Freedom is coming, I promise

freedom-fb-covers  The best news I could get is something I can’t share just yet. It’s been months in the making. I told ya’ll it would happen and it is. Be patient as things unfold and watch what I do. All I needed is one chance, one shot. And my shot is coming. I am on Cloud 9 right now.

Everything I have prayed for, every wish, all the hopes and dreams I have for my life. I am getting it soon. I trusted God. Even when I had my doubts, even when nothing but prayer was keeping me going, I surrendered my will and gave it to God. In time, you can have all of your prayers answered. Scratch that, in God’s time, they will come to you.

This is why you don’t give up on things in your life. You can’t afford to. The moment you give up is the moment you weaken your core beliefs. You owe it to yourself to keep faith. I have learned over the past year of my life that I thought I knew better. I thought I knew how to love, how to give, how to be kind, how to be graceful. I’m not at all the same guy I was back then. I’m better. I’m kinder, more graceful. I am everything I ever wanted to be. It took me losing a great love, a soul mate, to realize just how much I needed to work on me. I’ve been working on things, I’m still working on things. And it is paying off!

Ya’ll don’t even know. I’m living Heaven right now in my life. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you all for the support and friendships. Thanks for the love and all the great messages. You are all loved.

Just watch what happens next 😉 Right, baby?

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