Where did my book go? Nowhere Lol

Last night I was talking to my Amazon helper person assigned to my account about my book format. He was telling me I needed to fix some things. I asked what things. He said he could run it through their publishing software for general errors to help me out. So that’s what he did.

This morning I got this email saying why my book was yanked.

amazonNote the 41 reviews on there from this morning. My book went under review because I asked for help. That’s it. No troll or troll army did anything at all to get my book removed. If they are trying to claim they did anything, once again, they are lying. After it was yanked I received this email showing me what errors to fix and to help me with the formatting tools. All things I had requested help with.







How cool is that they tell you the location in the file to find it. It made it a lot easier to fix. I went through fixed all the spelling errors. Also fixed the grammar errors they suggested and ran it through their reformatting tool. I had uploaded it in PDF file first. They accepted it but said it was better in .mobi file. So I called Lindsay and woke her up. She was thrilled and greeted me with a few “nice” words good morning Lol She converted it and sent it back. Then I re-uploaded it again.

While it was being submitted they told me to set up my Author page. So I did that.


It looks like this and you can click on the link to go see it. It’s pretty cool! I have an author page!



Pretty cool huh? I’m going to change the photos on that. I just added that photo of me for now. I have some really nice work photos of me that we use for headshots in marketing materials or in newspaper or magazine stuff.

And by 11:30 this morning it was fixed and back up with all the changes I made to it.


This afternoon I did find a few more errors. I just resubmitted it again. Now everything will be fixed and ready to go. These Amazon tools are amazing. I wish I had known about them before. I would have gotten rid of that editor lady that did nothing for me. She is ridiculous. So glad my book is finally edited correctly and in the right formatting.


With Amazon you have to use your real name. They make you fill out all of this information. They verify it before they even give you an account. My name, my book, my verified information. On Amazon. What more do ya’ll need? It’s Amazon. They do not let someone use a false name to set up a KDP account. You have to type in your Social Security number or an EIN number for your business.

The trolls have tried to screw with my paypal account. That didn’t work. My account is fine. They tried to screw with my website/twitter/facebook. All of those are fine. Now they are trying to screw with my Amazon account. It’s not working trolls. I’ve been gracious, I’ve blocked and ignored all of your games. I don’t care what you have to say. None of my friends care either. They block and ignore you too. Might as well give up because at some point I will become irrelevant and you will look back and see how much time you have wasted trying to harass me Lol Nothing you have done works. You claim all of these things are happening to me and nothing ever does. Please stop lying and move on with your lives. I swear ya’ll are crazy women. Am I really that important to you?

And to further help me out, Amazon removed over half of the nasty book reviews that I reported for harassment. I talked to the guy last night about it and he said he would get it taken care of. It’s down to 20 something reviews. I will get the rest of them tossed tonight.

Thank you Amazon. Ya’ll have been great! I will be using your services again with my next book!

I was on the phone earlier today with 2 of my friends. And each time Alex starts popping off crying Lol I’m sorry ladies, that’s what my house sounds like all of the time when they are up. Alex cries, Heston is chill and I’m holler at Sarah. Welcome to my life!

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  1. Having your own authors page is waaaay cool! Glad they removed some of the trolls reviews. If they bought the book on Amazon it is their right but if they are only trolls their reviews should be removed.

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