Kendra’s Interview Part 2

interview  The second part of Kendra’s interview.




How did you get proof of the affair?

This is the thing though, is that Lindsay never would tell me anything, no matter what I said. So going back I was thinking there is no way she’s going to even talk to me or anything. She’s just going to keep shutting me down. I’m never going to get any validation on what’s going on. Even though I’ve spoken to Samuel on the phone before and I had ideas in my head of what was really going on I needed something more. More kind of proof like evidence that there was an actual relationship between Meri and this person.  So that’s when I confronted Lindsay about it. And Lindsay started to send me pictures and snippets of recordings, conversations, voicemails.

What did you do after you saw evidence?

And at that point in time I reached out to Meri because listen, you don’t have. You don’t put yourself that far (Meaning Samuel) out there on the line whether it’s a voicemail or a picture or a letter if you’ve not had a relationship with somebody. Nobody in their right mind would do that, as intimate and personal as it was, unless you are having a physical relationship with somebody. And that’s when I brought that up to Robyn and I sent the information to Robyn and I probably at that point shouldn’t have but I was so like, I couldn’t believe it what I was hearing. It was like Robyn you are being lied to by Meri she’s not being honest with you and that’s when I talked to Meri about it. And I told Robyn I need to talk to Meri about it. I want to know exactly what in the hell is going on because I’m stuck in the middle of all of this.

What did you think about all the evidence after talking to Robyn?

And I need to know what the truth is. You can’t, I’m sorry but evidence is evidence. Go ahead and twist it anyway you want. I still am not going to. I can not erase the evidence from my mind it’s just not going to go away. And especially the voicemails and the pictures. Because everything she was saying was replying to a conversation that she had to have had with this guy. Right? Or a picture was taken in a response to an action he sent to her. It’s not like she’s just doing this in mid-air to some stranger. She can’t be that stupid, she’s a public figure.

What did you think after talking to Meri about her catfish story?

I just didn’t believe her. I just didn’t believe her. I kept telling her it’s okay Meri I don’t care. I’m not at this point of the stage of everything I’m not going to sit here and condemn you for loving this person. Or doing these pictures or sending these voicemails or sharing your love for somebody. I just want to know what the hell is going on because it’s driving me crazy. I have you(Meri) telling me one thing, and I have Lindsay not telling me anything just sending me pictures and voicemails. Do you see what the conflict is here? I have your words Meri versus everything Lindsay has ever told me has come up to be backed up with evidence, like actual evidence. (Kendra was sent a lot more information at this point than anyone knows about, sexually explicit photos and videos proving Meri and Samuel were having a sexual relationship)

What about all of the articles coming out?

Because at the same exact time articles were coming out saying and stating that I was giving interviews in regards to, that Robyn and I had actually created this catfish storyline. To get rid of Meri. So that Robyn can have Kody all to herself. And then it was Lindsay and I were working together to get rid of Meri for whatever. It was all these scenarios that were not true they were all fake and they were all drummed up. And at no time since between any of this did any of the Browns step forward and say no way. It’s not true. They never defended the truth publicly ever. And when I went to Meri I finally had said to her I said, Meri the best thing you can do for your fans’ sake and your family’s sake is just be honest with the actual truth. Don’t lie, don’t deny, don’t whatever. Because you can not deny the pictures. You can not deny the voicemails.

Who started harassing you?

Meri befriended and still is actively is friends on Twitter with, we’re talking going 5 years back or so. There were tons of hate groups created against the Brown family for years. These are the people we have been fighting against for years. People that put out all the information about the welfare fraud or you know just terrible information about Robyn. These are the people that did really inappropriate things, mean, to pictures in regards to their children. Meri decided to befriend these people.

What did you think about Meri’s public statement?

Within this time period I was contacted anonymously by a few different women claiming that they had been catfished as well. Same scenario. Amazing, right? The same scenario they wouldn’t give up their names, identifications or phone numbers. So I got a few calls that were out of, they were all coming from Vegas, which is very ironic. Strange, don’t you think? And so I asked Meri about it, I reached out to her and she said, she claimed that she would help anybody that had been through this before. But yet she was not willing to help these women or hear their stories she referred us to the FBI. That they (The Family) had already opened up a case with the FBI and that was the referral that she wanted us to do. So that’s when I went and contacted the FBI for these women, because my gosh they were totally taken advantage of and how terrible is that, it’s a terrible thing. And the FBI basically laughed, literally on the phone and said there is no case first of all. Second of all, this is nonsense and we don’t have time for this, that it’s garbage. Take it somewhere else.

