Foxy, News interview

This morning I took my kids into the dr for their 3 month check up. I have two 13 pounders. They are both 25 and a half inches long. My gosh, they are getting so big. Everyone is healthy, thriving, and happy. All of the shots are up to date and we no longer need the dietician weekly. They do want her to come by once a month and do weights so I told her see you in 29 days Lol I’ve had enough arguing why I use vegan formula.

I ate lunch at my desk because I got back to work a little later than I expected. Then I had the Fox news people come in and do an interview. I thought we had said next Friday and I’m dang sure I did but they wanted something right now. I guess there’s some big rush to get me on the air. Alright.

So I sat there for about half hour while they set up all of this stuff. I wanted to play with all of it. I asked questions and kept to myself. I texted my lawyer get your old butt over here now, tv crew here. He rushed right over and sat close by out of camera range. He said any question he felt I should not answer he would just interrupt and say No Comment. There were 4 he vetoed. Not going to discuss those. The lady was very polite and friendly. She was nervous. I was nervous. And I found out I really don’t like having a camera shoved in my face. I don’t like sitting there. I don’t like the big light things or the big wing? What is that called? It’s to help the lighting. I don’t like it. And I really don’t like being hooked into some microphone pack thing.

The questioning I was fine with. I was ready. I kept my answers short and to the point. I was honest. I told my story. I declined to give a shoutout to either of my books because that was too nerdy and if people want to find them, they will. I didn’t want to be one of those guys holding up my book and saying GO BUY THIS. I also declined to have them come to my home and film my kids. Instead we had Sarah Facetime me with them off camera to show the reporter to verify I have them. Isn’t that the dumbest thing in the world? Who on Earth doesn’t believe I don’t have twins? Are ya’ll that stupid? Really? Anyone that has been talking to me the past 3 months would tell you because they are very loud and present in my life. That’s just offensive. Ya’ll should be ashamed for even suggesting that one.

What was only going to be an hour took 2 hours and 45 minutes because her list of 20 questions all had follow ups and follow ups to the follow ups. She said I was very interesting to talk to and my story had her on my blog for days researching it. She was surprised at how polite I was. She said online I am labeled some very bad words and she found me to be nothing like what I was described as. She asked to take photos with me. I said only if my lawyer can be in there too. He hates that Lol She also asked that I not divulge the questions. I told her I did not sign anything and would not agree to any stipulations so good luck trying to boss me Lol She laughed and said she realizes she will be making my blog sometime soon and couldn’t wait to see what I said.

So hello, Fox news lady. Nice meeting you today. Hope you like that Naked Juice I told you about. Good luck on your event this weekend.

I have no idea when my interview will air. My guess is all of you will know long before I do because I know I will be hearing about it Lol That’s what always happens.

It was not a fun experience. It was interesting.

The only question I have is, are we all over this by now? Am I really worth all of this?

Kendra Follow Up Interview Part 1

  1. The first time and only time you have met Samuel and Lindsay was after your baby was born, how did that go?
Actually it was really sweet. Lindsay had contacted me. She hadn’t heard from me in a while. Contacted me and I had answered the phone and I was pretty hysterical at the hospital. I was in a very scary labor situation. It was one of scenarios  where I had expected and hoped my true friends would have reach out to me. And regardless of the situation right now with Robyn or anything that was going on you would have hoped. I know for a fact if anything  seriously was happening with Robyn I would definitely reach out and try to be there for her. Because I still care. But of course that didn’t happen for me. And Lindsay contacted me through the hospital because I wasn’t taking my phone calls on my phone and the nurse actually brought the phone in and she said that she knew that I was going through whatever and that they were actually in town. In town to see me. And they couldn’t come to the hospital while I was laboring because it was serious but they actually showed up the following morning and I got to personally meet Sam and meet Lindsay. And they were just really supportive and sweet. Luckily thank God everything turned out okay. The baby is perfect. It was unexpected and it was nice. It was kind of a last minute thing. I didn’t know about it. It showed what a true personality of who they are as people. So that was nice.

