161st Voicemail, 162nd Voicemail, 163rd Voicemail, 164th Voicemail, 165th Voicemail, 166th Voicemail, 167th Voicemail – June 25th, 2015 – Our Utah Trip Together

Another awesome day up in the mountain. We had such a great time because we could hold hands and kiss and hug as much as we wanted and no one saw anything. We were able to be outside and enjoy the weather. It was a very special day. We talked about wanting to be married someday soon. We wanted to see about having kids together and/or adopting. We wanted a life. This was not just a fling for either one of us. We both found each other. She began calling me her soulmate and the one she was meant for. She said God can bring soulmates into your life but only one is the true fit and she believed it was me because of how well I treated her and how well we got along. She said I never did any type of personal attacks or called her dumb. I never called her stupid or crazy. She said I was always patient and listened to her. I asked questioned instead of assuming and attacking her. That we were able to talk anything out and most of all she trusted me 100%. She loved that she was the only woman in my heart and that she couldn’t get enough of all of the attention I gave her. She said she wanted to marry me several times that week. And I wanted the same. We were completely in love with each other.

161st Voicemail 6-25-2015 11:41am

Hey give me a call when you can, okay? Thanks, love you, bye.

162nd Voicemail 6-25-2015 5:52pm

Hey baby. I just wanted to tell you I love you.

163rd Voicemail 6-25-2015 7:26pm

Baby. Baby. I love you.

164th Voicemail 6-25-2015 7:29pm

Baby where are you? I’m out of the mountain. I’m heading down to the freeway and I’ll be there shortly. Okay? I’m driving as fast as I can to get to you. Give me a call, okay? I love you. I love you. Okay.

165th Voicemail 6-25-2015 7:33pm

Samuel you need to answer your phone. Where are you baby? I’m in a place where I have a signal and out of the mountain. And obviously you are too or you couldn’t have left me that message. You said that you were out. Anyway, give me a call, okay?

166th Voicemail 6-25-2015 7:47pm


167th Voicemail 6-25-2015 8:03pm

Baby I’m here.

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  1. Would you mind directing me to where I could look? I’m just going to admit it: I want to see more Sam. (Please know I’m not trying to be creepy. I’m happily married but I can appreciate a good lookin’ man from afar!)

  2. Thank you for your reply. I apologize for prying so much but I’ll pay it back to you by at least buying your book, lol.

    In regards to posting photos when you have time, why not just have Lindsay send you a photo of the two of you together (assuming you don’t already have access to one) and post it without a lengthy blog? I would imagine that it wouldn’t take any more time to do that then it would yo reply to comments. Thanks for indulging me!

  3. Karen Taylor asked why the photos of Meri are selfies and you replied that this wasn’t the case. But we can see her arm and phone in the reflection of her sunglasses lenses. Can you answer directly about the rumor of your blog being closed after Sunday? One more thing (and I apologize for being so nosy but I’m embarrassingly intrigued by this whole situation), are you going to post photos of you two together? If so, when? Thank you for your time.

    • Some photos are selfies by her, some are not. I’m not closing my blog. There will be shows the next two or three weekends and I will keep all of the affair content on here until it’s finally done. After that it serves no purpose then I will go back to writing my blog. Yes I will. When I get time.

  4. Why do all the screenshots of text messages look so different?

  5. Why are all the pictures selfies of Meri?

  6. Did you two ever meet up that day?

  7. Lehi isn’t that pretty – the mountains are though.

  8. Sam you have to look at this from an outsiders perspective and see what it actually looks like from our end.I’m on your side, I want to believe you but what you have shown doesn’t prove that Samuel Cooper exists or that Sam and Meri met, had an affair and had intercourse over 60 times. From what you have posted so far you have only proven that:
    1. There was an Emotional Affair and you sent each other gifts, cards, etc
    2. Meri was completely in love with you, Sexting and Phonesex/facetime (which im sure happened and i pray that you don’t violate meri’s privacy and post) doesn’t prove you consummated the relationship with intercourse over 60 times
    3. Pics of Meri or her home prove nothing because a)Meri could of sent them herself b) we all know Lindsey went to Meri’s house and they were friends. Lindsey could of just sent you the pics, you talk about the digital finger print of the photos but again that doesn’t prove it was your camera and that you Sam took the photos.
    4. All the voicemails and text timestamps look like you had Meri waiting at the ampitheatre hours for you while you were “lost” trying to find the place
    5. Not one text or voicemail has made reference to meri meeting or spending time with you after it would of happend, the one text about meri saying she was lying can be interpreted as you didn’t want anyone to know if you guys had met or not and that if meri was specifically asked if you had met or had not met she wasn’t going to lie about it.

    Like i Said i want to believe you but can you see what it looks like to the outside world? Cant you just prove all the naysayers wrong and with one single picture of you and meri together you could end all this Catfish speculation why won’t you post that photo? Even a half face photo then with you holding ur dog something that is %100 proof positive that cant be manipulated or photoshopped? will you even post this question??

  9. What the theater you were talking about at Sundance?

  10. Why were you surprised? You didn’t expect it to be so nice?

  11. How did you like Utah?

  12. Okay if what you say really happens and is on the next episode I will start defending you. I run a 1200 sister wives fan group and you are a hot topic all over Facebook. I will reply back more after Sunday’s episode. Will you start answering questions about this season for our group after I can confirm you are telling the truth?

  13. great reply 😉 cant wait to see pics samuel..when? thankyou so much

  14. If you can answer this question I will believe everything you say. Next weeks episode shows everyone at Christine’s doing a handprint in cement. Then it said is this the beginning of the end or something like that. What’s the story on next week? If you give full details of a show that hasn’t even aired yet, that will prove Meri told you things while they were filming. And she would only trust you that much if you were real. Because that’s breach of contract on her for sharing that. And she knew that when she told you. Prove me wrong “Sam”.

    • Thank you for the question. Meri told me they did the cement pour and she took charge of trying to figure out how to get everyone’s names and handprints on there. Her and Kody were arguing on how to do it. He wanted it in a row with his name first, then Meri and so on down the line of the entire family. She did not want to do that because she told me she did not want her handprint next to him. At this point, they were barely speaking. In order to just get it done they put the handprints and Meri wrote the names in order. She wanted to do it all scattered all over the place so it was more creative and artisic. They did what he wanted, again. While they were filming Kody said to her, you don’t want to sit next to me, now you don’t even want your hand next to me? And she said do you really want to do this in front of the camera? It will probably get edited out. That comment from Kody came from Logan’s 21st birthday party dinner. Meri came in and sat at the other end of the table. The family had saved her a seat near them and she sat elsewhere because she did not realize that seat was for her. So that was him being an asshole by bringing that up in front of everyone.

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