17th Voicemail, 18th Voicemail, 19th Voicemail, 20th Voicemail – April 12, 2015

We had a very long and very good talk about a future and what were we doing together. This was the first say we really started to believe we may be able to make this last. She was so loving and reassuring. I was sending her text messages telling her I wouldn’t leave her. That I loved her very much and we could work something out. I told her I would wait for her no matter how long it took because I knew in my heart she belonged with me. She told me I was the only one that really understood her and saw her for all of her passion and not for how crazy she would get with frustration and anger. I was also very busy at work and wasn’t able to call back as soon as she wanted me to.

17th Voicemail 4-12-2015 1:58am

Hey baby. I just wanted to make sure that you are okay. I just want you to know that I’m thinking about you and I love you. And I just love you very much. I’m hearing you sending me a bunch of texts right now. It’s not screwed up I don’t know why you said it’s screwed up, baby. It’s not screwed up I’m just trying to respect your time, you know? Just like you do for me. Anyway. I love you very much. I’m not sure why you are texting and you’re not answering. I don’t. Anyway, that’s okay. I understand you need your time and your space right now. I just miss you and I’m just thinking about you and I’m just really, you know, concerned about you and I just really care about you. And I don’t want to bug you and I just want you to know that. Okay? Alright, babe. I love you and I will talk to you…

18th Voicemail 4-12-2015 10:06am

Hey Sam it’s me. Just wanted to give you a call this morning. Touch base with you see how you are doing. Just wanting to let you know that I’m thinking about you and I love you very much and I just want you to know that. I’m here for you, for whatever you need. Whenever you need. Just know that, okay baby? Alright, I will, just give me a call when you can, okay? I’ll text you and just try to touch base with you. I love you and I will talk to you very…

19th Voicemail 4-12-2015 1:21pm

Hey babe. I thought I might be able to catch you since we were texting. Maybe you had to step away from your phone or something. Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and I love you and that’s just all. I just love you. You told me to call you whenever. And I just want you to know that I was thinking about you and I’m always here. I’m not going anywhere, okay?

20th Voicemail 4-12-2015 7:22pm

Hey Sam. Hey, wow you are texting me saying you said Don’t. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you and that I love you. And I had a very interesting thing happen to me today and I’m really excited to talk to you about it. I hope you are okay. You seem kind of frustrated but I wanted to call you because earlier you said call you anytime. So I’m kind of confused. Anyway, I love you. I hope you are doing well, as well as you can anyway right now. Just, I want you to know that I’m thinking about you and I love you and I’m here babe. And I’m not going anywhere…

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