You have a conscience, use it

truth  I had a verbal smack down last night with a friend. She was upset with me and had every right to be. Instead of starting off with excuses or pandering to her wanting to know what’s going on, I said you know what, you are right. I screwed up. I should have been in better contact with you. Then she let me have it and I listened. We talked for 2 and a half hours to work things out. It was a good reminder that even when I know I’m busy I still need to make time for people who do care about me. Lesson learned! Thank you, sweetness.

I found this quote about a month ago and have been wanting to write something about it but I haven’t had time to figure out what to say.

The only people who are mad at me for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie. I am going to keep speaking the truth, my truth.

What do you think about that one? It says a lot for me. I really like it. As we all know, the truth always comes out. My truth is right here for you to read. I’m also available to anyone for questions. Unless you are mean, you can go kick rocks, I won’t talk to you. There are a lot of things I haven’t said yet. There are a lot of stories going around. If you believe crap from someone about me, look at your source of information. Where did they get the info from? And who are they? Do you really know that person? I’m right here. Come ask me anything. If it’s inappropriate I’m not going to even give you a comment of refusal. But if you have something you feel you need or want to say, come do it. I don’t mind.

Even to all of my former friends, I have always been here for you. Some of you have been reaching out to me lately to talk things over. I honestly never thought that would happen. And one person in particular reached out to work out our problems. It has led to an open door that I felt was locked, barred, and bolted forever to me. She has opened it and said let’s talk more. We are taking it very slowly. In 3 weeks we are getting together to sit down face to face and mend fences. I told her 3 days ago it’s either going to be a tearful goodbye or the greatest second hello in history. I know what is true and I know what is a rumor. Why are you looking at someone other than me for the truth? I’m right here ya’ll. I am accessible. Do I seem like I’m going to attack you for asking me a question? That’s just silly.

The truth is closer to you than you realize. I’ve been spilling the truth for months. It’s all documented right here. Any tabloid that uses my own words to twist into their story they want to make money off of is both stupid and a waste of your time. Tabloids lie. They make stuff up. Don’t waste your money on them. You can pretty much look on their websites and facebook pages to get the gist of the headlines anyway. So don’t give them money you can use for something fun, like a coffee, or a candy bar? I don’t know. What do people buy at the check out stand these days?


I was at Target the other day and bought a lighter. I don’t smoke. I brought it home and set it on the counter to see what Sarah would say. She immediately spotted it and said what’s this! She is big on no one smoking around her at all. I said it’s for candles. I ran out of matches Lol I have no idea why I just sidebarred that story. Anywho…

Look at how angry some people are getting about my story. My story. Not even their own story. If ya’ll want to waste your life gossiping about me, taking my words out of context and henning it up, go for it. It doesn’t matter because you are not telling the truth. A big bunch of folks are on my side. More people than you can see outside of your tiny little group of hate. You have done nothing, achieved nothing, and are crusading for nothing. Go back to your own lives and look in the mirror.

Who are you to talk about me? I don’t even know you.

I’m laughing because I know the reaction this has coming. I’m ready for it. Ya’ll have a great day. One more day until I leave for Cancun. Oh it’s going to be quiet around here without me for a little while. Enjoy reading my posts. I try really hard to make them good.

See ya’ll soon!


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