Kendra’s Interview Part 3

interview  Kendra’s Interview part 3




Was Meri trying to save herself?

Absolutely. I think she turned it into whatever it could be besides her, she didn’t want to take responsibility for her action. I believe she found whatever way she could to get out of it. So, No no not true it didn’t happen I was led to believe this was it and so that’s why I behaved the way I did. I’m sorry. Really? I mean come on. That would be understandable after a few weeks of this person not wanting to hang out with you. But when you start sending nude pictures, sexy voicemails, I love yous, taking trips together, videos being recorded of things that. Well you can’t be hooking up with a ghost in those picture that’s for sure. You know what I mean? How are you going to go out there and say you were catfished. It was to cover her ass but unfortunately there was too much evidence to prove it (The affair) because there is no way, that’s a really long time to be catfished.

You had a very public war with Lindsay for months. How did that change?

This was the difference I think. Through all of this, well we butted heads big time because she was defending Sam,  I was defending the Browns. None of us were willing to budge on that either way. My goal was to get Sam and Meri, in the beginning, apart. Until I saw and realized that Meri had actually like been involved with him so that’s what changed my opinion on that. Initially it was, this is embarrassing. It’s chasing the family down. It’s attracting attention making the show look bad. Gotta go. Gotta go away. You(Lindsay) need to get him out of here. And that was my intention of reaching out to Sam was like dude what are you doing, you’re crazy, she’s married, stop. Go somewhere else. She and I, we just fought forever. I tried so hard to get truths out (From Lindsay) to find out for so long, is this friendship or relationship? Lindsay refused to budge, refused, refused, refused. It took months (5 months) to get an answer or truth. The only reason it happened was because what I just explained about because eventually the truth had to come out. It was the only way it could, by her showing me evidence.

How has defending Robyn changed?

When I was going through all of this public scrutiny, all the horrible articles coming out about me.  I believe when you are friends with somebody like I believed I was with Robyn. I have always supported her, I’ve always defended her and I’ve always been, basically, hung on the cross for doing stuff. She’s definitely not a fan favorite. She’s definitely one, people would be like you are out of your frickin mind for defending this person she’s a horrible person what is wrong with you. And I always found the good in her and I would fight tooth and nail for her, she can not ever deny that if she does, then she’s a liar. But when it came down to anything happening to me, never once did she ever, ever come up to bat for me. Maybe once or twice she would say that we knew each other. But aside from that, things like that she would never stood up for me. And that’s the one thing the trolls always pointed out and the haters. You fight like crazy for a family yet they never defend you. You are crazy what’s wrong with you. You must be an idiot. It’s kind of true. It’s definitely true. They never defended me, ever.

Will Meri leave someday?

That’s kind of a trick question because I think what it comes down to is money. During this time that Meri was with Sam or seeing Sam he was financially helping her in many ways, which she’ll never admit. But he was. So it comes down to money. That’s just what it comes down to.

What do you feel about Robyn now?

My feelings about Robyn is she’s completely changed. She’s not the person I met years ago. I guess I might as well be honest with how I feel. Robyn completely changed and morphed into the person everybody said she was. She went from being Kody’s new wife who’s been put through all these horrible things from the other wives to being the number one slot controlling the situation often talking over the other wives. Basically taking control of everything. And I’ve seen that happen I’ve kind of been watching it and I believe I expressed that to her a few times like this is how it’s appearing on tv. But the truth is I believe she’s completely changed. It no longer became, I really don’t know how to explain myself, honestly, I don’t know how to explain it. All I can tell you is that everything that people, the opinions that people have been putting out there or the people who have been seeing it who have really met Robyn, how she’s changed. She’s definitely changed.

Is Robyn the favorite?

