83rd Voicemail, 84th Voicemail – May 6, 2015

We were still doing great. I had more time to talk to her that morning. The reason I know all of this is because I compared my cellphone bills with each day and had a spreadsheet built to let me know when I talked to her, how long we talked and who called who. It made it easier to stay organized and I can search by date to figure something out when someone had a question.

Her cellphone bill is also a huge indicator on how much we did talk on the phone. Her family can very easily go look at it and see how often she called me. Sometimes it was 15 calls in a day. She films every other week so on her off week she would blow up my phone several times a day just to say she loved me or she wanted to talk. I loved those weeks. We got to know a lot about each other and I made time for her at night if I was in town. Either we would get together or we would talk on the phone. It depended on what we both had going on.

83rd Voicemail May 6th, 2015 1:51pm

Hello baby you should at least put a voice message on your phone so I don’t have to hear the automated lady at least I could hear a voice when I call you and you don’t answer your phone. Just like you hearing mine when you don’t answer your phone. Anyway, alright, just touching base with you. I love you, I’ll…
84th Voicemail May 6th, 2015 6:22pm

Hey just thinking about you hoping you are doing okay. Just give me a call when you can, okay? Alright I love you bye.

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