We were in a really good place. We were communicating very well. I was there for her during a really difficult time. She was going through a lot of medical tests to find out what her stomach issues were. She was not even telling him about her appointments until after they were already over. I was supporting everything she had going on. And she was supporting me working so many hours. That’s why we had to spend a lot of time really late at night because that’s when I was available or that’s when she could sneak out of the compound to be with me.

63rd Voicemail 4-25-2015 1:06am

Hey baby so you said to call back and leave you a message so here I am. Anyway, I just listened to mine,  I just wanted to say hi so I hope you are having a good evening. Glad your day went somewhat okay. And, it’s been nice talking to you a couple of times. So thank you for calling me when you did, alright. I will not bother you for too long and let you get back to what you are doing. Okay. I will talk to you later.

64th Voicemail 4-25-2015 11:20pm

Hey, I just tried calling you back to get, and you are texting me. Anyway I just tried calling you back because I don’t know, you just hung up when I was trying to answer, like it barely started ringing and I tried to answer and you hung up, so. Anyway, just try me back later and you are no bother I think you are silly for saying that. Okay.