46th Voicemail, 47th Voicemail, 48th Voicemail, 49th Voicemail – April 20, 2015

This was another early morning call that went a little sideways because of how little we were able to talk during the day. By morning everything was fine. We always worked it out quickly. And neither of us had a long memory for the miscommunication so we left it where it was at. We always talked things out. We never had a problem we couldn’t talk out. It was a very easy relationship. She is very easy to love. This day she was meeting her son Logan down at the UNLV library to get help on finding research she needed. Afterwards we had plans to meet up for dinner and finally have a serious talk about her moving out of the house.

46th Voicemail 4-20-2015 1:08am

Hey babe I don’t know what just happened. If we got disconnected or if you just hung up. I heard you say you love me and then I said hold on let me turn my music off because I couldn’t hear anything. I just wanted to say goodnight to you. So, god I miss you. I just wanted to say goodnight. Okay?

47th Voicemail 4-20-2015 1:27am

Baby what’s going on? That wasn’t about you or about me or anything. I don’t know why you are upset. I love you baby. Bye.

48th Voicemail 4-20-2015 6:21pm

Hey baby. I just am on my way over to the school to go to the library and do some research for this lovely research paper I have to do for my final. Anyway, I just thought I would try and touch base with you see if you are available. Anyway, hope you’ve had a good day and I look forward to talking to you later. I’ll probably be there I don’t know maybe an hour or so. I’m not sure I think, I remember telling you about it so, anyway, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do all this today but anyway. So now I’ll find Logan to meet me so I’m heading out now so I still hope I’ll talk to you later…

49th Voicemail 4-20-2015 8:45pm

Hey babe I was just finishing up here on campus. Heading home so I thought I would try you. Anyway, I hope you have had a good day. It’s crazy you have been so busy, anyway. I’ll touch base with you later. You just give me a call when you can. Anyway, just call me I’m leaving campus, alright, I…

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