146th Voicemail, 147th Voicemail, 148th Voicemail, 149th Voicemail, 150th Voicemail, 151st Voicemail June 22, 2015 – Our Vacation in Utah

I had been talking about my week in Paris work trip for 2 months. Meri decided she wanted to go away for a week to just get her life figured out. She told the family she would be gone, she would not tell them where she was going to be, and she needed time to think. We talked about her coming to Paris with me but my concern was the press people or fans recognizing her and then everyone would know. Then the idea came that we would go somewhere together. I told her go to Utah. We can get lost in the mountains. So she drove up to Utah and stayed in their old house. She stayed in Christine’s apartment, back of the house, downstairs area. I drove up the next day that evening and got a hotel. Meri’s sister lives a few houses down from the old house so she had to be seen staying there at night. Or at least her vehicle there.

146th Voicemail 6-22-2015 12:21am

Hi baby I’m just trying to reach you. Just give me a call if you want to. And, I will talk to you soon. Okay. I love you, bye.

147th Voicemail 6-22-2015 12:24am

Hey. Wanting to talk to you. Call me when you can, okay? Love you, bye.

148th Voicemail 6-22-2015 12:43am

Hey. Just wanted to try to touch base with you. Say goodnight. If you want to. I don’t know if you’ve already gone to bed. So anyway. Talk to you later. Call me (Me beeping in) if you want. Oh look there you are.

149th Voicemail 6-22-2015 1:08am

Baby, where’d you go. I need you. Will you please call me. I need you baby.

150th Voicemail 6-22-2015 7:21am

Hey can you give me a call? Thanks, love you bye.

151st Voicemail 6-22-2015 11:59am

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Do you understand me. I love you.


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