98th Voicemail, 99th Voicemail, 100th Voicemail, 101st Voicemail, 102nd Voicemail – May 18th, 2015

I was back in Las Vegas and working. Anytime I was out of town I would have to work a lot of hours to catch up in the office. She was doing errands and getting somethings figured out. We were talking off and on all day until I had my foot dr appointment for a checkup.

She uses the phrase love of my life. We had talked about how she really felt and she said she had never been more happy. She said it was really nice having a man in her life that listened to her and would ask instead of accuse. She said I showed her more respect in 2 months than she had been shown in the last 5 years. She said even when we were bickering I never took personal attacks on her and called her stupid or dumb or get railroaded into doing whatever I wanted her to do. She said our communication is why she trusted me so much with her feelings because I had always shown I would never hurt her if she opened up to me. We were very much in love. And happy.

98th Voicemail 5-18-2015 12:27am

Hi just calling you back. Give me a call okay? Love you, bye.

99th Voicemail 5-18-2015 12:05pm

Baby, where are you? I’m done with my appointment will you call me when you can? Okay. I love you.

100th Voicemail 5-18-2015 12:46pm

Hi I called you right back I’m not quite sure why you couldn’t answer me because I called you like right back I was just stepping out of the gym getting Mariah added back onto my gym membership and I was just walking right out the door and I called you right back. Sorry I missed you hope everything is well. I am available so if you want me just let me know. I’m here. Okay.

101st Voicemail 5-18-2015 12:50pm

Hi. So, okay, so yeah I just listened to your message. That whole 1 o’clock thing that was just kind of a roundabout time just because I wasn’t sure what Mariah’s friends were doing or what she was doing and stuff this morning but remember I had texted you this morning saying that I had left and a change of plans when I went into that appointment. Anyway, I was out of that at noon and tried calling you then to see what was up see how you are doing. What was going on. So, yeah. So I am available now. Just I hope everything is okay with your foot. It doesn’t sound fun but please communicate with me and let me know what is gong on. I mean I appreciate you calling me I just wish that I would have been able to grab the phone real quick. I was just in the middle of talking to somebody, So anyway, call me back when you…

102nd Voicemail 5-18-2015 3:33pm

Baby. Love of my life. Sorry I missed your text earlier and your call earlier. I hope you are doing okay. Give me a call, okay? Please? Alright, I love you. I’ll talk to you later, give me a…

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  1. Pastor Carol McCullagh

    It wont let me hear any of them. Says private, network error

  2. how do you know meri is fine? you’ve posted enough voicemails now that we all understand how much meri loved you, and you previously posted 14 voicemails and pictures such as meri’s legs in a bathtub or her wearing earbuds and then deleted all that stuff, if you truly wanted to prove and share your side you would start posting solid proof, do you have photos of you two together? why not go on tv and tell your side it wouldn’t be just a byline then, i ve commented many times and emailed you but you have yet to respond, i’m still trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here but you don’t respond to any of my comments but yet you will post these other commenters before mine? i don’t care if you edit my comment to tailor it to better to your response just please answer, if i can help to prove to the masses that you are a real person i would also do that.

    • I never received your email please resend it to Samuel@notbatmanyet.com I receive about 200 comments per day. I mostly read and delete them. I’m sure your comments were among those. Pictures are coming soon. I’m trying to get things more organized. It takes a lot of work to get this stuff on here. When Lindsay was helping me she got out 20 voicemails a day. Now it’s all back on me to do and I’m not that quick at this. Meri is fine because she is not hurt or bothered by anything I have to say or share. She is always fine. That’s who she is.

  3. But you were so in love, you should be together. It’s a tragedy you aren’t together with that much love. 🙁

  4. If you loved her, why were you able to move on so fast? I am afraid she is being hurt. I am praying for you too.

    • She isn’t being hurt. She is fine. I moved on when I met a nice woman who is giving me a chance. She has seen everything and knows I’m posting it to clear my name from all the tabloid lies. You move on when it happens. I was not looking to even start dating.

  5. I know this is your business, not mine… but this can only be painful to Meri and you
    Maybe you need to stop this circus and allow youself and her to heal. Prayers for you and Meri

    • Thank you for your comment. Meri does not care what I say. I’m sharing my side of the story. I have already moved on in my life and am dating a beautiful, sweet girl. I’m clearing up all the lies and rumors that are all over the tabloids and tv. That’s why I’m sharing my side. Meri is fine. Thank you for your prayers. That is very sweet of you.

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