Up early


Good morning. I have already finished my morning prayers, fed the boys, worked out on my Bowflex, showered and I’m about to make my oatmeal and my Liv drink for the day.

I was up twice with the boys last night. They are starting to sleep longer. Yesterday they were both fussy. Here’s hoping for a better day. I’m starting to catch up on things. We are in our routine and it’s giving me a little free time. My nanny is going to the store this morning. It will be the first time I’m alone with the boys for a few hours. She thinks I’m ready to handle it. I want to try. What could go wrong?

I find out from my adoption lawyer today if I will get my foster parent certification on Friday. I completed all of the requirements. Something I had done once before in Nebraska but that was an emergency order in that case. My nephew was in and out of my home often so it’s very different this time.

My cousin’s daughter has been home for a little while. She doesn’t want photos or to talk to me on the phone just yet. She has asked how they are doing. She is not ready. She wants to heal up some more and get back to her life then she said she will want photos. I am so thankful to her. She gave me a lifelong gift that I have prayed for.

Being a single dad with newborns that aren’t biologically mine is probably the best case scenario for me. This has worked out even better. I have seen a lot of my friends go through divorces and they only get their kids every other weekend. I couldn’t be without my kids. There’s no way. With this, I never have to worry about losing custody or having a drag out fight over it. They are mine. It does make me want to adopt again. It’s something I am thinking about. I will already be in the system so it’s much easier. I would love for my boys to have a little sister. Or two little sisters. But not twins Lol No way. When my cousin told me they found out the one baby I agreed on was two babies I dropped the phone. I made her repeat it a few times. I thought okay God you are finally getting me back. It’s turned out great. I couldn’t imagine my life without either one of them. Sam jr could Lol He takes off with their socks or barks when they cry. He is usually the first one at their door when they wake up. He’s not allowed in the nursery so he sits in the door way watching. He is getting better. I take him for walks and still play with him as much as I can. He also sleeps in my bed down by my feet so he gets plenty of time with me. He really is a good dog. And Lindsay gets to see him. She loves him so much. They spent a lot of time together when she moved to Vegas.

My life is great. Things are calming down. I’m taking the part time nannies up to the lake house this weekend. Sarah wants to hang out in the city with her mom. They said they may drive up for a day just to check it out. There is some really good shopping close to my house.

I never knew my life would turn out this good. I love my boys. I don’t want to go back to work but I know I have to. I get all of next week off then it’s time to head back. At least I can come  home for lunch everyday and pitch in. Sarah said she will start taking them out in another month. She said 8 weeks is a good time for small adventures. We signed a contract for car service for her and the boys. It’s a 24/7 service in case I’m out of town and she needs to take them somewhere by herself. I didn’t want her driving and trying to worry about them. When they are older we will let the car service go and we will handle it ourselves.

Sarah and I had a long talk last week. I asked if she wanted me to buy her a condo or get her in an apartment. She said no. She’s not moving out. I asked what happens when you meet someone. She said she gets 3 days off and has time to talk with whoever during the day. It’s not something she’s looking for right now. I told her I’m not comfortable with her bringing  dates into my house, that I would not be doing that either once I start dating again. She said she wouldn’t either. I told her she’s like a daughter to me and she laughed and said I treat her like a kid sometimes and it was funny. I want her to have a great time with us. I do most of it myself. I want to. I don’t mind feeding, burping, diapers. It’s fun. I love watching my boys eyes while I’m holding them. They are perfect! This is the best time of my life! God is so good to me.

Have a great rest of your week. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!