Starbucks? No, Drink your juice

sticker,375x360.u4  Great news already and my weekend has just begun. My adoption lawyer emailed me and said I am now a foster parent to the boys. It’s such a long process but it’s worth it. I didn’t talk about starting the guardianship until it was weeks afterwards. I didn’t know how to tell anyone about it. I mean, it’s my cousin’s daughter’s twins. How do you explain that?

My status from legal private guardian has been upgraded and I couldn’t be happier. She said this is going to make the adoption process go faster now that the State has cleared me through everything. Great news! She is still saying the solid date as we know it is May of next year. That’s fine if I end up waiting that long. Or if she can get things pushed through it may be some time this year. She said don’t get any hopes up because the County court system I’m dealing with is very, very busy with family court cases. I’ve heard a lot from people who adopted that said it takes a minimum of 6 months. That would put me into June at the earliest? I’m praying for a Christmas miracle. As long as I continue to prove I am taking good care of them, they are healthy and getting to the doctors appointments as scheduled she doesn’t see it being an issue. I have continued with the family counseling sessions (I had already paid for them) and I’m able to talk about how this is going and how it’s changing my life. With God’s Will I never know what will happen in my life so I just need to stay consistent and wait until the judge will let me adopt them. That’s going to be a huge day for me. I’ve already told my family we will have a huge party for that.
Speaking of party. April 3rd we are doing the boys christening at Church. Lindsay will be a god parent and so will Drew. It has been a back and forth battle not only with my Church leadership but also with her. I finally convinced her to not show up wearing a shotgun strapped across her back and her 80’s Madonna concert t-shirt Lol Can you imagine! Oh geez. She said it will be fine as long as they don’t mention God at all. Still not sure how this is going to work but the point is, my children will be raised Catholic. They will believe in God until they can convince me they no longer believe in God. Then I will let them believe in whatever they want. As long as they understand there is a Higher Being in their lives, I don’t care if it’s God, the Easter Bunny, or Jake from State Farm.
I hired an event planner for the christening party afterwards. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I did. And now she’s driving me nuts. I told her no more phone calls. Just email me. I will respond when I can. I don’t have time to give her my opinion on different shades of white, if mac and cheese with truffle sauce is good, or how many dang balloons (Aren’t they a choking hazard?) do we think we should order. I don’t care. Do what you do, let me show up and say Wow, Looks great!
Spending time with Cam has been awesome. He’s much older than I am but he’s always been there for me. He helped me through some tough times. He has been a great friend. I sort of dropped contact with him for a while but now that we are coming up here we have reconnected. His bar is the best one in the area. He has done some new things with it and he’s very excited for better weather. His food is always amazing and he’s constantly pushing himself to learn new food items. I love that. It’s something I try to do also. He also tells me how it is. He’s direct and sincere. Love that guy.
I’ve already fed the boys, made breakfast for the girls. I bought one of those Keurig coffee things for this house and brought it up. It has all kinds of different Starbucks K-cups and they are still wanting me to go get them Starbucks from….Starbucks. I said no go get it yourselves. I’m getting ready to shower for the day and play with my babies. They are making facial expressions and goofy wiggles. It’s really fun. I love it.
My book is on now. That is exciting. And it’s going on iTunes this morning. I had to fill out all kinds of Tax Documents and put in my bank account to receive the royalty payments. You would think I would make a straight profit from Amazon on the book sales. No. This is what they offer. I get 35% commission on all book sales. They need the other percentage for allowing me the privilege of putting it on their website.


I’m selling the book for the same price I’ve always said I would, $6. Amazon lets me keep $2.10 of each sale. Now that doesn’t seem like much but my actual publisher, they let me have 50 cents off of each book sale. I had promised all pre-order money would go to charity. I sold over 1500 books x $6 out of my own pocket. That’s how I was able to donate 2 checks of $15,000 plus each. Because I paid for it myself.

This has never been about money, if it had, I would have sold it to the tabloids, or priced it for a lot more. This is about telling the truth. The trolls don’t tell the truth. They look up shit from years ago, or they completely make things up and try to present it as truths and facts. It used to work, but it’s no longer working because people see that group of women as bullies and online stalkers. They have ruined their own reputations by continuing to harass me every day, for hours. Who has that much free time? Don’t they have husbands or kids? Lol My gosh. More people than ever before have been supporting me and I appreciate it. I let Lindsay handle the trolls. She has a unique skill set in making them look stupid and showing how much they lie. And they all lie. It’s sad.

I will post later when the book is on iTunes. It’s going on 10 other book selling websites after that. I have no idea which ones because I don’t do any of that stuff. I just sit here and smile. When the list is done I will of course post it. I hope ya’ll are having a great morning.

Time to go get ready for my day.

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  1. My grandson was baptized last weekend. The sponsors have to be practicing Catholics. You can have your whole family up there. My best friend is Buddhist and she stood at the altar with the rest of us. And of course they mention God. They also ask you if you renounce the devil. If Lindsey loves you l am sure she would not want to embarass you on such a holy day. Buddhist philosophy embraces peaceful coexistence and would never want to screw up your children’s baptism.

  2. Are Drew or Lindsay Catholic,?

    • Andrew is Lindsay is Buddhist. My Church will not recognize her as a god parent but during the ceremony she is allowed to stand up there and present herself as a “spiritual” parent. They will not announce her to my Church as a godparent. But I am allowed to afterwards. There are 3 rules I have to follow to allow her up there. I have a few more weeks to bribe her with something big to not start a big commotion. I haven’t figured out what she wants yet.

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