104th Voicemail, 105th Voicemail, 106th Voicemail – May 20th, 2015

She was going into a family therapy session on this day. She left in the middle of it because Kody was being an ass to her. She was feeling attacked for not participating with the family things. She had completely pulled away from all of them because she was working on getting things ready to move out and move on with me. She was spending all of her free time either talking to me, texting me, or with me. We did our best to find time for each other. I was completely supporting her at this point and she was getting no support at home from anybody. She had told him to move out. He did. She said it had gotten so bad he couldn’t even be civil to her anymore.

While in therapy she was expressing how she felt and wanted to say something and he said I don’t care anymore Meri, I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. I don’t care about any of this anymore. So she got up and left. She called me crying and left a voicemail. I called her back right away and we talked for a half hour. She was really upset. She said she had left and called his phone and asked that he put it on speakerphone. She went off on everyone for not sticking by her and not offering support when he was being rude and not working anything through with her. She said I just want to be civil with all of you until I leave. She said it’s obvious this isn’t where I belong anymore and I want you all to know I’m not going to stay in this anymore. I need out.

So that was the first mention to all of the adults that she wanted to leave. She did not mention me or the affair. They all knew something was going on but they thought it was because she had been sick with the stomach issues. They all said she must be depressed.

As you can tell by the past 2 months of voicemails we were very happy. She was happy and laughing having a great time with me. We talked things out later and she said she felt better. She said this just shows her how broken things are with him and the other sister wives. That the point of therapy is to have a safe place to talk and he has proven over and over he not only won’t listen to anything she feels but he dismisses her like she doesn’t matter to any of them. She said she was sick of him and wanted me to come get her. So I did for the night 😉

104th Voicemail 5-20-2015 7:04am

Good morning. Just trying to reach out to see if I can get in touch with you again. Okay. Call me when you want to.

105th Voicemail 5-20-2015 1:33pm

Hey. I’m done here for a bit so call me when you can, okay? Okay I love you, bye.

106th Voicemail 5-20-2015 6:43pm

Baby it’s been hours and I need to talk to you I miss you. Will you please call me I just really miss you. I love you. Okay…

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