107th Voicemail – May 21, 2015

She had to film the day after Kody was being an ass to her. She was not happy at all. She said she was making smartass remarks about his hair and all the women laughed. She said she was tired of pretending on camera everything was fine and she was happy.

She was feeling a lot closer to me now that she realized he was not going to even miss her when she left. None of them had came to her after the therapy to ask if she was okay. They didn’t check on her or even talk to her. They just left her alone. She said that’s what Kody would do, wrangle all of them after her and him would have a fight and get them all on his side by not disclosing everything to them. She said he had done it for years and she was tired of taking all of the blame for their many problems with each other.

Then she confided in me a lot of things he had said and done to her over the years. I was shocked. I didn’t even know what to say so I just said I love you and you don’t deserve to be treated that way.

107th Voicemail 5-21-2015 3:09pm

Hey baby, just touching base with you. I finished up here for a while. For quite a while actually. And I just thought I would call and see how you are doing. Hope you are having a good afternoon. Okay give me a call when you can. If you have time. Okay.

104th Voicemail, 105th Voicemail, 106th Voicemail – May 20th, 2015

She was going into a family therapy session on this day. She left in the middle of it because Kody was being an ass to her. She was feeling attacked for not participating with the family things. She had completely pulled away from all of them because she was working on getting things ready to move out and move on with me. She was spending all of her free time either talking to me, texting me, or with me. We did our best to find time for each other. I was completely supporting her at this point and she was getting no support at home from anybody. She had told him to move out. He did. She said it had gotten so bad he couldn’t even be civil to her anymore.

While in therapy she was expressing how she felt and wanted to say something and he said I don’t care anymore Meri, I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. I don’t care about any of this anymore. So she got up and left. She called me crying and left a voicemail. I called her back right away and we talked for a half hour. She was really upset. She said she had left and called his phone and asked that he put it on speakerphone. She went off on everyone for not sticking by her and not offering support when he was being rude and not working anything through with her. She said I just want to be civil with all of you until I leave. She said it’s obvious this isn’t where I belong anymore and I want you all to know I’m not going to stay in this anymore. I need out.

So that was the first mention to all of the adults that she wanted to leave. She did not mention me or the affair. They all knew something was going on but they thought it was because she had been sick with the stomach issues. They all said she must be depressed.

As you can tell by the past 2 months of voicemails we were very happy. She was happy and laughing having a great time with me. We talked things out later and she said she felt better. She said this just shows her how broken things are with him and the other sister wives. That the point of therapy is to have a safe place to talk and he has proven over and over he not only won’t listen to anything she feels but he dismisses her like she doesn’t matter to any of them. She said she was sick of him and wanted me to come get her. So I did for the night 😉

104th Voicemail 5-20-2015 7:04am

Good morning. Just trying to reach out to see if I can get in touch with you again. Okay. Call me when you want to.

105th Voicemail 5-20-2015 1:33pm

Hey. I’m done here for a bit so call me when you can, okay? Okay I love you, bye.

106th Voicemail 5-20-2015 6:43pm

Baby it’s been hours and I need to talk to you I miss you. Will you please call me I just really miss you. I love you. Okay…

103rd Voicemail – May 19th, 2015

I was busy. As usual. I had made a lot of time on this day to talk to her and text but at night I was busy. Trying to get caught up still. I was beginning to work a lot of long hours, again.

103rd Voicemail 5-19-2015 9:47pm

Baby. I’m being persistent trying to find you. Because I want to talk to you and I know you want to talk to me. Anyway, hurry, give me a call.

98th Voicemail, 99th Voicemail, 100th Voicemail, 101st Voicemail, 102nd Voicemail – May 18th, 2015

I was back in Las Vegas and working. Anytime I was out of town I would have to work a lot of hours to catch up in the office. She was doing errands and getting somethings figured out. We were talking off and on all day until I had my foot dr appointment for a checkup.

