52nd Voicemail, 53rd Voicemail, 54th Voicemail, 55th Voicemail, 56th Voicemail – April 22, 2015

This first phone call was letting me know she was at my house. She got there late around 1:30am in the morning and stayed until around 6am. We had a very passionate and awesome morning together. This was right around the time she and I were talking about moving forward with our plan to get her out. She was really Want more?

46th Voicemail, 47th Voicemail, 48th Voicemail, 49th Voicemail – April 20, 2015

This was another early morning call that went a little sideways because of how little we were able to talk during the day. By morning everything was fine. We always worked it out quickly. And neither of us had a long memory for the miscommunication so we left it where it was at. We always talked things out. We never Want more?

41st Voicemail, 42nd Voicemail, 43rd Voicemail, 44th Voicemail, 45th Voicemail – April 18th, 2015

This is what happened that night. We were in such a good place. Things were great. The only struggles we ever had is when I got busy or she got busy and we weren’t able to talk a few times a day. That would cause both of us to get a little insecure. At this point in the affair I Want more?