Coming to an iTunes Store soon!

IMG_5019  Lindsay finally woke up and helped me get the iTunes information filled in. She had a late night of poker and debauchery. We are waiting for all of my information to be verified by Apple and approved. Shouldn’t take too longer. Last night Amazon said it would take up to 12 hours and it was online within an hour. They move fast. Apple wanted my blood type, my 4th grade math teacher’s phone number, and 2 snaps up in Z formation to get my book on the iBooks Lol It was a lot to fill out. We had a lot of fun on Skype going step by step.

She really does make me laugh. I was talking to a friend of mine last night on the phone and out of nowhere she said Lindsay is really funny. I didn’t even know she knew about her. She said she has seen her twitter. I swear that twitter account gets more attention than mine. Somehow she pissed off a troll so badly the girl took a photo of her teeth to prove she had some, based on a comment I had said, and Lindsay now has the photo pinned to her twitter account at the top Lol She said she is never taking it down. How does that even happen? How do you make someone so mad they snap a selfie of their teeth? Lmao

As soon as my iTunes is approved I will let ya’ll know. I don’t know how long Apple takes to verify information but it should be soon. The other book selling websites are going on now. The next step is offering the Paperbacks and the Second Edition of the Ebook for sale. That will be as soon as we get through this online book selling process. Sorry it’s taking so long. I don’t know how to do any of this and trying to get Lindsay to sit down with me and help out via Skype has proven to be a challenge.

This is fun! I love seeing my book on Amazon. I can’t believe that is happening. I’m excited!

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