50th Voicemail, 51st Voicemail The 25th Anniversary – April 21st, 2015

A lot was said on this date on Twitter because Meri did not say a word about her 25th anniversary. The reason why she didn’t was because we were in love, she did not want to disrespect our relationship and she really was not in a good place with him. She choose not to say anything to him publicly. For their anniversary they took the family to a family friendly Vegas show, the Duck Commander Show, and came home. He got her silver pieces of coins as a gift, she got him a watch she had bought on a cruise she took with a friend. They ate at Smashburger for their anniversary dinner. And we were texting and on the phone most of the day. I hope that finally solves that mystery.

The second phone call she was actually in the casino waiting to go sit down with the family. You can hear all of the noise in the background. I had told her to go spend the day with her family that I wouldn’t bug her that way it wouldn’t be a problem. She insisted that we would stay in touch all day. Most of this day was talking via text messages. She was very sweet and loving. She kept reassuring me it was just for show. She had to do something so the family wouldn’t suspect. She told me he would not be spending the night at her house that night. She told me he would be with Robyn instead. They went to the show, hung out walking around looking at stuff then she got home. She called me early the next morning when she was free and came over to my house Lol She snuck out of her house. We celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary night in my bed 😉

50th Voicemail 4-21-2015 3:32pm

Hey Sam. I have a minute so I thought I would just call and say Hey, how’s it going? Hope you are having fun with the puppy. I didn’t figure I would catch you but thought I would leave a message anyway. Alright, so I will talk to you a little bit later. Okay. I love you, bye.

51st Voicemail 4-21-2015 8:21pm

Hey baby I was trying to catch you again to just kind of tell you that I love you and I don’t know if you will even will listen to this because it’s been kind of a crazy day. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you like I always do. Okay? I love you baby I’ll talk to you later, okay?

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