You don’t believe Meri was catfished?

No I don’t believe there was a catfish because a catfish scenario. Very common, typical catfish according to Nev Schulman from the Catfish show and Max, you know Max, right? (Yes we do) A catfish never wants to be discovered. A catfish will hide behind another person’s identity. An actual person’s identity so there is actually a traceable human being attached to a catfisher. It’s not an imaginary person made up. There’s actually somebody there that they are pretending to be. That’s how 99.9% of cases are. Once the catfisher is caught they usually disappear or they never want to be heard of again. They don’t continue to put themselves out there publicly. They don’t catfish celebrities most of the time and if they do, the just disappear. They don’t want to be caught. Most of the catfishers out there are people that are just insecure who have had a tough time and they just wanted a little attention. Well once they get the attention or they get caught they’re gone. So in my opinion if this is a true catfish scenario why is it someone’s still around?  It doesn’t make any sense. Especially after all this horrific nonsense. People are still around.

What did you feel about the catfish story?

After all of this came about and the discussions had happened between Robyn and I, I reached out to Meri and said that we really need to talk, again, this was via the phone. And that’s when I let her know I was heavily in communication with Lindsay and Samuel and that unfortunately because at a week or so prior Robyn had convinced me that this was fake and that they were being smeared and catfished and this was not real that there was no man. And so I approached Lindsay with a bit of frustration or I was pretty much pissed because I know what was going on and I knew what she (Lindsay) knew was happening. And then I have this family over here telling me nothing ever happened she never met anybody and all of this nonsense and I was like okay well that’s just great. And then Lindsay was like okay I guess the best thing to do is prove to you.

What does this scandal do for Polygamy?

See I’m going to go back to my own soapbox and my own power here and I still don’t care. I think I made this clear multiple times to everybody involved. At the end of the day I still don’t care what happened. What really truly happened was here is this family that’s supposed to be the public polygamy whatever you want to call them, role models out there. To bring the nation, the world, together to understand that this is a possibility that families can live in many different ways whether it be gay,straight, polygamy life, multiple wives. They can be happy, fully functioning, honest, good familes. They had their chance, they had the best platform to portray this in and it’s turned into a complete mess and a complete joke. It’s taken a lot of people down with them. That’s the problem, at the end of the day, she made a decision to step outside of her marriage and seek love elsewhere. I don’t care how this scenario turned out in other people’s minds, I don’t care what she’s trying to say happened. The sad part is, back to square one.

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  1. JessieRebeccaKelly

    I agree. The Brown family could have been a great spokesperson for polygamy but they really did fucked that up big time.

    1. Kody threw people who practice polyandry under the bus by saying sharing his wives is disgusting. He could have simply said “We practice polygyny where it is one man with many wives. Any other form of polygamy is simply not in our interest or religious beliefs. We have no problem with how other people would want to run their family.”

    I wonder if Kody understands other people thinks his wives are disgusting for sharing the same penis night after night. It’s no different than sharing ones dildo/sex toy after washing it.

    2. Kody is a piss poor father and husband. And it shows. Doesn’t matter what his children or wives are scripted to say. It shows that Kody isn’t a true leader of his family and that he only joined the AUB to be a womanizer. He married two women he didn’t even like physically or sexually simply because he wanted a harem. He had children with them and are barely a part of their lives.

    3. The biggest kicker of them all: Having the public fund his lifestyle. I could get passed the fucked up dynamics of that family but I refuse to allow this ghetto-freak show a pass when it comes to using the tax payers’ money to pay off a lifestyle they have chosen. If Kody wants to fuck around with 50 women and they all have his children, best believe he better have a bank account to back it up or send his lazy ass wives out to work and support his womanizing habits.

    Kody Brown, his stupid wives, and messed up children all did what Warren Jeffs failed to do: Show the world that polygamy is a fucked up situation and should never ever ever become a part of our society. It’s a big joke. Kody is prevented from cheating by “marrying” the women his penis wants but his wives will end up cheating because Kody isn’t man enough to handle so many women at one time.

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