I survived, so when are ya’ll going home? Lol

movies_the_lion_king_1Church was amazing this morning. As per Catholic tradition we have to complete 7 sacraments in order to live a full and God-fearing life. My sons needed baptismal names that will carry them through life. All Catholics have 2 middle names. It’s a law! Well at least it’s tradition. My Catholic name is Marcus. So my spiritual name is Samuel Jacob Marcus Cooper but my legal name omits it. Some folks change the legal name to include it. My parents never did and I never liked the name so I left it off.

My sons are now, in spiritual name only, Heston William Tobias Cooper and Alexander James Daniel Cooper. Both named for Blessed Saints and they are family names. We had a heated debate at dinner last night over what the names should be. Everyone had an opinion. Even our waitresses. Daniel was my little brother’s name and as my Great Aunts informed me Daniel has been a family name for at least 10 generations. Somewhere on the family tree there are branches and branches of Daniels. So I said fine, in honor of my brother and everyone else, let’s do it. Tobias came straight from my great great-grandfather. That one was pretty much expected to be used…or ELSE! Lol My Great Aunts and Uncles told me if I didn’t use it, my grandmother would be meeting me at Heaven’s Gate with a wooden spoon and a mad look. I caved. I always cave when it comes to family stuff.

So we got to the Church did family photos, then Lindsay, myself, and Drew went back in a room behind the Alter with the babies waiting to be called out. They started Mass and Lindsay and Drew were cracking jokes so loud my cousins told me everyone in the Church could hear them laughing. I shushed them twice but that wasn’t good enough apparently. We were called out shortly after it started and there we stood. In front of everyone. I had a brief moment of wanting to pick up each one and do that Lion King top of the cliff thing Lol They told us where to stand, I had Heston, Drew had Alex because Lindsay was not allowed to hold either baby during the ceremony until it was over. It was a negotiation, the entire ceremony I had to go over each step of what she could and could not do or say. Then I had to convince her to just do it how they wanted it. And it cost me Super Bowl tickets for next year’s game Lol You guys have no idea the hell she put me through. But there she stood, smiling, proud, SILENT! until…

Father told us where to stand and Drew and I took our places, Lindsay was told to move to the right side so as she walks across she looks right at him, said “Nice hat” then went to her spot. Drew did a full blown snort chuckle but composed himself. I glared, no no, I GLARED!!!! at her and she just gave me a wink. Such a brat. I knew she was going to pull something so this put me on edge right away. One at a time both of my boys went through it like champs. Neither one of them cried. To me that was the best part of the whole thing. And then Drew handed Alex to Lindsay and her and I stepped forward and presented them to everyone. They all clapped and then they told us to leave through the door and go back into that room. That’s the moment I realized, Oh Yeah, so I’m not even getting to do Mass this morning with my family Lol Sorry guys. We packed up the babies and took off. I wanted to get them out of their little white suits as soon as possible. We went to the hotel ballroom, got them changed up into their more comfortable clothes and I ate Lol I knew that with the army of folks coming straight from Church I wouldn’t have time. The event planner did a beautiful job. I know I have been crabbing on her on here for a few weeks but she was worth every penny. The food was amazing, all freshly made and stayed hot. My family and friends really enjoyed getting together with my Church family and instead of talking about the babies, it turned into another “When Samuel was younger” story-fest.

I sent everyone home with the leftovers. We are back at my house now. Wait, some of us are back here. Lindsay got hold of some party bus type thing from a guy named D-Rock she met last night and they are taking a tour around the city. When she came home and changed then hauled wine bottles that I’m still lost on where and when she got them into my house, I knew she was taking everyone out. Again. I swear that girl can not sit at home Lol

I’m hanging out with my babies. I got them both back down and was visiting with some of my family but they are leaving. I have car service all day for anyone that wants to go anywhere. We are all meeting at 4:30 for an early family dinner because a bunch more of my family have flights out tonight. Of course my older family members are staying a few days. To see the city and check on me. Which only means they want to talk about money. I made the mistake of asking when everyone was leaving so I knew how many days to tell car service and my Uncles said 3 days. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt? Alright. Sh*t. Lol

We survived. I’m so happy it went as well as it did. Everyone was well fed and I do think my boys will see from the videos and photos that their very first public outting was filled with people who really do love them a lot. We got in a bunch of cards with checks for their college funds. Those 2 funds are already at $5000 + Lol My family has always been very, very good about doing cards with big fat checks in them. I usually get around $20,000 in checks for my birthday and Christmas. No one knows what to buy me so they give me money. I turn around and donate it to charity but I may start sticking some of it in the college funds. I think by the time my kids are 18 they will have more than enough to go to any college they want, grad school and any other specialized training courses they want to take in life. That’s the whole point of starting the college funds right away. Because I knew every holiday or event my family would be sending checks.

Thank ya’ll for the great messages this morning. My boys are officially Catholic. I really could not be prouder! It’s the only Faith I will ever believe in and live my life by. I hope when they are old enough they follow any religion that calls to their heart like this does for me.

And plus, it’s family tradition!


The Father, his Sons, and the Holy what?

image  Today is the first of my sons’ 7 sacraments. I couldn’t be prouder! I have on my best suit, fresh haircut, my grandfather’s watch and my great grandmother’s cross. I’m ready to stand in Church with a lot of my family and friends to present my children to God and ask He bless their souls for all of eternity. My godparents are prepared and warned not to do anything to embarrass their godchildren or me. The party afterwards will be ready in the hotel ballroom we rented. Not sure that’s a normal thing but what do I know. I wanted everyone at my house for lasagna and spaghetti buffet. Instead we are doing a 2 course buffet starting with a 3 meat option and 10 side dishes with homemade dinner rolls. Followed up by an 8 option dessert buffet with cake Lol I don’t think my event planner has done many of these but at least I talked her out of the all seafood menu she started with. They aren’t even 3 months old why on Earth I greenlit this entire party is beyond me. I’m overcompensating for the fact they have no mom and I have no female in my life telling me to scale this party back so we went way overboard. I just want everyone to meet my boys today, have a great time and help us celebrate God blessing us all with this day.

Lindsay decided to take 6 of my girl cousins out last night. The staggered in at 5:45AM! so there’s that to deal with later. She plopped on my couch and said “I just need a baby kitten nap get me up in a half hour.” So I returned the boat horn waking she did on all of us yesterday and woke her up with her mother standing over yelling at her she’s late for school Lol I gave her $20 to do that. Lindsay started laughing and said it brought back bad memories Lol

Andrew has been a huge help. He has helped me wrangle all of my family and made sure we all got to the restaurant last night for family dinner. Then helped me, Ben, and Trina get everyone over to the hotels and bring back my older family to my home for the night. Drew and I didn’t get to bed until 1:30 because we were talking about today’s plan when he said to me “You do know the girls snuck out and stole your Escalade, right?” No! Lindsay!! Lol

God I swear on my mother if you could shut Lindsay’s mouth for the 10 minutes she will be standing up there with me today I promise to do extra Church ushering or whatever I can to pay you back. Please Lord do not let her mouth start jawing off on how there is no God and this whole “baby sprinkling” (Her words, not mine) is “utter crap”. I will be good for the rest of this week…I mean month! Amen Lol

Heaven help me its family picture time. Proud of my boys. This is the first time I’m bringing them out in public. They are on a look but don’t touch policy today. I pray this whole day goes as smooth as it can.

Wish us luck!

God loves you and my boys and I love you too!