I think that Kody and Robyn found something that Kody didn’t expect. I think that in many ways Robyn is his soulmate. She’s pretty much everything he didn’t expect that he ever really wanted in a relationship. I believe that Robyn gives Kody and this is completely not my opinion of her right now it’s what I’ve seen, but I do believe that she fulfills him in everyway meaning that she. She makes sure that he’s number one. She makes sure that he knows how much she loves him. She makes sure that he’s valued in their relationship. And I’m not saying that that doesn’t happen in the other relationships or never has happened. But I think after 20 something years of marriage and raising kids situations changed. And I think that when Kody found all of this in Robyn he took a seat back in the other relationships because they were too difficult or problems came up or whatever. Whatever the situation is whatever people have seen on tv unfold is what they’re pretty open about that I guess. I think that, I do believe because, I really do believe this that he does love and respect his other wives. As far as Meri is concerned that’s a kind of on a different off topic situation but I do believe that as far as Janelle and Christine, he loves and respects and he honors his family and it’s not something he would ever intentionally just break up. He wouldn’t do that, he would have done that a long time ago. I do believe in his heart without any intention of hurting anyone else Robyn became just his soulmate. She just fulfills everything and I mean there’s nothing, it’s not that it’s ever going to take him away from his other wives, really, physicially forever. And I do believe it definitely impacted the relationships unintentionally and he has to work a little bit harder to give more to these other women. That’s just 100% my feelings from what I’ve seen. I think that just on a side note that Janelle and Christine are amazing. I think that Christine gives her all to her family. She just doesn’t, I’ve never personally experienced any. She doesn’t make anything public. Her feelings are her feelings and she pretty much keeps it inside. When I was around them I just saw her just be this super amazing mom who, she just adores her kids and takes extra care of her family, she’s very sweet with Kody and with all of her sister wives. That’s all I’ve ever seen is her being really sweet. And Janelle, when I was around her, she’s so nice and down to Earth, such a good person. I really think that they love the other wives. And as far as Meri is concerned from my opinion of her, she just adores her daughter, her daughter is her life. And her relationship with Kody is crap and she found whatever she found in Samuel that fulfilled it or what she has always wanted and never knew she needed. I guess the, I can’t sit here and just put all of this blame on Kody because I know it takes two in every relationship. But at the same time, he’s doing what he needs to do to publicly protect his family and I believe that. But I don’t think he’s being honest with himself.

Meri’s confession to you

I thought it was strange to tell me these things because she was in this position where she was denying everything so much. But I did get upset with her it was after the Tell-All, I did get upset. Why are you acting like this, why are you guys acting like this, I don’t understand it’s so fake. Nobody is going to believe this Tell-All, there’s no way they would believe the Tell-All. And nobody really did, nobody really did. They (The fans) couldn’t believe it. She said well you know, I don’t remember word for word but she basically responded with she understood completely how I was feeling and she responded with, she just basically couldn’t. She fell in love with him (Samuel) I mean that’s it and she couldn’t deny it and she couldn’t go out there and publicly say it because then it would hurt the family. And the family is, she’s got to sit here and now protect the family and the mistake she’s made. And she just doesn’t know what to do anymore.

How did it feel like knowing they weren’t really happy?

I had this image of this family for so many years. Kody just this great protecter. He had these wives he took such great care of and he brought this wife in and it was difficult for everyone to adjust and they finally started to adjust. Robyn was finally starting to feel a part of the family. So I had this wonderful image of how great things were. And to see it not be that way was so crushing. It really was crushing for me. It was emotional. It was hard to see it was hard to watch with so much sadness occurr. That was the worst part for me always believing that Meri was the strong first wife, she just kind of dealt with whatever. To know that it was so far from the truth and she was really literally breaking inside.






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  1. JessieRebeccaKelly

    The women and children aren’t happy in Kody’s marriages but Kody sure is.

    1. He gets to fuck as many women as he wants. The women have to share him (Kody 1 others 0)

    2. He doesn’t have to be a full time father. The women are mainly full time single moms (Kody 2 others 0)

    3. He gets to make his wives pool their money to support his wives and children. The women have to use their money to pay for his polygyny lifestyle. (Kody 3 others 0)

    4. He gets to run away to a different house if his wife is bitching, etc. The women are jealous, passive aggressive, fights, argues, etc. (Kody 4 others 0)

    5. He can do pretty much anything include insult his wives. They must keep sweet. (Kody 5 others 0).

    6. He can only have one legal wife (his favorite). They fight over who will be the legal wife. (Kody 6 others 0)

    And the list goes on. Polygyny is the perfect set up for men. They have their cake and eat it too while their wives help provide for the family. He’s happy, satisfied (and if he isn’t he can always find another woman to replace the old ones). The women only get bitter and more unhappy as time goes on.

    However, the Brown family have the audacity to speak about how happy they are, how strong their marriages and relationships are, etc. all the while they are clearly unhappy with each other. The woman and children are clearly disgusted with Kody, etc.

    But hey, their lifestyle is their choice. I refuse to allow it to become part of our society. No to decriminalization of polygamy and no to the legalization of polygamy.

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