Weekend up north


My nanny’s mom is here! We had such a great time talking all the way back to my condo. She brought photos and stories. She even brought me cookies from her mom’s recipes. I remember the smell of them. As soon as I pulled the lid off I remembered it. It brought me right back to being a skinny tall kid who smiled and ran around playing. That seems like so long ago.

I am packing up the Escalade and taking my boys and 2 nannies to the Lakehouse. We decided to leave earlier to avoid the traffic. My live in nanny is staying here to enjoy time with her mom. I invited them up north if they wanted. I am so happy she came. I pray their time together is awesome.

2nd weekend with the boys. Cam and I have been talking about recipes all week. He’s going to teach me how to make 2 of them. One is a pork dish that’s traditional. I am going to make it into a vegan version. I’m really excited for him to teach me. My buddy John is coming over tomorrow to hang out. I haven’t seen him in a long time. It’s going to be fun catching up with him.

My boys are getting so big. Each time I look at my photos they get bigger from the last set. I love them so much!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! God loves you and I love ya’ll too.