She uses the phrase love of my life. We had talked about how she really felt and she said she had never been more happy. She said it was really nice having a man in her life that listened to her and would ask instead of accuse. She said I showed her more respect in 2 months than she had been shown in the last 5 years. She said even when we were bickering I never took personal attacks on her and called her stupid or dumb or get railroaded into doing whatever I wanted her to do. She said our communication is why she trusted me so much with her feelings because I had always shown I would never hurt her if she opened up to me. We were very much in love. And happy.

98th Voicemail 5-18-2015 12:27am

Hi just calling you back. Give me a call okay? Love you, bye.

99th Voicemail 5-18-2015 12:05pm

Baby, where are you? I’m done with my appointment will you call me when you can? Okay. I love you.

100th Voicemail 5-18-2015 12:46pm

Hi I called you right back I’m not quite sure why you couldn’t answer me because I called you like right back I was just stepping out of the gym getting Mariah added back onto my gym membership and I was just walking right out the door and I called you right back. Sorry I missed you hope everything is well. I am available so if you want me just let me know. I’m here. Okay.

101st Voicemail 5-18-2015 12:50pm

Hi. So, okay, so yeah I just listened to your message. That whole 1 o’clock thing that was just kind of a roundabout time just because I wasn’t sure what Mariah’s friends were doing or what she was doing and stuff this morning but remember I had texted you this morning saying that I had left and a change of plans when I went into that appointment. Anyway, I was out of that at noon and tried calling you then to see what was up see how you are doing. What was going on. So, yeah. So I am available now. Just I hope everything is okay with your foot. It doesn’t sound fun but please communicate with me and let me know what is gong on. I mean I appreciate you calling me I just wish that I would have been able to grab the phone real quick. I was just in the middle of talking to somebody, So anyway, call me back when you…

102nd Voicemail 5-18-2015 3:33pm

Baby. Love of my life. Sorry I missed your text earlier and your call earlier. I hope you are doing okay. Give me a call, okay? Please? Alright, I love you. I’ll talk to you later, give me a…

97th Voicemail – May 17th, 2015

This was the day I was going back home to Las Vegas. I had been gone a few days at meetings around the midwest. I was so busy I was trying to keep in contact with her the best that I could.

97th Voicemail 5-17-2015 8:06pm

Hi. Just checking in. Don’t know where you went or what happened. Anyway, okay. I will talk to you whenever you can.

94th Voicemail, 95th Voicemail, 96th Voicemail – May 14th, 2015

We talked off and on while she drove up to Utah. I had a meeting out of town and wasn’t going to be around for a few days. We ended up talking until really late into the morning. She said there were a lot of memories in that house and she didn’t want to live in Utah ever again. She said it wasn’t who she was anymore. She said she would have loved attending UVU her favorite college but she knew it wouldn’t happen.

We were back to being sweet, in love, and communicating very well.

94th Voicemail 5-14-2015 12:04am

Hey. Hope everything is okay. Just wanting to touch base and say hi and see if you got there okay. Anyway, just wanted to make sure everything was cool. Okay. Give me a call when you want, okay. I love you, bye.

95th Voicemail 5-14-2015 9:24am

Hi. I’m on the road so give me a call whenever you want. I’ll be driving for about 5 and a half hours. Okay. I’ll talk to you later when you call. Love you.

96th Voicemail 5-14-2015 12:09pm

Hi just checking in with you. Your meeting must have gone late. So anyway just give me a call when you can, okay. Love you, bye.


93rd Voicemail – May 13th, 2015

She was getting ready to leave to go up to Utah to get Mariah’s stuff from college and help her move back home. Anytime she was out running errands alone she would call me so we could talk for a few minutes. Even sometimes when she had someone with her she would call me just to check in.

93rd Voicemail 5-13-2015 11:50am

Hey there. Just out running errands and was thinking about you and thought it was fun to hear your voice. Thought I would touch base. Anyway, I will talk to you when you can. Love you, bye.