140th Voicemail, 141st Voicemail, 142nd Voicemail, 143rd Voicemail – June 10th, 2015

This is when she sent me all of the text messages between her and Kendra. It was shocked to see what people had begun to say about me and to say about us. I had no idea anyone paid attention to this kind of thing. We talked about a lot of things and decided to start being more careful when we were using Twitter. So we began to not tweet as much to each other anymore.

140th Voicemail 6-10-2015 7:16am

Wakey wakey sleepyhead. I’m just calling you I’m out walking. So just give me a call, okay? Love you, bye.

141st Voicemail 6-10-2015 10:01am

Oh my gosh that totally came out wrong. I’m really, really sorry please call me. Oh my gosh. No. I was just saying just like. Do you know how you were saying to me the other day about oh you know anything text can be used you know becareful about what you text or something. Anyway, I’m sorry that totally came out wrong. Anyway, give me a call, okay.

142nd Voicemail 6-10-2015 6:20pm

Hey so. I thought since you are off work I thought I would just try giving you a call. Seeing how you are doing. Anyways, just give me a call when you have a minute. Okay. I’ll talk to you…

143rd Voicemail 6-10-2015 11:26pm

Baby you told me I could call you whenever I wanted. So I’m calling you and just wondering where you are or what are you doing. It’s like super late. I haven’t talked to you in hours and I’m just wondering what’s going on. And I just want to know like what’s going on with all of this stuff and I miss you and I’m hoping you are doing okay. Anyway, okay…


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