The party isn’t over

post-party-mess-3  My birthday dinner party was fun, entertaining, and surprising. It’s so great to be reconnecting with a lot of friends I had lost for a little while. Things are healing and going well. It’s a lot of my female friends giving me baby advice and a lot of my male friends telling me how lucky I am that I don’t have to deal with the first time mom. That’s not how this played out so I don’t even know what that might mean. I’ve heard their stories and a lot of them laugh through it now but there were some very touching and very angry stories told during dinner. I learned some of my buddies don’t know how to deal with a blowout. Yes, these are the terms I’m learning to use now that I’m a dad. I learned it’s hard to get the men up to feed the babies and when they come back to bed they have attitude. Where as the women claim they were not crabby and every story their husband or boyfriend told was exaggerated. My nannies all backed me up when I said I love getting up. I take over as much as I can. It’s the truth. Those few quiet moments with my sons late into the night just holding them. That’s when I do the most prayers. I hold them and ask God to make sure they live a long happy life. I’m at the stage right now that I don’t even care what they do for a living. I don’t care about what college they go to, or even if they do go. I just want them to grow up happy and healthy. This little scare with Alex from the start has humbled me so much. It makes me want to donate money to children’s hospitals and NICU units even more than I do. Those folks have it really rough. My son not eating as much and spitting up is nothing compared to those mom and dads with their kids.

My party went way later than I thought because we were all having such a good time. Normally my groups of friends and family travel in packs of 4 or 5 but this time we had set up the tables close together it was more like someone would stand up and tell stories then someone else would do it. It was like my entire life up for discussion. It wasn’t a roast because no one was being mean they were just telling stories about us growing up or in college. Some of the things I had forgotten all about. And that’s the beauty of life.

You can do something so small and insignificant for someone when you are in your 20s and not even think about it. And the person you helped always remembers you for it, and comes to your birthday party when you are 43 and shares the whole story. And it makes people look at you differently. I had 4 or 5 of those moments last night that I had forgotten about. But it profoundly impacted my friends back in the day and I realized that’s why they have been my friends since I was in college.

The presents are always fun to open. I’m extremely hard to buy for as everyone says. The guy that has everything. It’s always fun gifts. Some Batman stuff that I love. I have an entire collectible cabinet in my home where a lot of my action figures reside. And some of my rare comic books. Love getting that kind of stuff. But it’s the odd ball presents that make me laugh. One of my friends bought me t-shirts about being a Single hot dad and a few other shirts with funny dad sayings on them. I will wear them.

The evening was all I had hoped for. The ladies stayed behind to help clean things up as I showed the guys my new Escalade. I haven’t blacked it out yet, but I told them the things I was going to do it with it. It’s going to be a cool dadmobile soon. When we came back up my house was clean and lemony fresh. My maid loved it because she didn’t have to clean it up all by herself. She said we should hire them all to help clean Lol She always makes it seem like I’m a total pig. I’m OCD about my things. They have to go in the place I want them in or I go nuts. So I do clean up after myself very well. The only issue I admit to is I pile stuff on the dining room table. I never eat there. It’s my catchall. I clean it up on the weekends but by Saturday morning it’s usually piled high with whatever I was using that week.

I showed off my twins to anyone that hadn’t met them yet. We took a ton of pictures. Then when it was time to put them down we all had to try to be quiet which didn’t work out. It was great seeing everyone. I am so blessed in my life and love people flew out for my party. I told them in 2 or 3 weeks they need to come back for the baptisms. Dang I still need to call today about that. I just wrote that down to take care of. So many things are falling to the side because I’m not sleeping enough to keep myself up to date. I looked at my phone last night and the little red circle on my email said 1401. So I read the 1 and left the 1400 until later. I’m so far behind on work but I know if it was an 911 I would get a call.

Lindsay and Ben are in town until tomorrow morning. She is at the Chicago office now bossing, well probably bossing everyone. Which is funny since she is not a boss for that office at all. But the things we do in Chicago are feeding money to the things we are doing in LA/Las Vegas/Reno/Utah. So I’m sure she’s in there lobbying for more money coming her way. We did finally get all of the paperwork filed for the 2 new businesses we opened. It’s going to be a great addition. Very excited to see how things go. Every time we expand to another city I have that first week anxiety questioning myself if it was the right move to make. So far we haven’t failed. I plan out every expansion strategically for months. I stock up 40% over the budget they come up with for the incidentals that always seem to happen to me. And then I wait to see what the numbers bring in for profit over the course of the first 6 months. It’s exhausting and fun and always new. Everyday business is new. I love that.

Lindsay is flying to see her mom tomorrow and staying through Sunday night. She’s not doing well at all health wise and this was the trip they both agreed to sit down and have a serious talk about moving her to Las Vegas. I asked Lindsay if she was moving her mom in with her and she said *&(^ No! That will be interesting. It makes me miss my mom. But a lot of my friends’ moms have taken me in for years so I probably have 4 or 5 moms in my life.

Thank you all for the birthday messages. The old man pictures were awesome via text, the birthday love on my social media accounts and the messages here. There were several more to post but I deleted them. I read them all yesterday and loved that there wasn’t a single mean one among the group. I never look at the comments before Lindsay cleans them up so that was nice to see people still come here to read my blog.

I’m just a guy, with 2 babies, and a normal life. Pretty boring as my friends call me but I think my life is amazing. I love everything I have and everything I have went through to get here. There’s just one thing missing and that’s a wife. When my boys are older I will think about dating again but for now I’m staying single. This is so much better. And I don’t want to share my boys with anyone just yet. They are mine and I love them!

Hope ya’ll have a great week and enjoy upcoming Spring break trips if anyone is going anywhere. I usually go out of town for a weekend but can’t do that this year. I am going to take the boys up to my lake house for the weekend so I can start to figure out what it is I need to put there for them. I am almost done renovating the entire kitchen. It looked great the last photos I have seen. The nursery up there will be next. It’s a huge 8 bedroom house so I need to figure out which room will be theirs. Lots to figure out.

I’m going to start writing more now that I’ve figured out a schedule and get back to doing the things I used to do. I really thought I would have a lot more free time staying home from work and taking care of my boys. I figured, feed them, play with them, hold them, put them to bed then I would have 3 or 4 hours in between the next round of that Lol I was shocked that’s not at all how my days go. It’s one big blur of trying to remember when they ate last, when they slept last. Is there an App for that?


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  1. Ok so still waiting to hear what Lindsay got you for your birthday. You mentioned that it would probably be something interesting and with her sense of humor I figured it would be a good one, so spill it! So glad you’re surrounded by friends and family. Honestly I’m a little jealous bit I can read your stories and pretend for a little while that I am sitting around the table joining in on the festivities! Thanks for that!

    • She got all 3 of us matching Bears jerseys and another gift I will have to email you about because she got it just to see me throw it out into the hallway from embarrassment. She laughed and laughed and laughed. It was that bad.

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