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disqus  Lindsay is working on my long list of blog fixes, error messages fixes and about 25 items of things I wanted done. She is hung over and mad so it’s going faster because she’s annoyed Lol

We installed a brand new commenting system. It’s called the Disqus plugin. You will be able to login using your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Disqus account. If you do not have one I will put a link down below where you can register for free. All you need is an email address and off you go. Easy.

The reason why I’ve been wanting to switch to this system is because it’s much easier for me to be able to help Lindsay moderate the comments. Right now she is the one that reads your comments. Then she decides if your comment gets left in the que for me to read and reply. Sometimes she doesn’t like someone’s name (Anyone named Emily or Jeffery, don’t ask me she is weird like that) or maybe you pissed her off on twitter. Either way she deletes about 50% of all of my comments and I would actually like to see them. This new system will let the comments go to both of our email addresses and we can go from there.

What took so long to switch over is she had to figure out a way to make the older comments go into the new system so I wouldn’t lose them. There was something about merging a database? or a table? or something? I have no idea. But because I have over 5,000 comments it was going to take over an hour to do it because as each thing goes in, an error may come up. She has to stop, fix the error and continue. It took over an hour (I sure heard about that Lol) and it’s not working.

Now this does not guarantee all of the errors are gone. If you find one please let me know. This comment system is built on a tree dynamic. If I start a comment, you reply and others can either reply to me or reply to you. How cool is that? It’s also a way to build community amongst yourselves. You can edit your own comment. You can delete it. You have control over your words, finally.

Also (Trolls), there is a big fun BAN button on this thing. And I’m sure we will be dealing with some of that from time to time. Let’s hope this was a good idea. Lindsay thought it was a dumb idea and told me now for 2 months before she finally agreed. And like I said, she’s hung over so I’m sure that’s the only reason she caved.

Please be aware, if you do not want to use your facebook, your twitter, or your google, then create your own disqus account. For your privacy. We all know the trolls stalk me and my friends online. To avoid that you can create an account and put any name or nickname you want.

I’m excited to see if it actually works. If it’s a bad idea I’m sure I will be hearing about it. But I’m trying to get my blog back to what it was a few years ago. I’m still getting a lot of hits per day and I want to build a community of friends that can begin to talk to other blog readers. It was a lot of fun back in the day.

Thanks for being patient as we have had errors the past 2 hours here. I think we are up and running again. She must have passed out again Lol

Please visit this link to register an account or sign in using your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

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  2. Kenzie Mattingly

    Does anyone know how I can remove my last name?

  3. I guess I missed the password for rated R too….

  4. Where was the password shared

  5. Not sure how this works…have I missed any new stuff? I see the new voicemails must not be out yet 🙁 I don’t get how it knows my name on here…it came up by itself.

  6. Hi Sam …love your blog! Will you be sharing the password for the Rated R section?

  7. I bought your book btw and love it. You are a good man

  8. Hi Sam, How could we view the voice mails and stuff?

  9. Ok cool…tried it again. So what should i do. I have set up an account with Disqus

  10. Hope to see the voice mails.

  11. Tried it but not working Sam

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