business-man-mistake-whoops  Hello everyone. We are back up and running. I’ve heard from my friends some pretty cool rumors going around about what happened to my website. Don’t believe any of them unless the rumor is as follows.

I forgot to renew my domain and web hosting with Godaddy. That’s it. I had gotten an email. Then 3 more emails and I just didn’t get around to it. I’m all paid up and we all get to enjoy another year of me. Neat isn’t it Lol Anything else being said, legal issues, I was arrested, or anything like that is totally false and just the trolls trying to start up more lies with creative stories. We are all used to that by now.

Hope everyone is doing well. My boys are awesome! I like being home 24/7 with them. I’m able to hold both of them now to feed them thanks to some very awesome twin type pillow/half chair thing I ordered. It’s a lot of fun. They are growing. They are wiggling. And Alex is eating and keeping most of it down, finally. Heston has no problems eating. The boy is probably going to be a Linebacker the way he eats Lol Things are great. I am happy, the boys are healthy, my life is great. I’ve had a lot of friends coming in and out of town lately. I barely have time to write on here. I’m sorry about that. But that’s how it goes with new babies. I thank all my friends and appreciate all of the positive messages you send me. I’m way behind on writing back/texting/calling. I will try to catch up soon. Maybe when my boys are 18?

The legal guardianship is heading to court and at least on paper I am going to be the adult in charge. Not so sure that’s a good idea since I am the guy that painted a big letter T on my chest once and went to a basketball game with my friends in consecutive letters, GO THUNDER!

There are also photos floating around of “My newborn sons”, total bullshit. Ya’ll know I rarely swear, ever. But it’s total bullshit. One of the trolls turned those into the group leadership claiming I sent them to her and she couldn’t be a bigger liar. Nice try though. My boys, are my boys and not for viewing to the public. I told ya’ll that on here several times. So please keep your silly games to someone else. And don’t involve my kids. Because Papa Bear will come out and play. Not cool at all, trolls.

My 43rd birthday is tomorrow. We are having a catered dinner with family, friends, and employees. Lindsay and Ben will be flying in later today. She swears she bought me the world’s best present and she’s just returning from a weekend in Los Angeles so I’m guessing it’s something horribly funny or horribly scary. She hasn’t been this tickled to give me something since she put a baby scorpion in my favorite drinking cup and told me there was a smudge in it rewash it. I looked down and almost dropped the cup Lol I freed him to go pinch someone else and she laughed and laughed and…she’s a brat!

Have I said how perfect my boys are? They really are. I love them. They are the best birthday present I could ever get. So happy to have them in my life. The nanny might think different. We are in a routine and still struggling with the night shift. I get up. Okay, I didn’t get up a few times but I was worn out. But I do get up. I think I missed 2 nights. In a row Lol So now we’re finding a schedule that works for both of us. She gets 3 days off a week because I do realize how hard she works the other 4. And my 2 part time nannies love being here. It’s been one big happy adventure everyday. I don’t know how I’m going to go back to work in a few weeks. I don’t want to even leave them to go to the store. I don’t even mind the diapers. I’m getting pretty good at it.

Did ya’ll miss me? No? Yes? Well I’m back. And we will be doing a lot of things to the blog when Lindsay gets here. She wants to “pimp it out, cub scout” whatever that means. So maybe I’m getting a new design? We will see!

I will write more when I can. Missed ya’ll. Have a great week!