72nd Voicemail – April 30th, 2015

We made it a habit to talk before she went into class and when she got out of class. Sometimes she would leave school and come right over to my house to hang out for an hour or two. Or we would meet up somewhere real quick. It depended on where I was and if I was in town.

72nd Voicemail 4-30-2015 8:20pm

Hey just wanted to let you know that I was out of class. Just give me a call when you can, whenever you want. Love you.


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  1. I agree with the other posts. I find it odd that none of her vm or texts mention how great it was seeing you or being together. Or referring to past dates you were together. I am on the fence.

  2. Hi! Will you be posting more texts soon? I miss reading those. Were you 2 still texting a lot or had it just grown to only over the phone conversations? I agree with the previous poster. I am on the fence too. The voicemails verify her voice and her true feelings; which validates some of your story. I just wish that you could include texts, summaries and most of all photos. If there are no photos, then just say so. I am beginning to think that you 2 didn’t take any together.

    Thank you for always answering my questions!

  3. Hello, just wondering the reasoning behind posting so many voicemails? Most of them don’t contain anything of importance. Was also wondering if/when you plan on posting photos instead of just voicemails? Those of us who are on the fence as far as who to believe would appreciate photos of you with meri, or at least texts stating that you two had met in real life. The voicemails imply that a “cyber intamacy” took place but nothing else. Thanks for reading.

    • I’m posting all of them to tell my story. Yes a lot of hey call me back type things. But that’s how it was. Photos will be coming soon. I thank you that are on the fence for giving me a chance to tell my side. The trolls have made a complicated story out of a very simple story. We had an affair and it ended. That was it. In between was an enormous amount of love for each other. Anything else coming from anyone else, they were not involved, so how would they know how our relationship was going? There was no cyber intimacy. I don’t even know what that means. That’s ridiculous. We had sex several, several times.

      Thank you for being kind in asking your questions.

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