guy just went to pee or something but he came back with more popcorn and beer then turned around said you owe me $30 bitch. She said she ignored him but Ben said she mouthed off. Either way the guy did not stand up so often until near the end of the game. His Panthers lost and he left to her wishing him a happy life, which Ben said No, she told him and his beard to go F*** themselves Lol Which Ben said got 3 High 5’s from people around them.

We got Myron and started our way down. We met up with them and said How did it Go? Did you have fun? Ben said it was fun until she kicked a guy in the ass Lol I warned you Ben!

We bought so much stuff on the way out. The vendors were trying to get rid of anything they had left. We loaded Myron up with all kinds of stuff. Myron took out his $200 and bought us all Super Bowl 50 buttons to pin on our shirts, which we all did right away. So sweet of him. Then he bought a couple t-shirts for his daughter and her husband. Then he bought his sons 2 ballcaps. Great family man. Loved to see that he didn’t spend his fun money on himself. He said he wanted them to have something since they let him come to the game with total strangers Lol Myron said look him up next time we are ever near San Jose. We made it back to the hotel, and waited for Myron’s daughter to come get him. Mike and Ben went up to the room to drop all of our stuff off and we stayed down in the lobby talking to others that went to the game. Everyone was so happy with how it went and had a great time. Finally his daughter showed up with her husband and it was big hugs and smiles again. She said she didn’t think her 74 year old black dad would go with a bunch of white folks to the Super Bowl because he didn’t know us and Myron said we are all Football folk and it doesn’t matter that we were white. How cool is that! It never crossed my mind at all that us being white might prevent him from going. I just met a nice older guy that said he had always dreamed of going to 1 game someday. So I offered the ticket. And boy am I so glad I did. What a great family and a great guy! Such nice people. His son in law put on his hat right away and gave him a big hug. They were both so happy for Myron. I said he’ll probably sleep the next week those stairs really took it out of him Lol Off they went.

We went back upstairs to get cleaned up, packed up and head out-of-town. That’s when I got the Ben side of the Lindsay story. I swear you can’t take her anywhere. Something ALWAYS happens and it is never her fault! Ever!

We got back to Vegas, dropped them off, got back to Denver dropped Mike off. His mom picked him up. It was so early in the morning I did feel bad but she said it was worth it. She said Mike had been texting her pictures all weekend of how much fun he was having. Said goodbye to them and I flew back to Chicago. I am at home and finally going to bed. I’m exhausted. I’m going to sleep a few hours and try to make it into the office by 2 today. I need to check up on a few things before everyone leaves for the day.

Did you guys watch the Super Bowl? Any good commercials this year? I haven’t watched it, but I taped it to catch them. Congratulations to the Carolina Panthers on a great year. You guys will probably be back next year, your team is that good. And congrats to the Denver Broncos. Great way to end a career if Peyton retires. You can’t beat that kind of win. Thank you both for a great game and so many awesome memories. I will never forget Super Bowl 50!

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  1. Hi Sam sounds like you had a great time at the Super bowl and once again you managed to pay it forward ! Meeting Myron and giving him a ticket WOW what a great thing to do ! You guys were his Super Bowl angels ! Nice…

  2. Awesome story!!!! By the way, you could insert my name, where Lindsay’s is (except for all of the drinking) & all of my friends would say, “That’s Tracy! She’s free entertainment.” LOL

    ~Tracy, From Milwaukee

  3. I would not say Meri is “cheating” with anyone. Her legal marriage ended in a legal divorce. Her spiritual marriage ended long ago. I understand she may need “unsealed” from Kody, but at this point, she has made it crystal clear, even to their viewing audience, they are not together.

  4. Sam what do you think about the rumor going around that Meri is cheating on Kody again with the bass player from Van Lady Love band?

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