Detroit rock city?

Good morning from Detroit, Michigan. I have a meeting here in about an hour. I’m eating breakfast at a hotel waiting for everyone to arrive.detroit I was up at 4am packing for this trip and the trip to Lincoln, Nebraska tonight with my family. I feel like I never get a day off to just veg out with a book. I love being busy but even I need a few hours off. My schedule is getting busier each week. It makes me wonder how I’m doing all of this and where am I failing at if I get this much work stuff done. Probably at home.

I bought a warehouse in Detroit 3 years ago. I hired 8 guys and told them if you help me build this warehouse up, new windows, pour new cement and help get it in new shape within 1 year, I guarantee you leadership or management jobs as soon as we are open for business. All 8 guys survived, they did an awesome job and are now into their 3 year working for me. I haven’t seen it since last year and I knew we were getting in a new conveyor belt system. This will automate the orders we process there and make things a lot quicker. I know it’s hard work for the guys working on the line so this will help them out so much. Proud to see our profits fold back into something that helps the employees do a better job. Also helps their hands get a much needed break from packing and stacking 10 hours a day. We are now a crew of 18. Over the past 2 years we were able to support more workers. The original crew decided for themselves who wanted to work in what division. It was pretty easy since there was only 1 man per division back then. Now when we hire someone they get to pick where to work, then we cross train them in case someone calls in sick. Everyone is happy to have jobs. Detroit is in bad shape. If ya’ll haven’t been here, please come and support the area with tourist dollars. There are really rough areas, but you are missing out on a lot of really great stuff. It’s a historic city with a lot of pride. They have never given up on themselves. That’s why I expanded here for a warehouse. I bought, literally, the cheapest warehouse for sale at the time, in one of the worst areas and walked into a mess. We hired locals. All I did was put a big sign out front and said NOW HIRING, 8 man crew. 1 year guaranteed employment. I had over 200 applicants. These are hard working men and women. They don’t want anything handed to them. When I am in town I always get a catered lunch sent over. That’s how they always know I’m here Lol Then I come in shortly after lunch to tour things and they talk about the good food they had this time. So appreciative it really does humble me. These are good people in Detroit. All they want is a chance. So if you are taking the family on summer vacations this year, head up to Detroit. It’s still here, still beautiful, and it needs money.

After I leave here today I have to stop into my office back home then go pick up my kids. I’m taking 2 nannies and both boys on my plane. We got the okay from the doctor but he wanted to know everything I was doing. We found 2 baby bottles that are quick flows for the boys to drink while we are ascending. It’s supposed to help. We test drove them last night and man did they both gobble that formula up! They are both 10 pounds now and growing faster than I realize. They are no longer my little guys. We are moving up to the 3 to 6 months clothes already. I can’t believe it. We have to pack up all the infant clothes and put them away. No more baby bears jerseys, no more baby hats. It’s going so fast!

When we get to Lincoln tonight Drew is picking us up. We are going right to his house to get settled in then everyone will be coming over for a big family dinner. We are supposed to be there at 7 but that’s not going to happen Lol I told him closer to 8. I’m going to try to get done here as soon as I can to start heading back. I hope to leave here by 1pm.

Saturday we will be driving over to GI to see my old stomping grounds. I have to run by the cemetery and say hello to my family. I also want to introduce my boys to their brother Ryan and my fiancée Lisa who have passed. It’s symbolic more than anything. I need to stand there and get through it somehow. It’s going to be hard and I’m going to cry but it’s a full circle moment for me. I’m getting upset even thinking about it. Moving on.

Oh yeah! American Idol last night. Trent won? Trent? Not LaPorsha? I was shocked. Were you shocked? It was a bigger upset than when Rob Kardashian got screwed out of the Dancing with the Stars title! Not that I watch that one Lol Okay I do watch it. Love that show. Great great music performances. I thought Kelly Clarkson nailed it. That pregnant and still rocking out. I had forgotten how many songs she has came out with. Wow. Great job Idol. I’m going to miss that show but Seacreast didn’t say his signature line like we all expected so Whhhhhhhhaaaattttt? Is that show coming back? I really hope so. Think about all the talent that has come off of that show. We got to see the acts we haven’t seen in years. Did anyone at all recognize Bo Bice? I was like who is that guy? Wait, Bo? No that’s not him. Sarah grabbed my iPad and looked him up then said OMG it is Bo. Where’s his long hair! So funny. And JLo, holy cow can that girl put on a show. Makes me want to get Vegas tickets now and go see her. Great show last night.

My Chicago Cubs are winning! The games have been good. I have tickets to the home opener next week and I’m going to have to move some things around.

My weekend schedule will involve 3 more flights. I’m going to wait to see how the boys do, if they are fine we will take them to the next city but if not they will stay with Drew and the nannies.

This weekend is Lincoln to GI. Back to Lincoln. OKC to Las Vegas. Vegas to Rocklin, CA. Back to Vegas and back to Lincoln to grab the fam on home. In 5 days. I’m telling ya’ll this balancing family life with my work and travel schedule is no bueno. I keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time. That’s all I can do. Get accomplished the most that I can and let the rest go to the next day.

I hope ya’ll have some great weekend plans. I haven’t had time to reply to the comments. I’m working on it a little at a time. It’s FRIDAY! Go have fun tonight!

God loves you, and I love ya’ll too!


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