It’s a Lake but it’s not, right?

picture13707253107424  Good morning from Lake Forest. We made it up to the Lake house yesterday. Both of my kids are having a little bit of stomach issue which we are monitoring closely. Sarah said sometimes you get a bad can of formula and as their bodies are growing they react differently to it. So I threw that can out and opened a new one. Is that true? Can you get a bad can of formula? I meant to google that but then my doctor told me to stop googling stuff so would love to hear feedback.

Heston is smiling a lot. Alex is still crying a lot. They are doing the twin crying thing. It really is getting loud. So far no one in my condo building has complained. I keep asking the people downstairs do you hear us? They only said they hear running if one of us is running across the place to grab something so we have implemented a no running policy now.

I know in 2 more months my boys are going to become more mobile on their own. They are going to be moving a lot more, rolling over? Is that our next big milestone? Or is it laughing next? I can get both of them to smile at me. I will not embarrass myself with the silly faces or voices I do to get them to do it but it’s pretty epic Lol Those are not the times we do home movies. I have videoed everything! I have so many photos to add to my Flickr I need to sit down and do that. I have all of it organized into folders so that I can upload it all into one big swoop. It’s going to double what I already have in there. I literally take new photos everyday. Is that too much? I don’t care I don’t want to miss anything.

Yesterday is when the bad stomachs really started. Sarah said the formula smelled the same but with that reaction she wasn’t really sure what the cause was. She said for it to hit both of them like that it had to be the formula. She came to me and said the weekend nanny and her were talking about it together and decided as a team (That’s a first, usually Sarah tells them what to do) to talk to me. I came home from work immediately. I am that dad Lol What’s wrong?????????? I’m on my way! I hung up before she could say no need to come home. They told me what was going on. I sniffed the can. I know what it smells like by now I’ve probably made 200 bottles of this stuff by now. I checked the expiration date, it was fresh stuff, then pitched it in the trash. Sarah said that’s expensive to be throwing away like that without us really knowing and I said I don’t care, my boys going through this is more expensive if the rest of that formula is doing the same thing, pitch it. I will go get more. So we are all on baby watch. Well I guess technically it’s diaper watch. All night last night we seemed okay. We are still being cautious because babies can get dehydrated very quickly if you aren’t watching them closely. We have 4 adults on this. There is no excuse at all for them to be dehydrated. None.

The house renovations are coming along great. Every time we come up here it’s a new this and a new that. I love it. It’s looking great. I probably should have done this year ago but I always figured I would get married and my wife could handle it. Instead I have 3 women, an interior designer and me just signing checks and saying whatever they want. Yes, I have had many they are Sister Wives jokes except I’m not dating or being with ANY of them, they are all way too young and I have no interest in any of them. I’m treating them all like they are my kids. And I’m happy with the way things are in my life. They keep me young that’s for sure. I have watched more Youtube videos that are viral, virel? What’s the internet term for viral videos? I think it’s viral. Anywho, I’ve watched funny things, shocking things, and a ton of military home-coming videos.

Today it’s all about watching my boys. If things are okay I’m heading up to Wisconsin for a few hours for shopping. There’s a big mall up there that has a lot of baby stores. Now that we are into size 3 to 6 months I do not have the basic daily baby onesies enough to cover us more than a week. We got a lot of 3 to 6 months baby outfits. But that’s not what we keep them in all day. So I need to stock up on 3 to 6 and start on the 6 to 9 months. I also want to look at baby activity stuff. We got some baby sets that you lay them under and they can kick or grab stuff but they just kind of look at it and don’t do anything yet Lol I’m getting a lot of did you start them on baby einstein yet? What in the world is this baby einstein? No I haven’t started them on that, they aren’t even 2 months old yet my gosh. Whatever that is, I’m not doing it. My kids will develop naturally until it’s time they can actually start retaining and learning. Right now, I’m letting them just be babies and chill, poop, and eat. That’s their life.

