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downtown_los_angeles-normal  Good morning from Los Angeles. I’m into the last part of my work trip. I will be here until Thursday. This office is small, only 3 employees but it makes us the most money. Well at least until Lindsay can start making money off of all 3 of our casino investments. We are all working hard to help each other out. Teamwork, it’s the only way you can do business. I appreciate every one of my employees, they are like family to me. It’s been nice talking to this group here about what’s been going on and what we can do to make things easier. Across the board they want more employees. So we are going to hire 2 people. My plan is to first shoot out an email this morning offering anyone from my other cities to move to LA. That doesn’t always pay off, but I like to give them first dibs. If no one wants to pick up their life and move, we put an ad in the paper so to speak. Right about now is the time we start getting apps for Summer Interns. I had a big issues last summer with one of the kids. This year we will do a better job vetting people.
I am finally feeling better. I was battling something over the weekend. I thank the Lord I was not at home with my boys. That would have been a disaster. I think it was a sinus infection mixed with some crud. I went to the oncologist Monday to run a bunch of tests. All routine, they did not find anything to worry about which is a blessing. I’m a little anemic, and dehydrated. They pushed an IV and I’m back to my old self. Thank goodness, I don’t do very well when I’m sick. I get really crabby.
Dang I miss my boys! We have been Facetiming a few times a day. Sarah said they are fine but I miss their little faces. I can’t wait to get home. I am going home Saturday night late because we are doing their Christening on Sunday. Such a great dad, I had forgotten it was coming up so soon Lol That still makes me feel horrible and guilty. Lindsay and her family will be coming back to Chicago with me. I have to swing in Friday night late to visit her. She wants to have a “sit down” which means she’s going to yell at me about her budget. She had it good while I was on paternity leave. She allocated a lot of funds to her west coast offices. Then I came back and reversed some of it Lol We have got to communicate better. I know she needs the financial backing but until some of our bigger construction jobs finish up this month we have to watch things a little closer. It’s always a balancing act with the money. That’s why each city only has 2 or 3 employees so I don’t give in trouble with a huge payroll.
What I need is an accountant type person to come in, look over all of my books and tell me at what percentage profit can we expand a little in each market area. I may need to look into that. I have some really big checks coming in soon. I want to set myself up for more expansion this year. And I want to buy more buildings to develop. That’s my passion.
Did I mention I’m missing my boys? Facetime is making it a little easier but I want to be with them. I think we need to schedule shorter trips from now on. I really thought I would tough guy this out and it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Being away from them like this, I don’t like it. I think some of it is the guilt that I’m all they have as a parent right now. I can’t rely on a step-mom to help out. I have to rely on the nannies. I’m so thankful my cousin and her daughter have stayed. That helped the guilt. And they are really enjoying their time together. We have all decided to start doing a 3 trip a year open adoption schedule. They want to come in March, August and December. But not around their birthdays or direct holidays. They are being respectful that this is my family. We agreed they will come to my home, stay there with the boys for a few days are up to 1 week, then it’s time to go. We also agreed to revisit the visitation schedule when they are old enough to go on fun trips like Disney. I think when my boys are 6 we will do Disney for the first time. I want them to remember it. I want them to be kids forever, but I think by the time they are 6 years old they would remember an experience like that. I never liked Disney growing up. Seeing how happy the stories were just made me realize how crappy my childhood made me feel. I like their birth mom wants to stay in touch. She said she wants to watch them grow up and not deny them as a part of her life. It’s all very healthy. I’m proud of her. Her therapy has helped her see her decision was the best for her and best for them. She is so selfless for giving me this gift. It’s the biggest thing she will ever do in her life, up until she gets married and has more kids. I asked her if someday she wanted more kids and she said yes. I said that would be awesome.
Today is my friend Brooke’s birthday! Happy birthday, sugar! I pray your birthday is the best yet and you have a great day.
I signed a contract to work my book into a screenplay for one of those tv movies. I only agreed to it because I have some say on the screenplay they write. I didn’t want them to twist my book into their version. They want to stay true to the storyline and only embellish and sensationalize certain parts. To make it steamy and interesting. Well that relationship was steamy and interesting so go for it. And if I don’t like the screenplay, I can axe it. That was written into the contract, thank you to my lawyers for looking out. I won’t, because I do believe the writing team can just adjust the concerns I have. I’m excited. I’ve never been apart of something like this before. It’s going to be very cool watching the whole thing take shape. They wanted Lindsay’s approval to use some of her content and to talk to her about her part, she refuses. Typical Lol I tried bribing her. Nothing works. So we have to go around her, but still include her because that’s going to be the focus of the whole film until the big suspenseful ending. So we are officially in Pre-Production. Whatever the heck that means. They are hiring a bunch of folks to work on this. I can’t wait to see what actor they get for my part. I really can’t wait to see the actress they get for Lindsay’s part. That will be hilarious. I told them to hit a mental hospital and find the girl who no one will sit by because she’s just straight up crazy, then hire her Lol Lindsay started laughing when I told her that and she said “whatevs”.
All exciting things going on in my life. So much responsibility. I feel like this is a little vacation but even at night I’m still working on emails. Tonight I have some friends who were near by fly in to hang out. We are going to hit some clubs. I have to figure out where to meet them for dinner. There are some phenomenal restaurants in LA. I want to try them all. I finally got some BCD Tofu yesterday for lunch and dinner. Man is that place amazing! It’s literally right near my LA office so I walked over to grab my food. Delicious and healthy. I’ll probably do that again today for lunch. No one makes great tasting Korean food near me.
I went for a run early this morning. I need to shower and make my way into the office. My hotel isn’t too far away but it took me 25 minutes to get from the office to my hotel last night. Just love downtown traffic.
My Amazon book sales are doing great! I had the little sale tracker bar at 5 units per increment but now that it’s done so well the sales tracker bars go by 25 units per increment. That’s amazing. My best day I sold 53 books. In one day! That’s exciting stuff. I knew the sales would not be crazy high but it is still selling every day and it fluctuates. It’s also still selling on my website. I like that too. The paypal moves the money a lot faster into my bank account. I only have to wait a week. With Amazon you have to earn $100 then wait 60 days from the time you hit the first $100. So I can’t cash that money out for another month and a half or something like that. All of it is still going to those 2 Utah Charities. I want to make this book worth it. I want to help people who need it. That part was always important to me. I’m glad so far the money has helped and I’m doing good. I wanted to pay back in someway. Glad it’s for a great cause.
I still can’t believe I forgot all about their Christening on Sunday. My head is soup right now with everything I have going on. My whole family is coming into town Saturday. And some of my friends. I guess I need to call the party planner lady back. She has left me at least 10 voicemails Lol Whoops. I trust her, she knows what she is doing. I’m sure whatever she has planned will be just fine. The party isn’t even the important part of this. It’s us standing before God in Church offering their souls to Him forever. To me, it’s the only way my kids will live this life. And from that moment on, I know they will get into Heaven. No matter what they do in life, Heaven will be their Eternal Kingdom. IF…we make it through their teenage years Lol Oh boy I don’t even want to think about that yet.
Hope ya’ll are having a great week! I’m feeling better, I miss my boys, and I can’t wait to get home soon!
God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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