2. Samuel is really good-looking, he’s not some 50 year old fat guy?
Samuel is definitely not a 50 year old fat guy. He is actually adorable and he is quite tall. I’m really short. I would say he is 6′ something. He’s very cute. He definitely does not look his age I know that has been a big critique amongst people. Lets be honest, I don’t even look my age. It’s possible in this day and age to actually not look your age because of a healthy lifestyle. I don’t think. I don’t know what else to say. He’s adorable he could be a little country Kerr. You know he kind of looks like, he could definitely be on one of those cute little videos. I still don’t understand what he saw in, you know. Well anyways.
3. What did you think of Lindsay when you first met her because she has quite the reputation for being mean and rude?
She doesn’t have kids but she should have kids. She’s like a mama bear. She is just very protective. She has always been very sweet and very nice to me. She always looks out for everybody else but herself. She just, I don’t understand. I know what people are saying things about her because she comes off a certain way online because she has to be  defensive because everyone is attacking her. She is so nice and she made me feel so much better. She’s probably one of the only people who made me feel like I was actually thinking I’m going to be okay. She’s even kept in touch with me over the past few weeks because I had concerns or whatever. And she just asks are you okay? Is everything okay? Never has even been about herself, it’s just, totally selfless. I had not come across too many people like that. Honestly and especially this is such a huge surprise because she and I hated each other. From the beginning of all of this I was fiercely protective over the Browns and she was fiercely protective of Sam and that was great but it was not working for me at all. She was, it just didn’t work. Out of nowhere I think through all of the crap that we both have been through online and through all of this I’ve been completely 100% with her and I have not caught her in any dishonesty fortunately. Every thing she has ever said to me she has backed up 100% with evidence. Nothing else. I mean there were times she would even say I’m not going to say anything I’m just going to show you this. I mean come on. How more real can you get? It’s not all talk and no walk. It’s mostly all walk and no talk with Lindsay. She practices what she preaches and she backs it up. I’m a tough person to convince, believe me, and I don’t let a lot of people into my circle but I absolutely believe that she is a good person. A genuine person. And like I said, if she was a catfisher, she wouldn’t be around anymore. No way would she put herself out there like this. No way.
4. There is a large group of fans that want Samuel and Meri to be together. Have you heard about this?
There’s actually a support page for Sam and Meri (15,032 members). There are a lot of people also that thought that she should be with him. They thought it was crazy that she had to think twice about it. They didn’t understand. To be honest at some point in this, in the beginning of all of this I believe I even said to her You seem so happy he seems to make you feel happy I don’t understand why you aren’t with him. I didn’t even understand that to be honest. But a lot of people want her to be happy they want her to be with the person, Sam, who makes her happy and a lot of people, the biggest reaction I ever get from  people are oh my god I hope it’s true. I hope it’s real. Because every thinks he’s a dream guy it would be amazing for her to be with him. Then there’s the ones that have actually spoken to him, I believe some have actually met him and they said the same thing. That he is amazing I don’t understand why he chose Meri but for whatever reason, they want them to be together. There has been a lot of different reactions.
5. What will make Meri finally tell the truth that Sam is real and there was no catfishing? Because Samuel’s tv interview is coming out soon.
I think the only way that this is going to come out is that. I do believe Sam has to come out eventually and say this is what’s going on and that’s one way. And the other way is like I told Meri a long time ago honesty is the best policy. At the end of the day her fans will love her more for being truthful because unfortunately she has been so back and forth. One minute she was like I’ve fallen in love blah blah blah. I was flattered go back to the original interviews. And you look at them now and it was I was totally catfished I was totally ambushed. And TLC has definitely, they are benefiting big time now they are creating shows around it? Come on. This is ridiculous and let me add the majority of the fans like I said don’t buy it. They believe she did have a relationship with somebody. They believe whether it was emotional or physical they don’t care. And on top of that they all say that they believe it’s been setup for ratings. And it’s 100% turning out to be that way. This is a ratings shoot it’s turning into the catfish scenario. Here we got with the catfish story.
