90th Voicemail, 91st Voicemail – May 11, 2015

She decided that she wanted to be with me. We had a long talk and came up with a new plan. I would go ahead and get her a house. There was one 2 blocks from where my house was in a gated community. I told her I would buy that, then she could move in and live alone for a little while to decompress and figure things out without any distractions. I told her we could date but it wouldn’t be good to move right in with me. Her kids and the wives would never understand it. She agreed and told me she wanted to have a room for Mariah to stay at if she wanted to and to make sure that there were certain things she wanted in her new home. We started calling it the rental house.

We were back to being sweet to each other and very much in love. The one problem of us having to delay being together went away. We figured it out because we loved each other and really wanted to be together at the end of this whole thing. We just needed to wait a few more months.

I was getting the tiger tattoo on my back. I have a back tattoo piece with 18 tattoos on there now. It tells my whole life story. Each tattoo symbolizes something in my life. I called her right after I got home. It hurt like heck but she talked to me and I calmed down.

90th Voicemail 5-11-2015 1:27pm

Hi just touching base wanted to say hi see how your day is going. Hope you had a good afternoon, anyway. I will talk to you later, okay.

91st Voicemail 5-11-2015 5:43pm

Hi. I’m sitting here thinking how much I love you and I miss you and I wish I was with you. So I thought I would call you. Anyway and I remembered you started saying you were going to get your tattoo tonight so I don’t know when tonight that was. Maybe that is what you are doing right now if you want to just give me a call when you have a second when you are done or something. Anyway, alright…

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