60th Voicemail, 61st Voicemail, 62nd Voicemail – April 24th, 2015

Meri came over the night before and stayed until around 1am. I had to go do something but she was upset that I wouldn’t tell her what it was. I went looking for Lindsay. I didn’t want to tell Meri that because I wasn’t sure how long it would take and I knew she couldn’t go with me. She was not very happy about me not telling her what I was up to. By that morning we were fine, I explained everything to her and we went back to being in love and happy. She is a planner and needs to know everything. If you do not tell her things she gets really upset and feels out of control. I had never done that before where I did not tell her what I was doing so we learned how better to deal with it.

60th Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:29am

Sam will you please call me when you get home and in bed?

61st Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:39am

Sam please call me.

62nd Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:54pm

Hey babe. So I just have to tell you. I was sitting here in my chair doing some homework and I was getting really super drowsy so I put it down for a little bit and actually just took a snooze and while I was snoozing  I dreamed just a little bit. And in my dream I really don’t know exactly what it was but it was like all chaotic, it was just like chaos and anxiety and whatever. And then I was thinking of you in my dream and everything calmed down and everything was good and I woke up thinking about you and so. It was just kind of cool that everything was good. So I just thought I would share that unbelievable moment with you. Anyway, so, I love you. I will…


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