69th Voicemail, 70th Voicemail, 71st Voicemail – April 29th, 2015

This was the day I finally told her that she didn’t need to get upset if I didn’t answer. That I am very busy and we had a nice long talk about it. She said she just misses me a lot during her day and wants to know what I’m doing. She said she wanted to know where I was, what I was working on, who I was talking to and what my plans for the night were. She said she was obsessed with me and knowing everything about me and my life. I told her it was a little smothering at times and I just needed to be able to work the hours I had to then I was all hers. She was fine with that. We worked it out and I’m glad we finally had a chance to address it.

69th Voicemail 4-29-2015 12:16pm

Hi, just touching base with you. It’s been a few hours and we said that we were going to try doing that. So anyway, I will talk to you soon okay? I love you I hope you are having a good day. Bye.

70th Voicemail 4-29-2015 2:34pm

Sam. I tried reaching you again. You are texting a lot today and I love that so thank you very much. I still want to hear your voice. So anyway give me a call later when you can. Okay? I love you babe. Talk to you later, bye.

71st Voicemail 4-29-2015 4:05pm

Mr. Cooper. I would like to respectfully ask if you would please return my phone call at your earliest conveinance. Okay? Give me a call as soon as you can. Sorry about earlier, okay. Okay. I love you I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

67th Voicemail, 68th Voicemail – April 28th, 2015

I had realized that anytime I was busy and wasn’t available to answer Meri’s calls she would get upset with me. Then she would think I was the one upset and that’s why I didn’t answer. Most of the time I did not answer is because I was at work or in a meeting or busy with things. I always called or texted back as soon as I could. This was an issue throughout the entire affair. She would become paranoid if she hadn’t heard from me in a few hours.

67th Voicemail 4-28-2015 8:54am

Sam. Now you’re not answering my call. I don’t know why you are upset with me. I’ve been texting you babe. I’m not sure what is going on. So look back through your texts and you will see. You asked me when you could call me and you never called me. So I just figured you were busy so. But I’ve been texting you so don’t say I’ve not been talking to you we’ve both been texting just the same. Okay? So give me a call.

68th Voicemail 4-28-2015 6:31pm

Hey Sam I’m trying to call you and you’re not answering. So, just. Before I can answer you’re texting me but you won’t answer.  So I’m sorry that you are upset if that’s what it is. If it’s not what it is sorry for saying that. Anyway, so just call me when you can okay? Love you, bye.


66th Voicemail – April 27th, 2015

My work schedule had slowed down finally so I was able to talk to her and meet up with her a lot more.

66th Voicemail 4-27-2015 8:27pm

Hey baby. I just thought I would try to catch you and I was just thinking about you so I thought I would try. Anyway, I love you Sam. I will talk to you soon.

65th Voicemail – April 26th, 2015

On this day she had a doctor appointment scheduled. She was trying to figure out what was going on with her stomach issues. She had lost about 30 pounds very quickly and still was not eating very much. She said it hurt when she ate. I was supportive of her going to the doctor and figuring it out. At this point she was not even telling anyone about these appointments until after they were finished and she knew the results.

65th Voicemail 4-26-2015 4:27pm

Hey baby I just got my appointment confirmed for tonight it’s at 6 o’clock so in about an hour and a half. I thought I’d let you know because you were asking about it later. So anyway that’s at 6. Probably last me an hour. Maybe an hour and a half I’m not even sure so. Anyway it will be interesting to see what I find out. Anyways, then maybe hopefully later we can chat. I hope you’ve had a good day. I’ve done homework sitting on my chair and of course I fell asleep for 2 hours. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Anyway, alright, I will…

63rd Voicemail, 64th Voicemail – April 25th, 2015

We were in a really good place. We were communicating very well. I was there for her during a really difficult time. She was going through a lot of medical tests to find out what her stomach issues were. She was not even telling him about her appointments until after they were already over. I was supporting everything she had going on. And she was supporting me working so many hours. That’s why we had to spend a lot of time really late at night because that’s when I was available or that’s when she could sneak out of the compound to be with me.

63rd Voicemail 4-25-2015 1:06am

Hey baby so you said to call back and leave you a message so here I am. Anyway, I just listened to mine,  I just wanted to say hi so I hope you are having a good evening. Glad your day went somewhat okay. And, it’s been nice talking to you a couple of times. So thank you for calling me when you did, alright. I will not bother you for too long and let you get back to what you are doing. Okay. I will talk to you later.

64th Voicemail 4-25-2015 11:20pm

Hey, I just tried calling you back to get, and you are texting me. Anyway I just tried calling you back because I don’t know, you just hung up when I was trying to answer, like it barely started ringing and I tried to answer and you hung up, so. Anyway, just try me back later and you are no bother I think you are silly for saying that. Okay.

60th Voicemail, 61st Voicemail, 62nd Voicemail – April 24th, 2015

Meri came over the night before and stayed until around 1am. I had to go do something but she was upset that I wouldn’t tell her what it was. I went looking for Lindsay. I didn’t want to tell Meri that because I wasn’t sure how long it would take and I knew she couldn’t go with me. She was not very happy about me not telling her what I was up to. By that morning we were fine, I explained everything to her and we went back to being in love and happy. She is a planner and needs to know everything. If you do not tell her things she gets really upset and feels out of control. I had never done that before where I did not tell her what I was doing so we learned how better to deal with it.

60th Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:29am

Sam will you please call me when you get home and in bed?

61st Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:39am

Sam please call me.

62nd Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:54pm

Hey babe. So I just have to tell you. I was sitting here in my chair doing some homework and I was getting really super drowsy so I put it down for a little bit and actually just took a snooze and while I was snoozing  I dreamed just a little bit. And in my dream I really don’t know exactly what it was but it was like all chaotic, it was just like chaos and anxiety and whatever. And then I was thinking of you in my dream and everything calmed down and everything was good and I woke up thinking about you and so. It was just kind of cool that everything was good. So I just thought I would share that unbelievable moment with you. Anyway, so, I love you. I will…


57th Voicemail, 58th Voicemail, 59th, Voicemail – April 23rd, 2015

This was an interesting night. Meri was at school and got out then I had asked her to run by the Circus Circus casino parking lot to find Lindsay since her campus is nearby. She did and found Lindsay. They talked for about an hour in the parking lot.

Lindsay and Stacey had taken off and no one knew where they went. They were gone for a few weeks. I had heard they were going back to Las Vegas but weren’t going to stay in their usual hotels. They stayed down on the strip to hide. That mystery has all been solved by now but back then I was really upset because Lindsay had all of the passwords to all of our work accounts, she didn’t tell anyone she was leaving she just up and left. She had had enough of everyone and completely vanished. When she came back she set up all kinds of rules for everyone because we all were asking too much of her.

After Meri visited with her she came by my place 😉

57th Voicemail 4-23-2015 4:42pm

Baby I’m out of class. Give me a call okay? Alright I love you, bye.

58th Voicemail 4-23-2015 10:44pm

Hey baby. Yeah I see you texting me. No I’ve been driving around and don’t see her (Lindsay’s) car. So anyway. Okay. I love you. Call me back.

59th Voicemail 4-23-2015 11:41pm

Hey baby. Just got your text and left Lindsay just a little bit ago. So I’m on my way, I can be there in probably 15 minutes. So, anyway give me a call, okay? Alright, I…