Double booked

offended  Thanks to for removing a ton of negative comments from my book and author pages. My Amazon rep, Eugene, is working on getting more removed. He said it’s hard to deal with for authors, but there are trolls that do this kind of stuff. He said several more will be losing their privileges to post reviews on Amazon because they have violated policies. I’m not really highly offended. I used this several times years ago when I was talking to a friend and we both thought it was hilarious. I found it yesterday when I was moving stuff from my old Macbook to my new one. Made me laugh thinking about how many times we shot this back and forth.

My family has finally all left. I love them but after 2 days I’m watching the clock to see when someone else is leaving. It’s much harder with the babies because we have them on a schedule. People staying in my house for days on end interrupts that when they aren’t here to be helpful. My family expects you to feed them, entertain them, and show them a good time. It’s hard to try to do with so many. I had 32 people come in from out of town. Oh it gets worse, wait…

So I’m going to fly my entire family to Lincoln, Nebraska Friday night to finally take my twins to meet the rest of my family. This idea was cooked up by my Aunt Carol, seconded by everyone, and decided on while I was showering Monday morning. I walked out of my room dressed and ready to head to work when she cornered me. She grabbed my elbow and led me to a chair and said “Don’t you think it’s time you brought the babies to come see everyone, Jake? I think it’s time, we all think it’s time. So you will bring them Friday and stay as long as you want. Okay that’s decided, Good!” Lol

We are leaving after work. I’m bringing 2 nannies with me. Drew is letting us stay with him because his wife is taking their kids to a baseball camp for the weekend. We are going to hit Lincoln that night then head over to GI for the day, then back to Lincoln that night. Sunday morning we are flying to Oklahoma City because I have a meeting I have to attend. My boys will be staying with a friend of mine while I’m at work. We will all come back Monday night. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. That’s a lot of baby stuff to lug around. I told Drew to go put up a crib so I don’t have to have a portable one. He laughed and said they never took theirs down they just shoved it downstairs. That will help.


April 23rd through the 30th Lindsay and I will be in Cancun for our Abraham Hicks land cruise as well as 3 business meetings with a developer there. She can never just let us relax. She always double books us. My whole life right now feels double booked.

Speaking of that. My 2nd book will be out soon. Probably sooner than I realize. It’s the story of what happened after the affair and how my life completely changed. It has NO REFERENCES to her at all. NONE. There are NO PHOTOS of her, nothing. It’s about my life and how to overcome a public defaming.

I have to get back to work. I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m excited to see how my babies do on the plane. I think maybe I need to just take all 3 nannies. Maybe if I promise a shopping trip I can get them all onboard. When I said we’re all going to Lincoln, Nebraska, 2 of them said where’s that? Nice.



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