We’re just trying to heal up in this house today

IMG_5642  Yesterday and today have been pretty bad in my house. Heston and Alex are both going through something. We took them off of the vegan formula yesterday. I’m not sure that’s what is causing all of this but I wasn’t going to chance it at all. So now we are using normal baby formula. So far so good I guess. Things got a little worrisome yesterday so I took them to a clinic nearby to get them both checked. Alex was okay, Heston wasn’t. We took them home with some meds for Heston to put in his formula. It was supposed to help but it didn’t. I didn’t get any sleep last night because I was holding him, walking him around, or sitting next to him making sure he was getting better. I already cashed in my First Time Dad Doctor visit card, so whoever had $20 on April, you won Lol It’s stressful. We are supposed to let their bodies correct the issue and they are I guess but what do I know. I am making them both comfortable and trying to keep our same schedule. I’m exhausted. I did take a 2 hour power nap a little while ago and just woke up. Everyone is passed out right now. I had about 10 things on my To Do list for this weekend and got nothing done. It sucks.

My poor boys! It’s a helpless feeling and I don’t like it. But I’m supposed to listen to the doctor. Do any other parents have that moment where you say “What the heck does that doctor know anyway!” I had that this morning around 3am Lol It’s a little frustrating. The girls are doing so great helping me with them. The boys are getting extra, extra attention from the whole team. I feel bad because I know the girls had other plans too for this weekend but as they all said, this is what we get paid for so don’t worry about it. They are right, we will be coming back up here in 2 weeks.

Now my Cancun trip with Lindsay is on a maybe list. We are supposed to leave Friday night and be down there for a week. It’s an Abraham Hicks land cruise and she managed to get us a meeting with a new developer down there to get information and ideas on how Americans can develop buildings in Mexico. I think the boys are doing better but I need 3 good days in a row before I decide if I’m still going. She can take Ben or her mom if I can’t.

Wow, does my whole world shut down when my boys are sick. I haven’t touched my phone since yesterday evening and I had all kinds of notifications and texts on there. Sorry but my kids are my #1 now. Ya’ll understand that I’m sure.

A big congrats to a special someone who welcomed her baby girl into the world yesterday morning. I saw the photos, so sweet. God bless her and her family. I’m so happy for them all. She is a beautiful baby girl. Many, many years of happiness in store for her! God bless you sweet little one!

I need to go shower. I also woke up with a big shark fin Lol It was pretty cool actually. I took a selfie and sent it to our Group chat on Iphone Messenger. I’m still rocking the Pompadour but on Thursday I have a haircut appointment to shave it all off. Spring time I always cut it down to a caesar cut so I can grow it out for summer. caesar

It looks a little something like that. I don’t think that’s the real Julius Caesar Lol I just type into Google images whatever I’m looking for and grab the first one usually. This guy, it kind of looks more like Marc Anthony? Maybe? I don’t know I’m too tired.

I hope ya’ll are having a great weekend! The weather has been perfect! I had both boys outside for a little while earlier to give them some fresh air. It’s sunny and bright. Love that kind of weather here! Too bad we’ve been inside all day. I really wanted to get them out in the backyard a little and put down a blanket. I don’t want to do that when I know they aren’t feeling so well. Maybe next time we come up if it’s nice like this. Great Chicago weekend!

I need to find out what time Sunday night mass starts. I didn’t even make it into Church this morning. Don’t tell anyone! I’m going I swear Lol I just had to pick a later time. I think it starts at 5:30 here. After Church we are all going back to the condo. I think it’s going to be another long night. Poor Sarah. She really didn’t get a full weekend off at all. I feel bad about that. She’s so good with the boys. She was as worried as we all were. I need to give these girls a shout out. I really do appreciate everything they do. I have the worlds best nannies. They are so loving and kind with my boys. They are always talking to them and playing with them. This weekend they held them and really gave them extra love. Thank you ladies! I appreciate all 3 of you very much. I really could not do anything without you. I know nothing.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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