What was that? I just dropped the baby!

not-cool  This morning I had to load up the babies and take them to their doctor for a checkup. This is the very first time we have left the condo. My nanny and I debated about what to put them in. My awesome dad skills were on top because I did not buy them winter coats for babies. Yes they have those. I had to run out and get them last night. So we put them in the coats, had the hats on them and put them in 2 pairs of socks. Then we threw really thick blankets over the car seats. I sent the nanny down first to warm up the Escalade. She also took the baby bag and whatever else we need in my backpack. Then it was my turn. She pulled the Escalade right by my elevator to make it a really short walk into the vehicle. That actually helped a lot.
Nothing says new dad like the time you drop one of the babies in the car seat. Mind you it was only less than a half of a foot drop but believe me the tears welled up and I almost had a panic attack. I need to work on my loading in the car skills. It freaked me out. But I recovered because we were running late and it was cold.
Oh yeah, the one thing no one told me was anytime you take the twin newborns out with the nanny everyone automatically assumes she’s my wife. When I started laughing because she is 24 years old and looks 18, she shot me a look like you better stop snorting at that. So I did. I talked to her about it later and we have agreed to let her answer that from now on. I never realized people would say that to me. Me with a 24-year-old Lol No beeping way! Way, way, way too young. My birthday is next week and I am feeling all 42 and whatever years I am today.
Heston, my big chunk of a son, is doing great. Thriving, gained a little weight and doing very well. He is alert and wiggly. All good signs.
Alex has decided to scare daddy. Fitting since he is the one I dropped this morning. I ratted myself out immediately and told the nurse, the nurse’s aid, the doctor, and probably the waiting room parents that I dropped my baby this morning. They did a very thorough check and said it didn’t hurt him at all. Then the doctor did the one thing a parent never wants to hear, he made a joke about me dropping my newborn. He said, “Don’t worry his brain damage won’t show up until he’s in high school Hahahahaha”. I swear if this guy could have high 5’ed himself he would have. Alex is not thriving. He spits up a lot. Apparently more than I realized. The nanny and I had been talking about it daily. Remember I did call in the other day about it and I was given some good advice on feeding him, as well as some gas drop things to help him. But we all agreed if he is still underweight in 1 week when I bring him back, then we are taking both of the boys off of the vegan formula I have. We hope it’s just gas or maybe a hard time digesting. But I have no problems going with normal formula if that’s what is going to help him. Then I made a dad joke and didn’t get one laugh. It was very lame anyway.
The boys are fine. They are doing okay. We just have to get Alex to eat better. I learned some ways to sit him up better and got advice on some products to buy to help with sitting him up properly. The nurse was nice enough to say it happens to a lot of first time parents don’t beat myself up. But we all know I’ve been beating myself up all day long. Ugh!
Oh and we ran out of Diet Coke which is the one thing my nanny told me she requires in the house at all times. So I ran into a store and bought her 6 cases of it. She should be stocked up for a long time Lol I came back with it in the cart and she said You spoil me. I said no, you are helping me late at night you need to your Super Juice to stay up!
We are finally in a routine. It’s going really well. And I’m able to sleep. Not all night. I don’t mind getting up at all. It does take me a few minutes but once I’m up I love holding them. We finally got them on a synched up sleeping schedule. That helps out a lot. My nanny is taking off tomorrow and letting the backup nannies split shifts tomorrow. It will be fun to work with them one on one finally and see how we all do. They are all 3 very sweet girls, young, loud, but very good with my boys. It’s nice seeing the babies with them.
So when do they start being more fun? They just kind of lay there. They wiggle. Make little noises but nothing loud. I can’t wait until they start moving around more. I want to crawl all over the floor with them and roll around. Right now all I’ve done is just hold them, kiss their heads, and talk to them. I’ve been reading books to them too. I heard once on tv that babies can absorb a parent’s tone and feel more relaxed. I kept running out of things to say to them that didn’t sound corny over and over so I began reading books. It’s working they fall asleep. Or they are just faking it so I shut up Lol
Either way my boys are okay. It’s been over a week and I haven’t done anything horribly wrong. Well I did drop Alex but I swear it sounds worse than it was. And he was fine.
I love being a dad! It’s the best job in the world! I hope ya’ll are having a great weekend with lots of fun plans and awesome family time.
God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


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  1. If you end up having to use a different formula, check out Holle. All organic, non gmo, soy free, and free from all the creepy stuff that you normally find in formula. I’m a health nut, so when we adopted I went crazy trying to find a non-horrifying formula option.

  2. One of my twins had a spit-up issue so, on recommendation of my pediatrician, I tried Oval. It’s a product you can buy over the shelf. It’s all natural. It soothes the tummy. It has saved me from many sleepless nights. I don’t want to be one of those moms who knows everything but you should try it.

  3. Have you had Alex checked for a tongue and/or lip tie? Most pediatricians aren’t that knowledgeable about them. Esp a tight lip tie is a common cause of lots of spitting up. Usually a good lactation consultant is the best resource for diagnosing it. Obviously there isn’t lactation involved for you, but you might find one willing to take a look.

  4. You can buy breast milk from reputable sources you know. Don’t you want the best for your boys? Breast is best.

  5. Get a Boppy pillow! They are AMAZING with helping baby sit up, lounge around and feed! They make a bunch of different ones that you can buy to use for many different reasons. I got the one that looks like a U and it was awesome during feeding time. =) Keep up the great work!

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