PreOrder my new Book Almost Defame’ed

AlmostDefame'edCover  My new book is coming out later this month. I am doing Preorders on here and also on Amazon soon for those that have Kindles.

It’s the story of how I dealt with the public scandal and the after effects of my choices. How I learned to deal with my life from a new perspective and the courage it takes people to admit mistakes and move on with their lives. A lot of really great insight into the past few months of my life and some inspirational moments with others I have connected with.

It’s a great story and I am really excited to share it with everyone.

The book is $10. You can click on the front page of my website. If you are reading this on a mobile device, scroll down to the bottom where it says Mobile/Desktop and hit Desktop. The top left is where the order button is located.

Any questions at all please leave me a comment here or feel free to email me:

Thank you for your interest!