6. There is a rumor going around that you and Lindsay are working on a book, can you tell us more about that?
At this point and time nothing has come out, the truth hasn’t come out yet. About any of it. And so I think that it’s a good time to clear up everything that’s been said and that is in question. And I think it’s a great opportunity for Lindsay to tell her side of the story because she is constantly being portrayed as this catfisher, this bad person or whatever. And  I don’t believe she’s this person. I don’t believe that she’s catfished anybody. Because my reason is she’s still here. And she still communicates publicly and on social media. And she hasn’t went into hiding. She’s actually always been there to defend me anytime anything has gone down publicly.
7. What do you think of Meri being on that catfish show?
I think Meri being on that catfish show is a complete joke. And my reasons are this, number 1, when you are catfished by somebody you’re not carrying on with the relationship for 6 to 8 months even a year. You don’t put your heart and soul and invest completely in that person with I love yous and everything else. You don’t go hang out with their friends and associate with them and then get creeped out by them and then invite them to meet your family and become business partners in one way or another. That actually happened. You don’t sit there and, the problem with all of this though is the biggest problem is that she’s just not being honest and it comes out 100% out in her face you can read it all over her face. The problem I have and I’m trying to be calm about it is that she’s not being real. She’s not being truthful. She’s just telling everybody what she reads online and what people are saying because this is not really what happened.
8. What about all of the recent new people Meri is following on her Twitter account. Who are those people? They have hatefilled accounts and harass people online daily.
I don’t understand also how Meri can go and buddy up with the biggest trolls on the internet. The people that she’s friends with online are the people that trashed the family for years. They are the worst of the worst. They were the ones that went out there and created Facebook groups just to bash on them and destroy them, create lies and rumors about them. They are the ones that we were fighting against for the longest time. And for her to sit there and pull them into her corner, where is her loyalty to her family? I don’t understand that. Believe me there are not her friends. Meri if you listen to this, they are not your friends. I don’t understand why you are doing that. You are basically creating relationships with the people that hate you guys. They don’t believe in your faith. They don’t believe in your family. They just want a part of this disgusting nonsense that is going online.
9. Do you think Samuel is going to sue Meri now that she is saying his name finally?
Absolutely. I think what’s happened is she never once mentioned in the past, really brought up anyone’s name, she’s kept it private and quiet. And I think the fact is she’s just now putting the two names on blast. And in some people’s minds, in some fans minds it’s going to be in this version of the way people are thinking. Some people, most people right now are thinking she’s full of shit. They don’t believe her. And so they are going to see this and you know what she is actually naming people now. And Sam’s reaction, Lindsay’s reaction is going to be that’s slander. That’s defamation of character. That’s putting us in a position of dishonesty and now it’s going to be on national tv. So most people in that position would sue the shit out of somebody.
10. How do you know Meri is lying?
It’s all up on the face. She’s not, this is hard to explain. She’s not. Her guard is still completely up. Her eyes are shifty she doesn’t make a lot of eye contact with whoever she is speaking with. She looks up quite a bit. Usually if people are being dishonest they look around they pause and they fill in words. They kind of create fillers and filters in their conversations. They want to kind of think about what they are going to say before they say it. And that’s exactly what she’s doing. Full honesty, you know we are sitting here having a conversation, fully honesty is you just come out and say exactly how it is. When you have to sit here and think about it, it’s like well, yeah I’m not sure. You know what I mean? She’s filling up space. Because she’s not being honest. There is no way she is being honest. I still don’t believe she is being honest. You can not tell me. You can not sit here and be in the public eye as much as she has been. Dealt with social media the way I have, the way she has, the way so many others have. You know when you are being screwed. Come on, it’s really not that tough. And you don’t egg on for months. And you don’t sit there and let it go and not go after these people. If she were legitimately catfished, why has she not gone legally after these people, a. and why hasn’t she not protected the people around her? That’s my other question. Because that’s what you should do.