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Good morning from Sacremento. I’ve been here a few days on business. I feel like crap. I was fighting allergies or so I thought. Turned into something else with a fever. Very glad I was not home with the boys when this started up. They are doing great. My cousin and her daughter, their birth mom, are at my condo visiting until I get home next Sunday. She only wanted to stay until today but asked if I would change their tickets to stay longer. It’s a healing process for her. I am trying to do anything I can to help her but I don’t know what to do. I’m so happy she gets this time with them and I am able to give her space to just be with them. She asked for an open adoption so this is part of it. My cousin loves seeing her grandkids. She keeps sending me pictures of them. I miss them but work goes on.

I missed Easter with them but not really. We did our Easter stuff the weekend before. We had our family photos taken. The girls and I made colored eggs. We were all reliving our childhoods on that Lol The boys got Easter outfits and cards from family. Lindsay sent them ridiculously overloaded baby Easter baskets with clothes shoes and baby stuff. Drew found out and sent them 2 huge stuffed ducks and a check for their college funds. I can see the competition between god parents has already started Lol I figured it would start at Christmas but I was wrong. My boys are so blessed to have so many people love them.

I’m going to an oncologist this morning for a routine checkup and to get paperwork filled out for my adoption judge. He wants current medical records to make sure my leukemia is in remission and I do get regular check ups to deal with it. He told my lawyer if we submit all of this paperwork he will move the adoption date up into this year. I will do anything to make that happen. Even all of these dang tests.

After that I have to wait 3 hours before I can fly myself down to LA. My office there is very behind and I came out to help get it back on track.

I will coming back to Sacremento on Friday to pick up the keys to our investment house we purchased. We went in a slightly different direction than what I was working on. It will maximize profits in about 12 months. It’s one of the biggest house flips we have ever done so I’m excited to see the progress. Plus I just want to demo some walls Lol That’s my favorite part.

I can not wait to hit LA and eat some really good vegan food. LA has so many awesome restaurants. I haven’t been eating much since I became sick and I’m finally getting my appetite back. My friend Tracy told me to find a Gatorade like drink called Recharge. Man was that a genius idea because within 24 hours I felt a lot better. I’m sure I was dehydrated from throwing up so much. Thanks Tracy!

I’m going to stop in to see Lindz and her fam on Saturday. She wants to yell at me for spending some of her budget on the new investment house. She was not feeling it at all and argued the whole thing. Also her mom is not doing very well. She is starting to forget words and wander off. Ben has had a heck of s time trying to help but not trying to take charge. He’s a good guy. Perfect fit for her and her crazy life.

Hope ya’ll have a great week. Mine will be very busy until I get back home to my boys. I miss them. I can’t wait to hold them again. I love my boys!

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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  1. I was in Sac all weekend myself. My family all live in that area but I am in San Francisco, always a busy weekend when I go visit. It was warm up there, took me by surprise considering it is so lovely and chilly in the city still! Had a lovely meal at Empress Tavern. Worth a look if you have time to eat amazing food.

    Bet you are so excited to see you boys soon. It is amazing how open you are with there birth mother. I feel like it will all work out very well forever.

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