67th Voicemail, 68th Voicemail – April 28th, 2015

I had realized that anytime I was busy and wasn’t available to answer Meri’s calls she would get upset with me. Then she would think I was the one upset and that’s why I didn’t answer. Most of the time I did not answer is because I was at work or in a meeting or busy with things. I always called or texted back as soon as I could. This was an issue throughout the entire affair. She would become paranoid if she hadn’t heard from me in a few hours.

67th Voicemail 4-28-2015 8:54am

Sam. Now you’re not answering my call. I don’t know why you are upset with me. I’ve been texting you babe. I’m not sure what is going on. So look back through your texts and you will see. You asked me when you could call me and you never called me. So I just figured you were busy so. But I’ve been texting you so don’t say I’ve not been talking to you we’ve both been texting just the same. Okay? So give me a call.

68th Voicemail 4-28-2015 6:31pm

Hey Sam I’m trying to call you and you’re not answering. So, just. Before I can answer you’re texting me but you won’t answer.  So I’m sorry that you are upset if that’s what it is. If it’s not what it is sorry for saying that. Anyway, so just call me when you can okay? Love you, bye.


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