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maxresdefault  All anyone had to do was apologize to me. I’m not asking them to take ownership, you don’t even have to make a public one. Just a simple I’m sorry would have stopped all of this. The blog would be cleaned up, the voicemails gone, photos, deleted. Everything gone. But nope. That’s not what happened so I’m going to finish this.
I was trying to think of how to announce that. Pretty funny. We are building the page for the last 102 voicemails. A lot of them are very sexually graphic. As well as the texts that go along with it. And some other things, photos, voice memo messages. It’s the rest of the story. You may have noticed there are big holes in the story where a lot of weeks were left out. There was a reason for that. That’s when our sex life was the most active. That’s why I left it off of there.
Right now it’s going to be password protected while Lindsay gets it loaded up. She works for about an hour then gets bored so this may take a day or two to get on here. It’s all uploaded it’s only a matter of sticking it somewhere. Because of the content my lawyers (Who said don’t post it) said at the least put it under a password protection area with an adult content warning. So that’s what she is building. When it’s ready I will do a blog with the password and warn you all about the adult content within that section.

 Rated R

Me vs them vs who?

1_troll_wars  Yesterday was a lot of fun. We bundled up the boys and went out by the lake for the first time. It was really cool watching their faces as they heard the noises. Their eyes kept getting really big looking at the water. We only stayed out there a few minutes because I didn’t want them to get cold. We took some photos and ran back inside. It’s really fun watching them hear things for the first time or see things. I finally brought one of my guitars up here and started playing and singing to the boys. I haven’t done that in so long. I forgot how good I am at guitar.
Heston is still very chill. He doesn’t really get hyped up over anything. Even when he cries he settles down very quickly. Alex is my wild man. If he’s upset everyone in a 3 county area knows about it. He takes a while to settle down but once he does he passes out for a few hours. He gets so worked up I think he tires himself out. I’m able to put them in this adjustable portable crib type thing when I’m in the kitchen cooking. I’m telling them how I’m cooking things as I do it. They just watch me. Or fall asleep. Right now they are all about sleeping.
The house reno turned out great! Everyone loves their rooms. The bathrooms are next. But they have to do one at a time. And most likely it’s going to take a few weeks per. They are reconfiguring everything. A bigger shower stall, bigger bath tubs and double vanities. This is an older home so most of the bathrooms are smaller. But we have space to expand them if I give up one of my upstairs guest rooms. It’s worked out nicely. I can’t wait to see the finished upstairs. I’ve needed to do this for years but it wasn’t a priority. We sat down with the designer and contractor and picked out the layout I wanted. Then I let the girls decide on what tiles and things to put in there. They aren’t going to match but they will all be in the same color palette. That’s the one thing I asked for. I’m also thinking of later on in life when these rooms become my boys’ bedrooms and this will be their bathrooms. We are going with a more neutral color but the walls can be any color they want since I can easily paint those myself.
The boys were great for my nannies last night. I was able to catch up on my checkbook. I haven’t sat down to update it in 4 months. I never let it go that long. I finished it up and feel pretty good. I have spent so much money lately. I didn’t realize how much stuff babies need. It adds up fast. I’m so blessed not having to worry about that part of my life. I’ve watched a show about a new family and they are struggling to figure out how to adjust to the cost of baby things. It’s very interesting because the same things the new dad is trying to deal with, I’m also dealing with. I admit it was scary the first few times I changed diapers or clothing on them. I didn’t want to hurt their arms or legs. Now I just shove it in because when I was scared and taking my time, that’s when they were getting upset Lol The faster the better I have learned. Diapers, no problem. I can knock them both out quickly and we go back to dry butts and happy boys. I’m learning about nasty diapers everyone warned me about. The first week we didn’t have anything too messy. Now, I don’t even want to look. It permeates before you even get over there. It’s just a trick to figure out which one it is. I’m going through wipes like crazy. Thank goodness Lindsay went to shopping and bought me 5 cases of wipes. I asked her how much a case and she said get your big credit card. It’s really nice just going to my nursery closet and pulling out what I need. I have everything for a few months. The only thing I needed to get were the febreeze scented trash bags. I didn’t realize it was that big of a deal to have them until I tried using the unscented kind.
Some of my neighbors got back from being snowbirds. They leave right after Halloween and head south until Spring break. They got to meet my twins and hold them. They could not believe I finally have a family. They watched me struggle being alone and kept trying to hook me up with their divorced daughters or friends daughters. Now everyone I know has finally met my boys or at least seen pictures or Facetimed with us.
We have not taken the boys out into the real world yet. I heard it’s better to keep them away from crowds for at least 5 to 6 weeks. I know they did not get breast milk and I also know that’s the best thing for their immune systems. So we are going to wait until 6 weeks before we venture out. They have only been to the doctor’s office twice and I didn’t let anyone touch them. They could only look. I just said sorry I’m a new dad, no touching. You get a weird look but let them think I’m weird. Anyone that does come over has to wash their hands before they touch them. That was something the doctor told me to do for the first few weeks. So far no one has gotten sick. But I know something will come up. How could it not?
I didn’t think my blog would turn into non-stop baby talk. I don’t think you all come here to read all of this, but I’m not going to apologize. I love my boys with all of my heart and my blog has always been about what’s going on in my life.
Oh and a quick side note. I don’t know who is doing it but there is a battle royale going on in the review section of my book on You can go see for yourself, go to the website and type in Almost Meri’ed, just like that. Hit the reviews button and you will see.  I don’t know names of these trolls except maybe 2. There is an entire group of really nasty comments being put on there from people who did not even buy my book. I doubt they read it. Some of them have been boasting on twitter they bought my book. No they did not. I have an entire list of people’s names and email addresses that have purchased my book on a spreadsheet. Their names are not on that list. So once again, no big surprise, the trolls are lying. The funny part is that Lindsay said there are a few people writing rave reviews about my book. I know they are parodies but the stuff they wrote is really hilarious. Lindsay emailed me a few of them to let me know what was going on. By the time I got over there last night I had went from 1 star reviews up to a mixture of 3, 4, and 5 Lol I don’t know who is doing that or why but thanks for the laugh. I knew the trolls were going to burn me on the reviews. Let them because people are finally seeing them for who they truly are, a pack of misguided, mean, bullying women. No one is taking them serious anymore. They have burned way too many bridges and harassed way too many people. I stay out of it. I have Lindsay deal with all of that. She only goes after people who draw her attention to them. She does not go after people randomly. This group fights amongst themselves and lies so much I’m surprised to hear they are still around. I have blocked them all I don’t see anything they say. They are not allowed anywhere near me. I don’t do drama or negative energy. They must be Trump supporters Lol
Church was awesome this morning. I set my alarm because I knew we were going to spring ahead. I didn’t want to miss it. I still haven’t taken my boys to Mass yet. I’m waiting until it’s safer.
I hope you all have a great Sunday. We are hanging out at the house today enjoying the boys and relaxing. I think the girls are going to do some shopping after lunch. We will leave here around 3:30 I think we agreed on. I need to get back and take my nanny’s mom to the airport. They have been texting me telling me what they did and sending me photos. I love they are enjoying their time together.

Like I have learned, Family is Everything! Praise God when you read this. Your life has led you to mine and now I have reminded you that God is love.
God loves you, I love ya’ll too! Enjoy your day!