Also I got a lot of comments in regards to me having them baptized so quickly. That’s my family tradition. We have done it the same way for every child. As soon as their doctor clears them to be out in public we take them right to Church and get it done. As Catholics we believe that you need to be baptized for a lot of different reasons, specifically within my family we get it done all in one shot. That’s why we also already pick the family spiritual names from day 1 of them being Catholic. We gather as a family the night before. And talk about what family names or what saint names are going to work best. It was my ultimate choice but I pretty much already knew Tobias was going to be one of them. That’s fine I like that name. I was fighting not to have Daniel at all. In the end, I caved and honored my little brother. May he rest in peace. That’s also our family tradition. It started with my great-great-great grandfather apparently on my mother’s side. I’m very sure on my father’s side hardly any of them were even baptized. My father was Catholic but never went to Church unless he was caught in the store or at a gas station by Father and told to show up. Then he would surprise us all and go with us. As soon as it was over, we were the very first family out of that door Lol He never even said goodbye to anyone. Then he’d yank off his tie, light a cigarette and tell my mother what a waste of time it is and how he could be working and not sitting there listening to the town “yapper” talk about how bad we all are. Guilty-much there, daddy? Lol The town yapper. It took me years to get up enough courage to ask my mom what that meant. When she told me I died laughing and got sent to my room to pray.

Did anyone else get sent to your room to pray? We did, and we did. We actually had to go kneel by the bed, our little hands pressed together in prayer and silently pray unless my mom yelled down the hallway, I don’t hear you praying in there, then we would yell out our prayers and an Amen for good measure then we had to ask to come out of our rooms. For whatever reason, as soon as we prayed all was forgiven. We learned that very fast that if we avoided the argument of I don’t want to go pray and just did it, then we were left back to our own freedom. The few times, and it was never me by the way, one of us would fight it out and refused to go pray out came the belt. Now the belt in my mother’s hand was more of a scare tactic. In my dad’s hands it was out for a whipping. And we got one. I will never in my life paddle, whip, smack, or touch my kids out of anger. No way! I grew up like that, I am ending that cycle. Before I hired my nannies I explained to them my beliefs and told them if I ever saw them hit any of my kids they would be fired on the spot. Now if my kids tattle and say they got smacked when they really didn’t we will address that immediately in front of the nanny. I’m also not worried because I have video cameras all over both of my homes Lol I will see what happened and it also has a zoom on the software so when or if I ever do get around to watching those videos I can zoom in closer to see what actually went on. The girls all agree smacking a kid into correction is not needed. A stern look or a quick discussion is going to be a lot better. I don’t want my kids growing up to fear me. I want them to respect me. I don’t want them to have childhood stories of one time when I was 6 my dad took off his belt and beat us both on the ass for taking the last piece of cake Lol That is my childhood and that did actually happened.

Drew texted me the other day and said he was mailing us another check. I said why? Did Linsday say she was mailing another college fund one, is this another one of those God-parent games you two are doing? He said no, it’s from his parents. I about fell over. Both of his parents do not like me. They don’t hate me because we are on speaking terms. But they are not fans of mine at all. So to hear him say that I was shocked. He said they wrote the check and gave him a card but talked to him about if they should send me a card or not. Then his mom said it’s not money going to me, it’s going to my kids and she wanted to acknowledge them in God’s love. Which is very sweet. Then 3 days later, of course Drew hadn’t even mailed the card out yet, she came over, grabbed the card, ripped it open and tore up the check and card. She gave him a new check written out to him and told him to just send me a check in his name and not tell me. See, it’s complicated. So thank you to Drew’s parents. You two were always parents to me too, you were my mom’s best friend her entire life, and I miss you both very much. I love ya’ll. You are in my daily prayers and always have been. Even through our rough time. I think that’s a very good sign that maybe things are getting healed. I don’t know. Every time I am back in Nebraska I go by their house now to say hello. I’m never invited inside, I don’t even stand at the door, I ring the bell and step back down on the sidewalk away from the door. We do a pleasant greeting then I update them both on what’s been going on. I always ask if they will go to dinner with me and they say no, politely. Except for a few times I was yelled at, and the one time Drew’s mom chased me off with a broom Lol That was funny but also very sad after I stopped laughing as I drove away. I won’t give up on them. I believe God will show them someday I’m still me. I’m still here. And I’m still one of their “other” kids. I’m really hoping this means they want to be in my boys’ lives. I asked Drew what that meant and he said give them time. Just keep waiting they seem to be coming around.

God is awesome. I tell you, that’s been 13 years in the making now. 13 years of rejection you would think I would have given up on them but as long as I am respectful to them and try, I know I’m doing what I need to do. I think they secretly like it when I show up but they won’t admit it Lol At least she stopped chasing me off with a broom!

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend. I am going to be able to catch up on things tomorrow. So I will be around more then.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


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    Is there a reason Drew’s parents treat you that way or is that just their personality?

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